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Hello Fellow Music Junkies

Guest mtlmessiah

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Guest mtlmessiah

My name is mtlmessiah, I'm originally from the south suburbs of Illinois and now I've been transplanted in Northwest Indiana where there is very few people who are into real rock. Grew up on Kiss but once i found Motley Crue & Ratt in the early 80s it was all over.


I'm always into hearing the next band that will make the hair on my arms stand up, a guitar solo that sends chills up my spine, a heavy rocking rhythm with a huge chorus. That is what I'm into, That is what i enjoy. I could talk music for hours and always interested in meeting people who have the same love for music as myself.

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Welcome, this is the place to be for that!

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  • My Little Pony

Welcome to the asylum. The naked man in the corner with the very small genitalia is Geoff. A nice man, but he talks a lot of shit. So be warned.


Anyway, first drink's on me.


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