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  1. I definitely think so. "G" is a killer album and not to be missed.
  2. When did Meatloaf join a sleaze band? Song sucked...vocals sucked....gonna pass on this
  3. If you had actually read this very page, you would see that's precisely what we are all talking about. Yeah, and he's also been signed on to front the new Bonfire album, too. Breaking News: Reece to front BONFIRE; new disc and tour in 2015 You guys are HILARIOUS!! I had left my browser open and the new posts hadn't shown up when I made my post. BTW - did you hear David Reece is now singing for Bonfire?
  4. He has yet another gig...going to be the singer on the new Bonfire record.
  5. Not the worst thing I've heard, but I also have to say Nope.
  6. Gringo

    Sassy Society EP

    Cool song...horribly awful band name.
  7. Ratt by a huge margin. I love Kix but Ratt was one of the bands that got me hooked in this genre back in the day and they'll always be one of my favorites.
  8. Lucy - not worth your time (even with Scarlett Johanssen)
  9. Bleh....not a fan. Nice artwork though.
  10. I agree with many...WASP with a clean sweep.
  11. Please tell me the Amsterdam - S/T 1992 original TA-TA Records version?

  12. They're at the Target Center in downtown Mpls.
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