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  1. Big D

    HRH AOR a short review

    Hopefully this will be a regular thing.
  2. Big D

    Your Favorite Concert

    Top 5: Judas Priest/Annihilator - Aston Villa 1991 Saxon - Woverhampton 1993 Within Temptation - Brixton 2011 (?) Firefest 2009 - (Honeymoon Suite, Romeos Daughter, White Sister, Crown Of Thorns, Airrace, The Poodles. Skipped Drive, She Said and left before FM) Marshall Law - A pub in Stafford 1993
  3. Big D

    Your Favorite Concert

    MOR 1980 and Honeymoon Suite and Saga? You are officially king of the jammy gets. So much envy right now.
  4. I've been lucky so far but: Queensryche - Monsters of Rock 2006. Had a few glitches in their intro tape so they were already on the back foot. They started strong, though - "Revolution Calling" and "Operation Mindcrime" - then decided to go into "Suite Sister Mary" which was just the wrong song to play for a short festival set. Geoff Tate doing a mime show during the instrumental bits didn't help. They lost my interest and never got it back. Motorhead - last year. I saw them in 1998 and they were great but this time around they were just going through the motions. Maybe I just got them on an off night. Ozzy - Monsters of Rock 1996 Spent way too much time trying to get the crowd going. No energy coming off that stage whatsoever. My Dying Bride - Bloodstock 2006 Just deeply tedious. I promised myself I'd give them five songs to see if i could get into it. I came close to walking out after two and the only reason I stuck around was that their female keyboard player looked like shemight fall out of her boob tube at some point. Bumsnogger - Bloodstock Festival 2003 In retrospect, a band called Bumsnogger were always going to be a complete waste of electricity.
  5. Big D

    Meat Riot - Hot Mess song

    That's actually pretty cool.
  6. Big D

    Ha Ha Did anyone even know this existed?

    Mid 80s rock videos are so much more fun.
  7. Big D

    The Metal Project

    Now up to 2009 - Includes Canadian Deathcore (Somehow), hardrocking Swedish girls, Japanese oddness and a Canadian band that suddenly turn into 3 Inches Of Blood right at the end. http://bigdassorted.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/the-metal-project-2009.html
  8. Big D

    What's a spinnin' in your CD player?

    Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane Save the World. Picked it up the other day. Not bad,
  9. Big D

    State of Shock - Have a Nice Day

    Why are there so many bands around with cute female bassplayers? Good song. Bonus points for dancing cops.
  10. Big D

    The Metal Project

    My latest blog update features songs from 2005 - includes Black Metal from Brazil and France, Power Metal from Chile, Colombia, Italy and Germany, a Dutch band that rather like Manowar and a Swedish band that may well be the first Metal to ever feature the words "Frying pan" in a song. http://bigdassorted.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/the-metal-project-2005.html
  11. Big D

    Hard Rock Hell - AOR

    If I read the site correctly, the same guys are also doing a Prog festival at the same place on the same dates. How that's going to work is beyond me but looking at the lineup, Uli Jon Roth is doing that too. So I'm thinking it's a case of "While you're over here..." Here's the HRH Prog site: http://www.hrhprog.com/line-up.html
  12. Have you shared this to Reddit yet? Also, put your link on my site.
  13. Big D

    Song of the Day

    Seven Kingdoms - Wolf in Sheeps Clothes
  14. Big D

    Envinya - Inner Circle

    OK but the singer leaves me cold.
  15. Great tour - I'd love to see Journey with the new guy and Thunder are always reliable entertainment - but the only date I could get to is two days before payday. Arse.

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