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DeVicious - Reflections


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Press release:

DeVicious and Metalapolis Records are proud to announce the 2nd DeVicious Album “REFLECTIONS”. The album will be release on March 1st 2019 on CD, VINYL and DIGITAL. The first pressing of “REFLECTIONS” will be a limited edition digipak which includes 2 bonus tracks. The only ballad on the album and the radio version of the upcoming single “Never Let You Go” which features none other than the one and only Åge Sten Nilsen (Ammunition / WIG WAM). Both bonus tracks will be available as download for the vinyl-version of the album.
Including bonus tracks the album runs approximately 60 minutes. You can exclusively preorder the album in our band shop now - including free shipping worldwide. More information will follow over the next weeks!



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Seems like a quick turnaround by these guys, has it even been a full year since the debut was released?  The debut had a couple of nice tracks and this new song sounds pretty good as well. 

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Singer quits, voice kaputt.

Press releases:

DeVicious would like to thank everyone who visited the concerts of their current "Reflections Tour" DeVicious would also like to apologize to the Audience in Ludwigsburg and especially Munich for the performance of their singer Zoran Sandorov. The band and Zoran decided they will not continue playing together anymore to prevent the band from further performances as delivered in Munich. DeVicious regrets deeply to announce not to be able to part-take at the concert in Gent on March 6th, the Shows on March 7th (Duisburg) March 8th (Dessau) March 9th (Flensburg) have been cancelled, Ticketowners will be refunded. We will contact everyone we have on file, for all others there will be a service installed where the refund procedure can be started.
Ammunition and Age Sten Nilsen will play the show in Gent, Belgium.
We are deeply sorry for any inconveniences and we will update you on the situation within the next 24 hours.



Dear Fans and Ticketowners, Here is Alex from DeVicious we would like to inform you that we spoke to Reservix, ADTicket and Eventim and gave them green light to start the refund procedure, they will contact you directly in the next days. Tickets that have been purchased at Ticket stores can be returned there and will be refunded on our expense. Fantickets should have been all refunded, if we have overseen someone please send a private message. On top of the refund we will give Ticketowners of the cancelled shows a free ticket to one of the next DeVicious concert of their choosing (except Festivals) please contact us through PM, we will take care of you.

We apologize to you for letting you down and causing you inconveniences, we would have loved to continue the tour but we were not able to find a replacement on such short notice.

We want to apologize to the promoters in Duisburg, Dessau and Flensburg who did an amazing job.

We want to apologize to Ammunition and Åge Sten Nilsen who would have loved to play for you but the problems our departure caused were impossible to handle for the promoters, Ammunition and us, who are the organizers of the tour.

To stop silly rumors about the departure of Zoran,
we are deeply sad about splitting up with Zoran, he is a world class singer and he has dedicated a giant piece of his life and he has been there for us whenever we needed him which is not easy with a steady singing job in Serbia. We were always able to rely on him on and off stage. He has a kind heart, and a good soul and we are happy to know that he will have an amazing career without us.
His performance in Ludwigsburg was fantastic but he had to hold back a little bit to protect his voice, everyone on the tour caught a bug, some had the flu, others can barely speak, sometimes it is better to be cautious especially when your voice is your money maker. The performance in Munich was definitely unique but we know why it happened the way it happened and since we are all humans and not emotionless machines, we understand what happened that night. ALL FIVE OF US agreed that our work together can't continue.

None of this is Zoran's fault, I take full responsibility for writing and producing a too demanding set that Zoran has sung live in perfection several times but the constant screaming and the constant overpowering would damage his voice permanently as we all have witnessed with world famous singers already. Having this information, anyone can understand his frustration when all he wanted to do was doing a great job and make the fans in front of the stage happy. All rumors that have been launched by some media outlets are wrong, they haven't been there, they haven't talked to us, they are flat out trying to get attention.

We wish Zoran nothing but the best, he delivered an absolute world class performance on the new CD and this CD will be part of DeVicious and Zoran forever. Me the producer and song writer can attest that Zoran delivered 80% of the songs on first or second take, he recorded the whole album in 2.5 days and we spent most of the time with pronunciation improvements.

This shall be enough about this topic, we are deeply sorry to have to write these lines, we are sorry for having ruined your plans for the end of this week but we are also committed to come back strong as hell and make good on it. We thank everyone for the kind and uplifting words, this has helped to fall asleep last night.

New singer will be presented shortly.


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