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Vains of Jenna call it quits....

Dark Star

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Yeah, it's a shame!

One of very few bands who actually tried to make it the old-school way through a LOT of touring...I've seen them last October and although their performance was great, their split-up doesn't surprise me that much as their "supposed to be upcoming" songs had that "we don't really know in which direction to evolve"-feeling imo.


Let's hope for some new bands to emerge from this situation!

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This band seemed to have a ton of potential but never seemed to get to the next level like Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet and Crazy Lixx. Shame they've broken up though as I did enjoy the debut a little.

Agreed. Too bad. :crying:

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Thanks christ... uh, I mean what a shame. ;)


Nah, I agree with Wes. A lot of potential, but for me they never got close to doing anything with it. Debut was by far their crowning achievement, but imo was still lacking a lot of what would put them anywhere near their peers. And that covers album... wow. Anyone who does that should never be allowed to record again anyway, so maybe some justice served there?


Anyway, sorry to be harsh. Sad day for the fans (which is not I).

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The covers album was a disaster. Personally, i could not even listen thru it once. I skipped half the songs even on first listen.


Completely agree. I couldn't play the full thing once either. It actually almost made Def Leppard's 'Yeah' seem half somehow listenable by comparison.

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