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Satin - It's About Time


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If you liked the debut Satin album back in 2014 then rejoice as a new album is coming.

Satin - It's About Time available for pre order and  expected 24 Feb 2018

Check our samples below...



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Good news!

Actually it's released physically on November 20th. Digitally February 24th.


Listen to 'Look Up In The Sky' round the 50 minute mark: http://www.ivoox.com/aorland-239-edicion-29-10-2017-audios-mp3_rf_21756621_1.html

And 'I'll Never Let You Down' round the 52 minute mark: http://www.ivoox.com/aorland-238-edicion-22-10-2017-audios-mp3_rf_21610145_1.html




01. Look Up In The Sky
02. I'll Never Let You Down
03. Waiting For Someone 
04. Use It Or Lose It 
05. The Damage Got Done 
06. This Time 
07. Heading For A Fall 
08. Who You Are 
09. True Love 
10. Lying Eyes




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Spinning it right now. Melodic bliss thus far. I've only listened to the first 3 tracks and I'm already pressing the reverse button!


If this is the case with the rest of the cd, I cannot wait to put my hands on the Jap. version. 

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It's a nice album, but very safe and basic and... nice. Beige, I think some might call it. Definitely listenable, but not my favourite this year. 

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