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Eonian Records

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They released a lot of great stuff and then seemed to go on hiatus. My best guess is that there's just not enough money in a niche of a niche. I hope that I'm wrong and that they continue at some point.

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Nope. Still around. Have one finished and working on a project that is taking a lot of work to get out. (Can't say anything about that one yet. :whistle: ). About to start on more releases also.

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A quick search on the web reveales that there apparently is a 4 disc box-set in the works...nice!


I guess you can't keep everyone quiet.....but, nice work, embrock. One of the nice things about Eonian, is that Steve does it right.....and I think that everyone will be blown away by the upcoming release(s).

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Hi Everyone.


Here is an update from Stephen the CEO of Eonian Records.


Stephen and I are personal friends and Stephen took a break this past year to recharge his batteries (so to speak).


A new website is fourth coming early Summer 2014, two new signings in Cold Shot and Hans Naughty (2 CD's), and a two volume/8 disc collection with 80 bands/160 songs/120 page booklet of Hollywood Sunset Strip bands all digitally remastered with a page dedicated to each band.


Lots of news coming shortly. Thank you from Stephen and the gang at Eonian Records for your enthusiasm!!


Click on the links to view the artwork








Rock n Roll !!

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