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Terra Nova - Reinvent Yourself


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From numberonemusic.com:


Hi all,
soon we will announce the release date for our new album Reinvent Yourself. As you have noticed these are the first eleven songs in the playlist. (song 11 will be the Japan exclusive track).
We would like to shoot a video (or more) for the album. Let us know which song you would like to see as a music video. Also: you can also help us via www.sellaband.com/terranovavideofundraiser to raise enough money for it and get in return an album download plus the music video.

Fred / Terra Nova


Samples: http://www.numberonemusic.com/terranova











Shadow Man

Broken Promises


Rock Army

Reinvent Yourself



The Freeway To Our Destiny

Till The End

Love Of My Life - Acoustic version (Japanese bonus)




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  • My Little Pony



Looks like Wolfpakk has some competition for "Best Promo Shot." Seriously, what the hell is that Eddie Trunk-looking bastard doing?

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'Livin' It Up' was a terrific album and one of the best albums the now defunct Now & Then label ever released.Since then it's been a bit up and down in the quality department, although 'Escape' was a pretty good album overall. Will keep an eye out on this one.

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Looks like Wolfpakk has some competition for "Best Promo Shot." Seriously, what the hell is that Eddie Trunk-looking bastard doing?



That shot is hilarious. It looks like a photographer got the 3 guys on the left into the studio and told them all to look stupidly at separate dots on the wall. And then he text messaged the guy on the right's wife and asked her to get a photo of her husband on her iPhone and send it across. So while he was washing the dishes she asked him to turn around and smile and thus this photo on the right came to life. Then she text messaged it to the original photographer of the 3 stupid looking guys, and he photoshopped the dish washing guy into the shot and there you have it. Terra Nova's latest promo photo!


Anyway, let's just be honest. That song is shit. I like about 10 songs in the Terra Nova catalogue, but they are extremely patchy - MASSIVELY patchy, and their lyrics are horrible, from their first to last album. I still maintain a slight interest them in them because 'Once bitten twice shy' and 'Wild thing' are two classic songs, but they're really not a good band and I'm expecting this to be in the bottom 30% of albums released in melodic rock / AOR in 2015. Just being honest...

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I am hoping the new Terra Nova will not be a disapointment :)


If your expectations are realistic (read: low) then I'm sure they will not disappoint. I don't mind that new song. Not bad. Not amazing, but not bad.

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    • New song 'Fans Of The Dark'.    
    • Shadows of Yesterday - Vinnie Moore
    • Sorry, that wasn't really what I meant. What I was really going for is that the songs on other albums seem to me to have more of a similar feel to them, like you can tell the songs for Freedom Rock were pretty much all written at the same time. I'm not saying that the songs on Force Majeure don't sound like H.E.A.T (even though I maintain it's not as good, based on the first few spins, as their previous efforts), but that they sound, to me, more "scatterbrained" than the selections from other records. That's not an easy thing to explain, but "direction" was the best word I could think of.    Again, I probably could explained my point better. I wasn't advocating for more guitars so much, but for more variety in the guitars we get. One of the best things for me about the first two H.E.A.T albums (less so for Address the Nation, but still there) was the subtle trade-offs between Dalone and Rivers and the solos that switched between them (good examples of this include the guitar work on "Late Night Lady," "Danger Road" and "Tonight," off the top of my head). Simply because Dalone and Rivers played different set ups and had some variance in tone, you could tell the difference between their playing (though admittedly there were times where Eric Rivers was completely underutilized and overshadowed). Because of the the combination of this record's production and the guitars being all Dave, you don't have as much of that, and that's what I was trying to convey.
    • Agree it reminds of earlier material, but I'm much less of a "Hang Tough" guy and much more of a "What A Shame" kind of guy.
    • Skid Row Nelson Steel Panther Harem Scarem WASP Van Hagar Saliva Joey Tempest Michael Sweet White Lion Mr. Big ... are the easy ones for me. Possibly Warrant as well come to think of it. Some other popular ones listed taht I don't agree with would be Slaughter - 2nd album pipped it GNR - always preferred either UYI albums Tuff - really only had 1 1/2 albums so don't count    
    • and the lyrics tick tock time to rock don't make you cringe?? if it was 1986 and I was 16 it might have been just passable but now, no. 
    • Another release that seems to have been completely overlooked here on HH... check out those vids for "Give It Up" and "Love Will Not Let You Down". I swear both tunes sound like something you'd hear from AdrianGale!  Compassion | Akiba Music (bandcamp.com)  
    • I might stone thrown at me, but hear some Scorpions.
    • "One Voice", which is a demo, is the only one I hear the tape "hiss" on...
    • Is that cassette tape hiss I hear at the start of the song? Is the whole album like that or only the demo tracks?
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