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A word with Tango Down Guitarist!


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Hi Everyone!!


Thought id swing by and give everyone the latest 411 from TANGO DOWN.


A song by song break down from Tango Down guitarist Scott Miller. Enjoy the read!




TANGO DOWN "Identity Crisis"

1. CRYING TO ME: I wrote this one with Jamie Rowe a few years ago. It's a song I'm very proud of. In one word.... A badassfuckingheavyrock in your face tune.This is 1 of 2 of my fave tracks on the album.I can't wait to play this one live! Without a doubt the heavest tune on "Identity Crisis", and the Reece tears this one up.


2. ALONE: When we wrote this, the song had a big DOKKEN vibe on the demo. I think we kept that vibe, but added our own Tango Down feel to it. On our last album, I collaborated with Jace Pawlak on Step By Step. The end result was imho finger licking good covered with Butter. So Kivel felt that ALONE had that same sort of feel, and Jace would be perfect to help on this tune. So we brought him in to help pen the lyrics, and again....BUTTER!!


3. BLAME...: This was the first song The Reece and i worked on together. This song just oozes Melodic goodness. Once we demoed it. No one could get the chorus out of our heads. It is infectious. It has elements of Journey and Sweet Child o Mine with a smidgen of The Cult. I know....crazy right? CRAZY GOOD!!! This one has a nice message in it, but without being "preaching". Considering the climate of the current state of affairs in the world, i feel It is appropriately timed. The song is very positive and i think can be inspirational. A song without a doubt that will be a set staple for us here on out. A video is planned for this one.


4 ENLIGHTEN ME: This one was a lil different for us. Having a singer Like Reece in the band, has given us alot more room to take the music into new territories. It has more of that melodic Queensryche sound ala I Don't Belive in Love, meets a House of Lords Demons Down. This one was a colab with Paul from the band Edens Curse. He took it into some cool directions. That mixed in with Reece, It just all comes together nicely. This has a great end result of a team effort.


5 CALLING OUT: This is a song i have been holding onto forever. For various reasons it missed making Damage Control. This is the big crowd participation tune!! It is a song about being positive. Having Faith and believing that you can overcome the odds. A fave track of mine, and im very pleased it is finally seeing the light of day. BIG Chorus!


6. CORNERS OF MY MIND: The Ballad!!!! What can i say, other then Awesome song, and my other fave tune on the album. This one is a ballad penned by Jace Pawlak. Kivel played it for me one day at a summer bar b que. He told me how he was considering it for another album. I told him NO...WE have to do it. After spiking his Pepsi, a short while later he was agreeable to my request :-) This song is simply put, MONSTER BALLAD BEAUTIFUL. It's like Whitensake meets Winger. David delivers this one with such emotion it is going to leave peoples mouths on the floor.


7. BACK TO LIFE: This song is going to be a surprise for alot of people. Another sing along type song that will leave you smiling. Has elements of Warrant ala Blind Faith, for a lack of a better comparision. Nice acoustic guitars mixed in with some tasty solo work and again...BIG Chorus! I think Kivel has us set to shoot a video for this one as well.


8. DREAM CHILD: This baby is one of Davids tunes. Fans of old school VH will dig. With a touch of Whitesnake. The man commands the mic on this one like no one else can.


9. MAGIC PUDDING: Another David tune that is swamp blues rock whitesnake style.We do this one a lil bit different from the version that is on Davids SOLID release. This is one i can't wait to do live. It's like our own Crying In the Rain the way we do it. The Reece commands it on this one!! Should go over very good live.


10. HEARTS CATCH FIRE: Love this tune. One of those BIG sing along chorus type songs with your fist in the air. A Erik Johnson masterpiece! This one will have that HUGE Backing vocal chorus thing going on for sure.






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With comparison's to Whitesnake's Cryin' In The Rain, Winger, rockin' with Dokken, Warrant, GnR, etc. how can not be waiting for this!!!! :banger:



Thanks Jeff!! I will pass on your kind words to the guys. Truth is...the above mentioned are elements on the new album. However not changing the bands own sound. In the end its cut from the same cloth as Im Done Loving You, Cant Wait and Step By Step. With that said, the new album still has the balls out CRYING TO ME. Now, before anyone asks....YES it is the same CRYING TO ME that is on the new TALON cd. It is a song that Rif penned back in 2003 when he was in AG. It just missed making the CRUNCH album. Talon needed a barn burner for thier upcoming release. Since Rif penned FALLEN ANGELS ,it seemed like the obvious choice to have him help deliver again. At the time when the song was handed to them. Reece was not in TANGO DOWN yet. So there weren't any plans on using the song. Enter REECE, plans changed. So it was tracked. Infact it was tracked before TALON tracked it. Hows that for irony. LOL. Although it is the same song. The TANGO DOWN version is closer to the orginal AG version. a LIL MORE "CRUNCHY". Although, we will all admit that Shawn Pelata did a amazing job singing it on the Talon version. So in a odd way....some of you have already heard a new TANGO DOWN tune. LOL.

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You guys are killing me already! Where are the SAMPLES please?!

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Already pre-ordered


Hey Rockposer


Glad to hear you placed your pre order. PM me your order info. Ill double check to make sure your posters were sent. I know all domestic pre orders were shipped. Trying to find a way to send them international where they wont be damaged. The few we sent got destroyed. So we are trying to build a better mouse trap so to speak on the over seas shiping of posters.



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