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Something else to keep me busy .....


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My new venture:





(18 Oct. 2012 - Phoenix, AZ) Heavy Metal Television is finally here. With television, the internet and phone service all now intertwined, we can use the available technology to create an all Heavy Metal T.V. station .



A live television station, streaming worldwide 24 hours a day in hi-def video and hi-fi audio, Heavy Metal Television brings the classic MTV format back to life with favourites such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden as well as newer bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown. Newer technologies are emerging everyday ( i.e.., Roku, Hulu, Vimeo, etc.) to more easily and quickly stream video thru your flat screen TV.. The technology is so new, internet television station licenses are not even available ... yet.



The format will simply play conceptual videos presented by talented young V.J.'s with short segments of rock news and interviews sprinkled throughout with Heavy Metal promos of all kinds driving the content. Concerts will be shown Saturday nights. Specialty programing is being developed.



Sponsors will enjoy banner ads, 10-15 second motion graphic commercials (produced by us and approved by the label and management) and specially tailored to our sponsors promotions and giveaways. The sponsors can also use the graphics and content we develop for them for use on their own sites or promos as well. All with any kind of internet connection.


No need for satellite TV anymore. Heavy Metal Television is a new and unique way to break a new band or promote a product to the most dedicated fan base any where in music, anywhere in the world: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans.


On November 15, 2012 be sure to point your browser to www.heavymetaltelevision.com.

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Thanks guys. In the beginning I thought it was a pretty outlandish idea because of all the logistics, potential production disasters, etc, etc, etc but I'll be damned if we didn't get the money we need to make it happen .... If we pull this off it'll be amazing and if not, welp, we tried.


But I do think we're pulling it off :)

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Sounds cool, man. Count me in... as long as Eddie Trunk is kept far, far away. :D

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Sounds cool, man. Count me in... as long as Eddie Trunk is kept far, far away. :D


Not much of a fan?


Let's just say I'd like to "Stump the Trunk" with a baseball bat.

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Sounds cool, man. Count me in... as long as Eddie Trunk is kept far, far away. :D


Not much of a fan?


Let's just say I'd like to "Stump the Trunk" with a baseball bat.


For a minute I was beginning to think I was the only one.

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ANNNNNND here goes nothin'




(14 November 2012 - Phoenix, AZ) Prepare to call your local internet and cell phone provider to demand more bandwidth because in less than 24 hours, the internet's first ever live streaming television network will be commanding your attention.. And, it's a heavy metal television network.


From Lamb of God to Motley Crue and from Behemoth to Shinedown, Heavy Metal Television will bring both current and classic hard rock and heavy metal videos to your desktop, laptop or net ready flatscreen TV. Presented by young, talented V.J's across the planet, no matter what your taste in hard music might lean toward, give the station a span of five videos and you'll find a band that you love.


The site is 100% free, with no login necessary, no passwords to remember, no registration, subscription. None of that - you just point your browser to http://www.heavymetaltelevision.com/ and start watching. It's really as simple as that. Why complicate matters, right? And this metal show runs 24/7/365 with International Heavy Metal Week celebrated 52 weeks out of the year.


The music runs virtually nonstop with V.J. interludes and limited minute long commercial breaks consisting of four or five 20 second music related ad clips. Saturday nights (PST) will feature a live concert and specialty programming is also being developed.


Heavy Metal Television has eclipsed Google, Apple and Microsoft in terms of getting a live television station running on the web. And they're pissed. Why? Because Pantera and Iron Maiden fans are beating them at their own game, ruling the World Wide Web with the first 24 hour streaming television network, station or channel on Earth forever free.


As Wednesday rolls into Thursday at midnight PST make sure you're tuned in to http://www.heavymetaltelevision.com/ - a revolution is calling.



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I'm excited! This ain't nothing. This is a huge undertaking. I'm impressed, and I hope this is very successful for you.



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Hey Dave,


Hope you don't mind some constructive criticism and/or suggestions...


I'm loving it, BUT...


The Flash delivery mechanism is a killer. For more widespread adoption you'll need to also make an HTML5 or other non-Flash delivery method available. For example, I cannot play this on my iPad. I cannot play this on my Android phone (Adobe Flash is no longer supported in Android OS).


While their are hacks/roots/workarounds that I could do to enable Flash, I think that as a content provider you have to be aware that the vast majority of users aren't "techies"... if it doesn't work out of the box, they won't even try.


I'm not suggesting abandoning Flash, but rather using User Agent detection, and if the browser detected is Android or Mac/iPhone/iPad, to redirect them to a non-Flash player version.


I'm out of town this weekend, but my first test when I get home will to see how this works using the built-in browser on the PlayStation 3 (which does support Flash) and displayed on a 70" television screen. Hopefully it won't be too bit-starved.


If this works, I could easily see this becoming my background A/V experience while I'm working... the rebirth of Headbanger's Ball. :)

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Thanks guys - and Dan, yeah, the tech guys are working on all that. For instance, some days, it will work on certain phnes, then the next day it won't. The phones that they didn't work on in the beginning now work fine ... and so on and so forth with all the different devices. These guys are dealing with Livestream, Google, Microsoft and Apple every day (and, from what I understand, even teaching those people new things) and things will get better for all of the devices as time goes on.


Of course, I have less tech knowledge than a blade of grass so I just hold my head and cry when anyone tries to explain anything to me.


But, I guess we DO have our first "fanboy" -

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Some more constructive criticism:


Are you guys planning to stream in higher resolution? The sound quality is great, but it's a little pixelated when I blow it up on my TV.


Can you guys make "full screen" actually full screen?


Also, when I click "full screen" there's a white bar at the bottom, that only serves as a home for a Play/Pause button and and sound bar, that doesn't disappear. It would be nice if it popped up when you scroll to the bottom. I'm streaming it to my Plasma TV, and I can't let it play too long, or it'll burn a strip at the bottom of my screen.


I realize this is still real fresh, and I'm sure you guys will continue to work out the kinks. These are just some issues I noticed right away. I'm excited to see where this may lead. I've got it bookmarked.

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Well, as of this evening I am watching HMTV fullscreen on a 70-inch set with no issues/problems. :git::party421::beerbang:


After fighting with Flash on the PS3 and not wanting to devote my good laptop to this duty, I set about finding an inexpensive HTPC with HDMI out.


That's actually harder than it sounds. Just about anything cheap is going to either be an anemic Intel Atom processor or old enough that it won't have built-in HDMI (I route everything through my receiver and HDMI is the easiest way to consolidate audio and video).


I ultimately settled on this one at Newegg:




Keep an eye out for Open box items in their outlet center. I picked it up for $289, almost $100 off.


Small form factor. Intel i3, 2GB RAM (8GB max), 500GB HDD (7200RPM), 11 USB ports, and built-in HDMI output.


Once I debloated it and optimzed it a bit, it's running just fine.


I added the following from the local Wal-Mart for $29 to be able to control it from across the room and not mess with separate keyboard and mouse:


http://www.amazon.co...yboard trackpad


Makes controlling the system a breeze.


At 70" the video is fairly pixelated. The audio sounds good though.


Next step for HMTV: 720p or 1080p streaming. :lol:

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    • Given this 3 or 4 spins now and it's a really good album. Pretty sure my comment above was referring to My Favourite Enemy which I now really like. Stand out track for me. First listens can easily be off. But pretty much every so is a keeper for me. Only problem is that if above 5/10 means the song is a keeper, most of the songs are a 6 with a few 7's.  So good songs, but not much that really pops out as killer tracks.
    • Been listening to this later and it's pretty good. If I'd heard it back in the day I would have loved it, but hard to hear it now with the same vibe. Very Babylon AD sounding on some songs.
    • Appreciate the support and enthusiasm for the title. In ALL past releases I've fought hard and at times with the artists and rights holders to release something I as a fan would want to buy - and that includes original artwork, track listings and bonus material etc.. (had some good fights over those).  However, in this case, I fully agree with the guys. Its just not feasible to release and promote something called Sex Crimes in 2023. Politically correct, woke, reality...it just is what it is. The band has felt uneasy over the title for some time now. We will endeavor to make the release as true to the original apart from that title and a fresh take on the artwork. Apologies for the right-wing comments, that's my immediate reaction when I start hearing cancel culture stuff.
    • Yeah, I felt that Auslander was having a go at those who are easily offended, not Andrew.  I think the wombat got the wrong end of the stick.
    • This makes my brain hurt. You literally cannot win in this day and age.    
    • Bringing politics into a post about a band we are all here to celebrate isn't a good look, and that's coming from me, a right winger, because somebody would like a proper real release as in the original artwork and the way we bought it in 86 isn't being a right winger, it's being a good audiophile, I too think it's absurd to finally give this album a proper release after waiting so long for it, then to completely alter it for the sake of what? it's a re-release, that is going to be bought by people who already know what it is, and not some clueless stick figure buying it on a whim, It just kind of feels like a slap in the face, primarily because we all have a semi good idea as to why it's being changed, and that isn't right wing, that's actually left wing these days, so should I not buy it cause its altered? just to make a political point? I mean since you aren't concerned about him being offended? well I guess I could be labeled "others", and I would think you'd be a bit more understanding why someone would be irked over the decision, and it aint because they voted for Trump or Biden, but if me and him don't buy it you'd be losing a sale right? you can say you don't care, but if everybody didn't buy it to make a point, then you'd care, so why play to the people who aren't going to buy it regardless? instead of the people waiting decades for it to be released? that's all he's saying, you don't gotta be an asshole. If you knew him you'd know how horrible calling him a right winger is to him, as I assure you he's not, I feel I gotta say something, I blew it off originally but since the curtain got pulled back I feel the same way he does, but I'm not gonna fight over it, and it is a valid feeling and im sure others possess it, so you can call me all the names you want, talk about my mom, or my ex, you can trash me and my politics, I welcome it, but you really don't gotta bag on somebody for being a little put off over a 1st time release and the only CD release of an album many of us here love, BTW, regardless what you say to me, I'll still buy it, and I still appreciate what your doing even if I disagree with how your doing it, cool bro. now lets here what a fascist i am.
    • Thanks 4 the heads up bro, I truly appreciate it
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