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Song titles with girls names


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Was listening to Velocity today, which has two of them and got me thinking of other related songs. Without delving into the archives, I came up with these. I'm sure there's some classics i've missed, but these were just off the top of my head. 






















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Got a whole playlist dedicated to this. When I get a chance I'll post some of my favourites. 

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Toto had a lot of songs (Rosanna, Pamela, Anna, Carmen, Angela, Manuela Run, Lorrain, Goodbye Elenore, Lea)

220 Volt (Lorraine)

A=440 (Shannon)... was just listening to this one..

Falco (Jeanny)

Joy (Valerie)

there were a lot of songs in the 80's in both Rock and pop/dance with this theme... could be a big list

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Wow! I see i've created a monster. I guess the challenge now is to come up with new ones. The first two are classic Aussie 80's tracks, then some Pop. This may be my last post in this topic however, as the final song is from "You can't stop the music" and I feel i've entered a dark place.










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I love that Sharon O'Neill (Maxine) song, discovered her only a few years ago...

here are more random ones:

Sheriff (Elisa)

Prism (Amelia)

Night Ranger (Sister Christian).... it's a about a female right?

Modern Talking (Charlene. Angie's Heart)

Bad Boys Blue (Don't walk away Suzanne)

Blue System (Sorry Little Sarah)

Erroll Brown (Emmalene)


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Cause who doesn't love alitle punk lol






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