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Moving tomorrow gonna be off line for a few days...


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Moving sucks. No seriously, moving is one of those pain-in-the-ass joyless endeavors that never seems to end. After the last time I moved (1994), I vowed that the next move I make will be feet-first.

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I'm back! :)


Well the move was as successful as a move can be. And yea, the old house we were renting the owner decided to give it to his son. So, being at the end of our 1 year lease, we had to move, locally, but still a move. We actually moved a little further West, still in southern Washington, bout 10 minutes North of Oregon. A little town called Ridgefield. The new digs are better than the old and the family and pets like it a lot more as well, so the vibe is definitely a positive one. Just got to get re organized and such.


I tell you moving those 100 plus boxes of cd's and looking at them all avalanched in the garage...I probably would have given them to you just to make them disappear...well maybe not. :)


Agreed. Moving indeed is the suckiest thing in the known free world. I told the family during the last move that I did not and would not do it again, I would hire out, but the timing on this was poor and funds are never enough. Wish I could be in one place for the last 20 years...

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