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Moonland feat. Lenna Kuurmaa (Vanilla Ninja)


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Pressrelease from Frontiers Records:


MOONLAND : the return of Vanilla Ninja’s Lenna Kuurmaa
to the International Rock scene !
Debut album out in September on Frontiers
Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of MOONLAND self titled debut album on September 19th in Europe and September 23rd in North America.

This anticipated album finally brings back to the spotlight on the international Rock music markets Estonian singer, actress and TV personality Lenna Kuurmaa. Lenna has been the front-woman of the Pop-Rock sensation VANILLA NINJA, an all-female outfit, which debuted in 2002 with their self-titled album and went on to release internationally another 3 very successful studio albums (which won Gold and Platinum Records awards in Germany and Gold in Austria and Switzerland). In 2005 VANILLA NINJA also won the selection to represent Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Festival with the song "Cool Vibes", ending at the 8th place.

The group's latest album, “Love is War”, was released in May 2006 and brought VANILLA NINJA to appear successfully at the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile. The latest release from the band was a single “Crashing Through the Doors”, a great rock song penned specifically for VANILLA NINJA by Roxette’s Per Gessle.

VANILLA NINJA however went into hiatus since then and the members started to get involved in different projects. Lenna Kuurmaa appeared as an actress and TV presenter in Estonia and started a musical solo project under her own name, until she was approached by Frontiers Records with a concept to be return with a new international release with songs tailored for her singing style, with musical influences ranging from classic Heart and Europe with a touch of Roxette.

With Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, LRS, Issa) taking care of the production and a concert appearance in front of the Frontiers Rock Festival crowd in Milano in May, MOONLAND (a name coming from the translation of finnish words Kuu / Moon and Maa / Land which also make up Lenna’s name) is a new exciting musical venture from Lenna Kuurmaa, which is ready again to show the World her brilliant voice and talents.

“I am excited to see how this new international project will turn out and where will it lead me to” says Lenna. “Musically Moonland is more adult oriented compared to Vanilla Ninja but both have strong melodic rock melodies! It will be interesting to see which songs will reach the audience more than the others.”

Lenna Kuurmaa - lead vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Francesco Marras - guitars
Bruce Gaitsch - nylon guitar
Anna Portalupi - bass
Alessandro Polifrone – drums








"Heaven Is To Be Close To You"
"Open Your Heart"
"Crime Of Love"
"Poison Angel"
"When Love Is Gone"
"Out Of Reach"
"Live And Let Go"
"Cold As Ice"
"Over Me"
"Heart Made Of Steel"
"Look At Us Now"
"Another Day In Paradise"



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She has a very sweet voice and some of the 'Tasters' on here sound real quality. I'll defo keep an eye and ear on this one.

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Vanilla Ninja were indeed very cool.


But not this cool. Holy shit, I love this one. Didn't know what it was at all when I put it on the stereo. I just assumed it'd probably suck because of the shit band name. But it does not. Not at all. In fact, it's freakin' awesome. Could very well crack my top 10 this year. Nothing on this I didn't like. Do yourself a favour and have earsex with this one.


Very good, consistent melodic rock.

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