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Frank Dimino (Angel) - Old Habits Die Hard


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New album out July 3rd on Frontiers Records.







01. Never Again
02. Rockin’ In The City
03. I Can’t Stop Loving You
04. The Rain’s About To Fall
05. Even Now
06. Tears Will Fall
07. Mad As Hell
08. Sweet Sensation
09. Tonight’s The Night
10. The Quest
11. Stones By The River

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Press release from Frontiers Records:


While Frank is undoubtedly the brainchild of DIMINO, “Old Habits Die Hard” sees him collaborate with some heavyweights of the Las Vegas music scene, where he currently resides. Under the production of Paul Crook (MEAT LOAF, ANTHRAX), the album sees the participation – among others - of Oz Fox (STRYPER), Eddie Ojeda (TWISTED SISTER), Rickey Medlocke (BLACKFOOT, LYNYRD SKYNYRD), Pat Thrall (HUGHES/THRALL), Jeff Duncan (ARMORED SAINT), Jeff Labansky, former ANGEL bandmates Punky Meadows (on guitar) and Barry Brandt (who co-wrote with Frank the song “Even Now”) and many others.

Frank says, “It all started because of the relationships between Ken Ciancimino, Paul Crook, myself and the musicians that appeared on the album. I started writing songs with Oz Fox and Jeff Labansky and then Paul suggested we use John Miceli (drums) and Danny Miranda (bass) as our rhythm section and Justin Avery for keys & background vocals because of his relationship from playing with them for Meat Loaf. When the recording started, our friends wanted to be part of it and one after the other Pat Thrall, Punky Meadows, Eddie Ojeda, Rickey Medlocke and Jeff Duncan provided their amazing musicianship to the album. I feel truly honored to have had all these great musicians be a part of this project!”

Frank Dimino was the frontman for ANGEL in the second half of the 70’s. The band was discovered by KISS bass player Gene Simmons who got them signed to Casablanca Records, where they released 5 critically acclaimed studio albums and one live one. After the band’s demise, Dimino went on to work with UFO’s Paul Raymond and worked as a singer on soundtracks, scoring a Platinum album for the inclusion of his song “Seduce Me Tonight” with Cycle V on the “Flashdance” soundtrack.

“Old Habits Die Hard” is going to take many by surprise, as it is definitely not a nostalgia fest, but really a rather compelling and inspired Hard Rock release. Frank says: “I'm excited to reach new fans as well as many Angel fans. There is certainly a connection between then and now, and that is still about making a great record with great musicians!”

Frank Dimino is now back and here to stay. Look out for DIMINO live shows soon in a city near you!

Frank DiMino: Lead Vocals
Oz Fox / Paul Crook / Jeff Labansky / Pat Thrall / Punky Meadows / Jeff Duncan / Eddie Ojeda / Dylan DiMino / Rickey
Medlocke: Guitars
Justin Avery: Organ, Background Vocals
Danny Miranda / Paul Crook: Bass
John Miceli: Drums

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I was surprised to see JEFF LEBANSKY credited on this one.


Dude has been a staple in the Portland, Oregon music scene as far back as I can remember (early 80's, anyway). Incredible guitar player who never quite broke big outside the Pacific NW. I know he's good pals with the Black N Blue crew and I've seen him open quite a few of their shows over the years.

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I find that to be an extremely ordinary song, and the organ is awful. I don't know this guy and never liked Angel, but I will hear at least another couple of songs before I write it off. Hate that organ...

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So damn average...


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I agree with Geoff....the organ is just so not needed. I guess he felt to keep some of that 70's pomp sound he needed to include that?! Otherwise, it was pretty good stuff.

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