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New song for sure.  Very much the same as the last album.  I like it a lot as I'm a 30+ year fan.  If you're looking for "Ritual" this will not tickle your fancy.

Notice the audience participation in the new song / video... from what I understand at least one old-school track (voted on by the audience) will be included on the new album.  Something like that, anyway.

I know one thing is for certain... Rob Daiker has his fingerprints all over DRN's new sound... and keyboards are NOT his primary talent... the dude can flat-out play the guitar!

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6 hours ago, Stefan said:

Released via Reed's own 'Zero One Entertainment' label. 

Then later by AOR Heaven also I think?  :)

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Love it!  Very new-breed DRN... I don't normally dig that type of thing from my favorite 80's bands, but I'm good with it here.  Once again, Daiker is all over this one.

Look at Mel slide into everyone of those notes on bass.  Dude is SOOOOOOOOOOOO damn good.  Such a shame he's virtually unknown outside Portland, Oregon (and a those of you in-the-know for this type of music).

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I'm quite enjoying this too. Far more melodic than funky for sure. It's like melodic rock versions of their stuff. So I'm not a made fan of these guys. I know 'Ritual' and 'Rainbow Child' are old songs, but are there more? Or are the rest all new songs? It's a fine mini-album, either way. Love the new version of both those songs, as well as 'Right in front of me' and 'Shameless.' 

He has such a great voice... wish he did more pure melodic rock. :)

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Yeah 4 are old tracks re-recorded (Ritual,Forgot To Make Here Mine,Let It Go & Rainbow Child) 4 from 8 which why I haven't purchased it,doesnt matter how good the re-recordings are,the originals were excellent so I just don't understand why not just release a 4 track e.p?

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From AOR Heaven:

In many respects an unusual but highly interesting album that shows the roots and the future of DAN REED NETWORK displaying 4 classics (“Forget To Make Her Mine“, “Ritual“, “Let It Go“ and “Rainbow Child“). Recorded in pairs each in four prestigious studios worldwide (Manchester, Stockholm, New York and Portland/Oregon) in front of an intimate crowd., “Origins“ showcases versatile qualities of the band. It’s quite a remarkable and innovative concept, for which the diverse but somehow always characteristic sound of the Americans seems to be fitting like a glove. Although at the end of the day only eight tracks long, this piece of art definitely feels like a full album. Strong statement!


1. Fade to Light

2. Ritual

3. Right in Front of Me

4. Forgot to Make Her Mine

5. Shameless

6. Let it Go

7. One Last Time

8. Rainbow Child









Japan bonus track?:


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The new versions of the old songs are great and the new tracks are excellent as well. Nice  album from a great band

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