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Jorn Lande & Trond Holter (Wig Wam) - Dracula: Swing Of Death


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Remember when Myspace was a thing?

Shit, this is from 2009? No wonder Wig Wam split. These guys had been drifting apart for a while.

I like that tune, and I can picture Jorn Lande all over it.

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  • My Little Pony

there are 2 other tunes on that page. both Great.



I should admit, even back when Myspace was relevant, I never knew how to use the site.

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I can't get anything to play on myspace, but I'm not liking the vibe surrounding this one. Will wait for the music, though.

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A little info about the Swing of Death album .

The Scream magazine have interviewed Trond Holter .

There he tells that the idea about this project started inn 2010 and didn't get momentum until Jorn Lande get involved .


The album is based on Bram Stoker's Dracula .


Playing on the album is :

Trond Holter guitar , Jorn Lande Vocals, Per Morten Bergseth Drums, Bernt Jansen Bass, Lena Fløytmoen is the voice of Mina .


Name of the songs :


1.Hands of your God.
2.Walking on water.
3.Swing of Death.
4.Masquerade Ball.
5.Save Me.
6.River of Tears.
7.Queen of the Dead.
8.Into the Dark.
9.True Love, through Blood.( instrumental )
10.Under The King.

Trond says that they are planning a video to walking on water first .

For the whole interview buy the scream magazine .
Their website http://www.screammagazine.com/scream2014/

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Hes got such an amazing vocal.....why does he keep recording such bollocks?


My thoughts exactly.



Backed. The Allen/Lande project is the only source of good music he's participated in since probably his second solo album.

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The only albums i truly like with Jorn are -


Millenium debut (his best imo)

Worldchanger (easily his best solo album....by a country mile)

The Battle (debut Allen/Lande is still light years ahead of the other 3)




Oh, and he is f embarrassment live........pointing at everyone in the crowd like Alvin Stardust (RIP).

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Wow, you guys are being a bit harsh on poor old Jorn. Personally I only really liked Millennium - Hourglass and most of the first Masterplan.... oh and he stole the show on koztev's nostradameus. He has an amazing voice!


Still you can't fault the guy. He puts a lot of material out in a variety of genres. Quality of songs is just not there imo

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I loved Millennium, all the Allen/Lande discs and his second solo album. Sadly that's about it. I admit he has a great voice, but there's not much point putting out a million discs if most suck. Like they say in the movies; quality over quantity.

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Guest Hellfuel

Jorn is simply the one of the greatest. The "Out of every nation" album is one om my favourite records.


To me it's a mistake to not understand and appreciate the greatness of Jorn! This man has delivered tons of great music and vocal performances ;)

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