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Neonfly - Strangers In Paradise


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'Strangers In Paradise' out December 1st. Produced by Dennis Ward.











1. Whispered Dreams
2. Highways To Nowhere
3. Better Angels
4. Rose In Bloom
5. Heart Of The Sun
6. Aztec Gold
7. Fierce Battalions
8. Sons Of Liberty
9. Chasing The Night
10. Falling Star

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Here are two of my favorite tracks (complete) showcasing the variance in style across the tracks on the album, the first being heavier somewhat power-metallish, and the second a ballad... that goes to 11. :lol:





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Whoah......really good stuff here! I'll be buying it!

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Not loving any of those samples, but I'm sure I'll check this one out. Just sounds like a lot of the mid-range bands in the genre at the moment. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see...

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Not loving any of those samples, but I'm sure I'll check this one out. Just sounds like a lot of the mid-range bands in the genre at the moment. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see...


I must have bailed on the second sample a bit early, because I do actually really like the ballad.


If I'm being honest, I basically hate this album, but there are three really great songs amidst the un-melodic horseshit. I love 'Better angels,' 'Rose in bloom' and 'Falling star.' Three very good melodic rock songs/ballads, which almost remind me a bit of The Magnificent.


The rest? Just fast paced pointless hard rock / metal with choruses and "hooks" that blend into the verses of nothingness. There are decent hooks in 'Whispered dreams' and 'Chasing the light,' but the verses are so shitty and mind numbingly boring that the worth of any hook is kind of lost by the time they come around.


I really don't understand bands that obviously have an ear for melody yet chose to release 70% of an album almost completely devoid of melody. And alternatively, if you're a band hoping to create shitty throwaway music devoid of melody; cool. Go for it. But what makes them decide to put that one or two songs in the mix, which might actually be considered good by people with an ear for melody?


I just think to make it easier, cater to one audience and stick with it. I find it very frustrating; bands who come across really confused with what they want to be.

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    • Shows promise in some areas... and in other areas not so much.  
    • I hope they bring the Redskins name back, personally. Not that I care about especially care about football, but because I worked with a super chill Native American guy who has a DIEHARD Redskins fan. I once asked him, "Hey Andy, uh, isn't that name like, offensive to your people?" I'll never forget the look he gave me. He was dumbfounded. He goes, "Why would I be offended?" and points at the logo, "that's me!"
    • Wahey!  Glad to see this.  I love Hugo Valenti's stuff, I'm sure this will be no different. As long as the production is nothing like Hugo 3: Fire In The Night... Robby Hoffman and Steve Ferlazzo are from Sunshine Jive (fka In The Pink) and Robby currently manages Extreme, so it should sound great.
    • At least someone appreciates it  I'm sure Jez will too when/if he reads this. Nowadays it mostly feels like talking to the deaf...or rather posting for the blind...  
    • Premiere for the new song 'Rise Again' tomorrow. "RETURN ME TO LIGHT" Tracklist:  1. Rise Again  2. Anymore  3. Pieces Of Forever  4. Hope’s Holding You  5. Spinning Wheel  6. Out Of The Dark  7. Eternal Flame  8. To Be Saved  9. Return Me To Light  10. Soul Inside  11. Wounded    LINE-UP:  Michael Sweet - vocals  Alessandro Del Vecchio - guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals Michele Sanna – drums      
    • From Frontiers:   Hailing from New York and Boston, Hugo’s VOYAGE is a dynamic AOR rock band with soaring melodies and anthemic soundscapes. With their irresistible blend of powerful vocals, melodic keyboards, hard-hitting guitars and captivating lyrics, they evoke a nostalgic spirit reminiscent of the legendary band, Journey. No surprise as Hugo’s VOYAGE was formed in 2005 as a Journey tribute band and have been the most successful touring Journey tribute band in the US, attracting a dedicated following of fans who are deeply moved by the music.   Featuring former Valentine and Open Skyz singer Hugo, Robby Hoffman (guitar), Greg Smith (bass), Dana Spellman (drums) and Lance Millard (keyboards)— Hugo’s VOYAGE have now set out on a musical journey of their own, crafting a signature sound of original music on their debut album ‘Inception’ that pays homage to their influences while carving out a unique and vibrant identity. Hugo’s voice, with its incredible range, captivating tone, and unparalleled emotional depth, has the ability to translate personal experiences into timeless melodies and lyrics. ‘Inception’ is a testament to his songwriting prowess and his commitment to creating music that resonates with all people. The compositions explore universal themes of love, hope, loss and self-discovery, accompanied by infectious melodies that linger in the minds of listeners long after the final note fades away. From epic ballads such as “In My Heart” that make hearts swell with emotion to high-octane rockers such as “I’ll Be Around” that can ignite a stadium, the songs possess an uncanny ability to transport audiences to another time and place.  Robby’s guitar playing effortlessly conjures up iconic riffs and blistering solos, creating a magical synergy with the pulsating rhythm section that fuels the band's relentless energy and infectious melodies. While their sound may evoke nostalgia for the golden era of rock, Hugo’s VOYAGE have redefined the boundaries of classic rock, infusing their music with a contemporary edge and a fresh perspective that sets them apart from their peers. Their music possesses a timeless quality, bridging generations and proving that great rock music transcends time. Get ready to embark on a thrilling sonic adventure with Hugo’s VOYAGE as they remind you why the power of music is truly unparalleled. Tracklisting: 1. INCEPTION (instrumental) 2. CRAZY WHAT LOVE CAN DO 3. DON'T WANNA LIVE WITHOUT YOUR LOVE 4. SOUND OF A BROKEN HEART 5. GOIN' AWAY 6. A FRIEND LIKE YOU 7. HOW MANY TIMES 8. I'LL BE AROUND 9. IN MY HEART 10. SEPTEMBER LOVE 11. THE VOYAGE 12. WHEN HEAVEN MAKES AN ANGEL Line-up: Hugo Valenti – Vocals Robby Hoffman – Guitars Lance Millard – Keyboards Greg Smith – Bass Dana Spellman - Drums Additional Musicians: Steve Ferlazzo – Keyboards Ray Herrmann: Saxophone      
    • Lots of my fave bands releasing new stuff recently... thus sounds good too, nice mid-tempo, clean track. Thanks for posting.
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