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Climb - Back In Action Again


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Best remembered for his successful baseball career as a rising young star with the Montreal Expos, Warren Cromartie earned the affectionate nickname “Cro”. While in Japan, Cro formed an AOR band called Climb with Austrian lead vocalist Joe Hamilton. In 1988, the band put out a limited edition album that was released in Japan only. The album received rave reviews and Warren slowly began work on a second album that was completed in 1990, but until now, was never released. The second album, Back In Action Again, is a more tightly focused album featuring new lead singer Pete Hewlett and a core band that incl. co-producer Bruce Nazarian on guitar and keyboards, Mark Rivera on sax and Eddie Martinez. Manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media. Tracklist: 1. Back in Action Again 2. Focus 3. Climb on Up 4. They Say 5. Expressway to Your Heart 6. K.D.D. 7. Lonely in Each OtherÆs Arms 8. Whatever It Is(Metropolis Cover) 9. Hold Back the Night 10. For the Love of Money

I Bought this yesterday and can highly recommend it . You can check out 30sec samples on Amazon.













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Ha, I still have their first cd in my car stereo.



I've noticed that he included the amazing cover of " Lonely in Each Other's Arms".

Also the sample of Metropolis' killer opus "Whatever It Is" sounds promising.



Imagine to mumble: "Whatever it is

It's out of controoool inside me
Wherever I am, whatever I doooo
It haunts me and wont let me goooo
Whenever I'm with you I go crazy
I never had this feeling befooooore
Whatever it is
I never wanted anyone moooooore" everyday, but you just can't sing it louder to that person. Story of my life this year in work... :D Of course, I have to perpetuate the AOR myth of a man with a constantly broken heart... :D
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