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PNWR 2018 My Son Wins Novice 1a!


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So as some may recall my son Evan has decided that yo yo'ing is his passion and has been obsessed with it for the last 18 months.

Last year we made a trek to Seattle to after 3 months of yo'ing to attend the 2017 PNWR were Evan placed 10th in the novice 1a division.

Fast forward one year and countless hours yo'ing and the magnificent little bugger places first with authority! He scored a 92.3 and the 2nd place kid was at 69.3.

Crazy to watch how much he has grown and how far he has progressed!

Enjoy and share around!


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Great stuff mate! I can't even comprehend the talent, dexterity and commitment it would take to become that good.  I don't know what the next Division after Novice 1A is, but with such a dominating victory he must be confident for next year.

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Neat-o. Once again, I am impressed by (and a little envious of) your boy's mad yo skillz, haha.  I was never able to do more than the basic "walk the dog" and "round the world" tricks....

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FFS, that's impressive!  Not only the moves, but that he's put in the time and effort to get that good, particularly at that age.  My lazy ass was only worried about making money from my paper routes and, as I see now, wasting it on football & baseball cards.

Congrats Terry!  A damn proud papa you should be.

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Thanks for all the kind words and kudo's everyone!

Yes it is a heck of thing and we are riding the current wave of "fandom". 

Evan had to get an Instagram and his Youtube video and Instagram are all a buzz with accolades and new yo yo friends, peers and admirers.

As for what is next, we are looking at some more "local" competitions (Northern California, Idaho and Arizona) in the junior and novice brackets to further hone the craft. 

After that he would move into plain ole' 1a competitions where the play is nuts. He is well on his way and if all goes well he will be competing in 1a next year and who knows, maybe a National or even a Worlds competition??? 

All up to him as it is his thing, we are just a conduit to his goals.

Thanks again everyone and watch that video, comment and share around!

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