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Scarlet Rebels - "Show Your Colours" (2019)


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‘Show Your Colours’ is the debut album by melodic hard rockers SCARLET REBELS,showcasing an array of songwriting talent, coupled with real sonic weight making it a stunning record from start to finish, never losing the focus that the song always needs to be served best. With the expert ears of Tim Hamill (Lemmy, Girlschool, George Michael) controlling the desk, the outcome was 14 songs of soaring melodies, anthemic choruses, crunchy guitars and heavy-duty drums.

Opener ‘No One Else To Blame’ is all strutting riffs and melodic fills with lead vocalist Wayne Doyle blazing away. A slow burn for me initially but after a few listens, the guitar work, and chorus just power it along like a juggernaut.

‘You Take My Breath Away’ is all about the chorus, modern but classic melodic, which somehow reminds me of Vega. It really rocks, with style.

‘Head’s In The Ground’ sees Scarlet Rebels going more modern with the riffs tuning, but don’t be fooled, it’s all melodic and punchy, even with sleaze touch.

‘Part Of Me’ has a slide-guitar and acoustic opening. It’s a bit of a change of pace, but the chorus is just HUGE. ‘Heal’ is a song with a ‘single feel’, and an album highlight. It’s low key first half, before a riff kicks in, then its down to the emotive and passion chorus, and then ends on guitar heavy AOR. Wayne Doyle certainly has a knack in getting you involved with his lyrics. A song of two halves, its my fave of the album so far.

‘Let Your Love Go’ is heavier, high energy and a wallop to boot, where sugar sweet rhythms and upbeat vocals lock together for a feel good vibe.

Instantly memorable choruses get their hooks into you again during ‘Save Me’, backed by driving riffs. Another heart wrenching ballad to add to their arsenal comes from ‘Blinded By The Pain’. It goes from a whisper to a scream when the music kicks in to Wayne’s pleas.

‘Shattered Dreams’ (not a Johnny Hates Jazz cover), how about shattered eardrums from the booming riffs as melodies with muscle make this song my album highlight. ‘Can I Open My Eyes?’ to my ears sounds like power pop as catchy riffs drive along an edgy vocal as a complete change of mood sees ‘Returning Light’ stroll along on a sparse piano and acoustic chords as a heart melting vocal stretches to a roar when the rest of the band arrive with a crash and sumptuous backing vocals.

‘Losing End’ is stadium rock, and the album closes on a high with ‘Radio Song’. It’s a power chord laden monster with a lung busting vocal to match them and is bound to sound huge when played live.

“Show Your Colors” the kind of album that you could be blindfolded with a pin in hand, and the song you pick could easily be a single or a favorite. Scarlet Rebels have a contender here, because the songs range from ‘great’, to ‘excellent’. I mean, not your regular, by number rockers

Its almost a perfect storm, all five guys hitting peak performance, a pounding rhythm section, a three guitar attack from W Doyle, Jones and Townshend, and some great vocals / harmonies.

It’s 53 minutes of some of the best melodic hard rock you’ll hear this summer.

Highly Recommended


01. No One Else To Blame
02. You Take My Breath Away
03. Head’s In The Ground
04. Part Of Me
05. Heal
06. Let Your Love Go
07. Nothing To Say
08. Save Me
09. Blinded By The Pain
10. Shattered Dreams
11. Can I Open My Eyes
12. Returning Light
13. Losing End (Bonus Track)
14. Radio Song (Bonus Track)

Wayne Doyle – Vocals / Guitar
Chris Jones – Lead guitar
Josh Townshend – Guitar
Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde – Bass
Gary Doyle – Drums


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1 hour ago, Glen said:

solid but not spectacular imo. Much like this year 

Yeah.... I tend to agree. Some solid tracks but nothing special or liek you said spectacular.

It has some nice moments though.

In a crap year, this might make my Top 25.

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3 hours ago, AlphaMale said:

Yeah.... I tend to agree. Some solid tracks but nothing special or liek you said spectacular.

It has some nice moments though.

In a crap year, this might make my Top 25.

you have a top 25 lol ??

I'm struggling to make a top 10

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On 8/11/2019 at 2:50 AM, AlphaMale said:

I wonder if @Glen or @Geoff will like this?

Or @KarpetRydOFunk @Nightrain @The Rocker

lol. Did this work? I don't even know.

Sorry dudes, I thought it was bog average. Not even a solitary keeper on it for me. :(

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