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Xtasy - Revolution


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From FB:


“Xtasy” was born in 2011 as a Studio Project between Jorge (guitar) and Silvia (vocals). Both together started to work in several songs which were recorded between dec 2011 and dec 2013 in R81 Studios in Noain-Pamplona.

Some friends participated in the recording sessions as guests: Jon Huarte (Dreamwalker) and Josu Alzu (Six Miles Wide) on drums, Manolo Arias (Atlas, Niágara), Robert Rodrigo (Airless), Willy Gascón (Steelhorse), David Morales (Zinc), Roberto Martínez (Blackbeltz, Taxikarlo) and Ángel García (Meridiam) as lead guitar.

In late December of 2013 Xtasy becomes a real band, leaving the studio project behind. Then came Ángel (guitar), David (bass), Tutumba (drums) and Jakin (keyboards) on board to complete the band.

During January and February of 2014 the songs of their forthcoming album are mixed and mastered in Stockholm by Erik Martensson (W.E.T, Eclipse) at “Blowout Studios”.



We are really proud to announce that our fist album "Revolution" will be released worldwide through Melodic Rock Records on October the 13th.
Today we release our first video, "Stronger".
Have a nice weekend everybody !!







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Well she's not bad to look at at all. Reminds me of Adrenaline Rush in that it sounds really quite good, but I'm not a huge fan of the accented vocals at all. I'll still check it out for sure, though.

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Nothing spectacular, but does have some interesting moments........this one sits on the fence with me right now. I'll have to listen to the samples a few times to make an ultimate decision.

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