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The Radio Sun - Outside Looking In


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This sounds great!


Press release:


Exactly one year out from their critically and fan acclaimed second album Heaven & Heartbreak, Australian melodic hard rockers THE RADIO SUN return with their new album Outside Looking In.

MelodicRock Records is once again thrilled to work with THE RADIO SUN for the release of their brilliant third album on September 30.

The boys continue where they left off, with vocal harmonies, soaring guitar solos and catchy choruses once again dominating.

Ex-Danger Danger vocalist Paul Laine lends a hand with production duties and also features on the song Wink and Smile with a dual lead vocal alongside lead vocalist Jason Old.
Guitarist Stevie Janevski was also buzzed to have Brett Garsed of John Farnham and Nelson fame play a guest solo on the track Falling For you.

The first single 'Switch Off The World Tonight' reminds us of classic Damn Yankees with its catchy intro and feel-good chorus. And here it is right now, making its worldwide debut!



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A very enjoyable band with barely a filler on their two albums so far. Their only danger is that the last album - good as it was - was extremely one-dimensional. These two songs once again sound excellent... just hoping for a nice bit of variation on the new album. 'Broken' is particularly good.

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  • My Little Pony

I listened to a bit of this on Spotify - Is it me or is the production shocking..........like almost unlistenable??

It's you. I've not heard it, but it's always you. ;}

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Production and songs are the same as the last two albums. It's all good, it's all unspectacular... but solid. But yeah, I've not noticed any production issues yet. Good consistent band.

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