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SEVEN - Shattered


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Listened a couple of times and reminds me of Vega , for some reason.


Pretty good so far.


I hope you don't mean by that that it has the production qualities of (used) toilet paper. I hope you mean in terms of song quality. ;)

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Listened a couple of times and reminds me of Vega , for some reason.


Pretty good so far.


I hope you don't mean by that that it has the production qualities of (used) toilet paper. I hope you mean in terms of song quality. ;)



Still don't get your moanings about Vega production - yeah its no Defiants, but its not that bad.


To be honest played on Google play on my phone is sounds OK.

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I love the song 'I Needed Time'.........been stuck in my head.



Wow, here, here.... Man, already in the top 3 of the year. Melody straight from Magic Mirror and I could never thought that it would challenge so hard stuff from pillars such as WoA + Wigelius + Amaze Me.


This and a couple 2-3 more made an awesome ep.



To add to my misery, I can't stop listening to it in the work (thanks to the transfer period, some awesome chicks came in, sorry wifey, and I just can't hold with all that feromone lingering in the air

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Well I'll say it. I don't like that song at all.







-1, or is it +1? +1 to Gleonard's -1.


What I'm trying to say is Geoffery's out his damn mind. As per usual.



backed and judging from the samples its the worst song on the album in any case.





You'd freakin well hope so.



have u listened to the samples? Sounds really great to me...............



Fucking oath it's the worst song on the album... by an absolute mile. In fact, there is only one shit song on the entire album, and it's this one, the opener. Jeez stuff like that pisses me off. Why put the shittest song you can possibly record 1. on your album at all, and 2. as the opening track. It's just stupid. It's clearly the worst song on an otherwise very, very fine melodic rock album, so why include it?


I'll admit it. I thought Glen had given this album the kiss of death with his pre-release hype, as he always seems to do to with albums he anticipates. ;) Like he's already done with the Toby Hitchcock album (seriously mate, you know that album's going to be like Harem Scarem without Hess/Lesperance, don't you? Everything that was good about the debut will be absent).


Anyway, I digress. I was honestly ready to strike a black mark through this album after that piece of shit first song, but thankfully the second song was great and got me interested again. And from there it never let up again. All the other songs are good after the shit opener.


On first listen, my favourite song was probably the title track. But all the early ones seemed very good (after the opener) and the last song - the bonus track, 'World Of Make Believe,' is really good too.


Yeah, I'll admit it. I was a bit weary of this album... unsure they'd be able to capture what was going on on the debut, but they've done well. Seems like a very fine album to me.

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Whole album is great (yes, even the opener).


Featured very highly on my top 10 (no 4 I think.........)


Almost (only a few % pts) as good as the incredible debut.

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3 hours ago, kourosofsteel3 said:

Still in my shoe box I use as a storage for the car since the day of its delivery! Talking 'bout aging bouquet! 

both their albums are. it's gone v quiet though. need to investigate 

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