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Casablanca: "Apocalyptic Youth" review

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My review of the Swedish melodic hard rock band Casablanca's debut album, "Apocalyptic Youth," produced by Chris Laney, is now available over at Hardrock Haven. Click the link below to check it out:


Casablanca review


Lead vocalist reminds me a little bit of Davy Vain and it's produced by Chris Laney...what more do you need to know??

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Anything that involves Ryan Roxie is worth picking up or checking out.


Been waiting a long time for this one.

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So...where can we order the CD? I have the E.P....KILLER sound!

Can't order it anywhere yet...doesn't get released until March 16th. I do think a lot of folks around here are going to like this album. Chris Laney does an excellent production job as always, and while some of the songs are a little more subdued than I prefer, at least half the CD is made up of great tracks. Personally, I can't stop playing "Deliberately Wasted"; big, fat, sing-along anthem.

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I gotta say, guys, I was browsing Musicbuymail yesterday and I saw this and thought wtf, why is no one talking about this. I played the 3 samples on the site and I have to admit I was left totally unimpressed. I might try the full thing before writing it off, but it certainly didn't make me want to desperately seek it. :( The key word in Marks post is "subdued."

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Checked out a few tracks off this one after reading some positive reviews. All songs seemed pretty good without being outstanding. The one notable exception is 'Rich Girl', which is one of the best songs I've heard so far this year. Definitely a tune I'll be downloading.

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