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  1. If your still around here........i can't even remember what i hooked you up with :).......just looking at old post while drinking beer.
  2. I was actually both Cutter33 and NBR when I traded here :).
  3. I dig this band......so who are the singers ? One sounds like Urban Breed.
  4. wanted to like this.......love the first one. but this seems pretty forgettable without Jorn Lande.
  5. prefer his last project , the Heavier Red Zone Rider.
  6. anything with Roland Grapow rocks. this is not power metal at all, but more european traditional metal. just like Masterplan were never power metal.
  7. This is getting great reviews all over the place. This looks to be one of his best projects in years.
  8. Holy shit; harshest comment of the day, no doubt. Harsher than your own words Geoff ? Dear Lynch Mob - shut the fuck up! .......Geoff.
  9. shinedown are the most Generic Band i ever heard followed closely by the foo fighters. and what they did to that Lynrd Skynrd song is a Sin. in other words....i think their music is horrible. as far as modern rock goes, theory of a dead man write way better songs that are more catchy.
  10. my bad phaff , i thought you were referring to the Album .
  11. A little info about the Swing of Death album . The Scream magazine have interviewed Trond Holter . There he tells that the idea about this project started inn 2010 and didn't get momentum until Jorn Lande get involved . The album is based on Bram Stoker's Dracula . Playing on the album is : Trond Holter guitar , Jorn Lande Vocals, Per Morten Bergseth Drums, Bernt Jansen Bass, Lena Fl√łytmoen is the voice of Mina . Name of the songs : 1.Hands of your God. 2.Walking on water. 3.Swing of Death. 4.Masquerade Ball. 5.Save Me. 6.River of Tears. 7.Queen of the Dead. 8.Into the Dark. 9.True Love, through Blood.( instrumental ) 10.Under The King. Trond says that they are planning a video to walking on water first . For the whole interview buy the scream magazine . Their website http://www.screammagazine.com/scream2014/
  12. This looks utterly awful... haven't heard a single note...... yet your mind is already made up. lmao.
  13. if you refresh the page the songs are on, they will Play. i sometimes have to do that, but they are still playing.
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