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Europe gets first #1 single.... thanks to Geico


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Europe Enjoys First No. 1 on a Billboard Chart Thanks to GEICO Ad

By Kevin Rutherford | October 22, 2015 1:30 PM EDT




If you're the band Europe, you wait almost 30 years to top a Billboard chart. It's what you do.


Heritage rock band Europe is enjoying an honor that eluded it during its original heyday nearly three decades ago: a No. 1 on a Billboard chart.


Wait, what? No No. 1 until 2015?


It's true: the group's signature hit "The Final Countdown" logs its third week atop Billboard's Hard Rock Digital Songs chart dated Oct. 31, revitalized by its synch in a new GEICO commercial that features the band performing the classic, which rose to No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987.




The song leads with 6,000 in the tracking week, according to Nielsen Music. It's sold 31,000 downloads in the past five weeks following the ad's premiere -- after shifting roughly 1,000-2,000 a week for two years. "Countdown" is also nearing the Rock Streaming Songs chart, logging 1.2 million streams in the tracking week.

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It is a pretty witty commercial, but then again, it's gotten to be a gimme with Geico ads, I'll tell you this, im a huge supporter of good commercials, and a huge detractor of horrible ones, Geico has ALWAYS! put out good material, I mean as far as commercials go, they have to be up there as the best and most witty commercials, and have for a long time, which is why I don't get how Progressive has consistently stuck that irritating C%$t down our throat for so long, I really get mind boggled wondering how they have sold anything with those commercials, I mean are people really not irritated by that progressive bitch that they want to throw a hammer thru the TV screen, I guess it's just me, I will happily buy Geico insurance over progressive just on the quality of commercials alone, If progressive wants my business, they'll show the commercial where that Flo bitch walks into on coming traffic, or accidentally slits her wrists, then I'll call them for a quote! Europe commercial is highly entertaining, and made me laugh hard when I 1st saw it, anybody else find it amusing?

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Agreed the ads are funny. What makes this Europe ad even funnier is the announcer "The Final Countdown, if your Europe that's just what you do..."

Oh I know, every time it runs, I find something new that is funny about it, from the look on that black dudes face, when he catches on to it being "the final countdown" to the chick from Bones, jamming out at the end, while that other chick just stares at her, but the voice over is what has been apart of most of the good Geico ads, they've used the same formula, just switched it up and tweaked it a little, they are the only company making good enough commercials, I'll discuss them in a forum, this is definitely one of their best though.

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When I saw this thread I thought someone was going to try and convince me that one of their current shitpiles - or songs if you must call them that - had made it as a single and I was about to set the world on fire. Anyway, cool ad.

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