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Yet Another New Iron Maiden Live Release...

Fat Freddy

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Since Iron Maiden seem intent on commemorating each and every tour they do nowadays (see: "Death on the Road," "Flight 666," "Rock In Rio," etc.) with a live CD/DVD/Blu-Ray package, I suppose this wasn't entirely unexpected ... but still, another one? Oy. I'll pass. :blink:




EMI are proud to announce the release of a new live IRON MAIDEN Blu-Ray, 2DVD Set and Double Soundtrack Album on Monday March 26th (March 27th Canada and USA (via UMe)).


"EN VIVO!" was filmed on 10th April 2011 in front of over 50,000 ecstatic fans at the Estadio Nacional, Santiago during the Round The World In 66 Days leg of The Final Frontier World Tour, and captures a magnificent performance by the band, ardently embraced by the legendary Latino passion and energy of their Chilean fans. With spectacular stage backdrops, dynamic musicianship and a literally jaw-dropping appearance by Eddie, this live show encapsulates to perfection the heart and soul of Iron Maiden 2011.


Bass player and founder member Steve Harris comments "For The Final Frontier Tour it was really important to me that we filmed in South America as we're always so overwhelmed by the fans' reaction when we go to that part of the world and I wanted to reflect that in the filming. After much consideration we chose the Santiago show as we felt it was one of our best performances of the entire Tour and to play at the prestigious Estadio Nacional was a landmark moment for us. For reasons known to our fans, it took a long time before we got to play our first show in Chile, and once we did get to play a show, the response was so phenomenal we just had to keep coming back and it's got better and better each time!


This show also features the gigantic new Eddie. He wasn't due to make his appearance until our European leg of the tour later in 2011, but we managed to transport him across the sea in a special huge container just in time for the latter end of the South American dates so it was great we were able to immortalize him for the DVD as he really has to be seen to be believed!"


The concert was filmed digitally using 22 HD cameras and an octocam (a flying camera which captures aerial crowd scenes), recorded in both stereo and 5.1 audio and mixed by Maiden's longstanding producer Kevin "Caveman" Shirley, all of which serves to accentuate the incredible atmosphere of this compelling performance. Extensive use is made of split screens so fans can follow the individual members closer and the set list moves seamlessly between songs from Maiden's most recent studio album, 2010's The Final Frontier through to classic fan favourites via the band's vast and varied catalogue. (full set listing below).


DVD Disc Two is a Bonus Disc containing an 88-minute documentary, BEHIND THE BEAST. This is also an entirely in-house production by Maiden's own Krew, led by Andy Matthews, and is intended as an interesting and revealing high quality "home movie" for their fans of how to put on an Iron Maiden tour and what goes on behind the scenes at a show. It describes the extraordinary story of one of the most acclaimed and ambitious touring shows in the world. It illustrates the day to day life and complex tasks of the Maiden Killer Krew and the other characters behind the scenes. The expertise and experience, the problem-solving and successes, the sheer scale and immense difficulties of the undertaking comes to life through the day to day coverage of the tour and the background work of the crews in sound, lighting, carpentry, production and set design. As well as interviews with the Iron Maiden crew, it interweaves anecdotes from the band and their fans, and includes footage of the live show in this comprehensive guide to the intricacies of staging massive, live Stadium shows around the World out of the belly of a Boeing 757. The bonus disc also contains an extended version of the promo video "Satellite 15...The Final Frontier", a video about the making of "Satellite 15...The Final Frontier" plus the opening video sequence to The Final Frontier World Tour.


In addition to the Blu-Ray, the 2DVD will initially be available as a Limited Edition double DVD in Collectors Steel book case and Double Vinyl Picture Disc. As well as a traditional 2CD Soundtrack album, EN VIVO! will also be available as a Digital Download, CD soundtrack album and Digital Download Video.


Maiden's "Final Frontier World Tour 2010-11" saw the band circumnavigating the planet for the third time in their customized Boeing 757, Ed Force One, piloted by lead singer Bruce Dickinson, and playing 98 shows in 36 countries to over 2 million fans.


DVD DISC ONE "LIVE AT ESTADIO NACIONAL, SANTIAGO" (approx running time 120 mins)

1. Satellite 15

2. The Final Frontier

3. El Dorado

4. 2 Minutes To Midnight

5. The Talisman

6. Coming Home

7. Dance Of Death

8. The Trooper

9. The Wicker Man

10.Blood Brothers

11.When The Wild Wind Blows

12.The Evil That Men Do

13.Fear Of The Dark

14.Iron Maiden

15. The Number Of The Beast

16. Hallowed Be Thy Name

17. Running Free


BONUS DISC - DVD DISC TWO "BEHIND THE BEAST" (approx running time 102 mins)

1.Behind The Beast documentary

2.Satellite 15...The Final Frontier promo video (director's cut)

3.The Making of Satellite 15...The Final Frontier promo

4.The Final Frontier World Tour Show Intro

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I always look forward to the Maiden releases and will certainly be getting the Blu-ray but where`s the A Matter Of Life And Death live show? Also it`s frustrating to have the same old overheard classic`s.

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I think some of the other dinosaurs are doing it, but maybe its time for Maiden when they tour, since they are continually doing so, is to focus on an album and then sneak in some smaller venues too? Over hear they keep playing the big arena's, which great for them that they are still that viable, but I'd rather smaller venue...


I know when I saw Y&T over the summer, thye still did many of your fave's but with the 30th anniversary of Earthshaker they focused on that album...


Just a thought.

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I'll probably buy it, maybe not right away but eventually.


I think it's cool that their documented each tour but I still don't get whey they skipped AMOLAD as that seemed to really be well received and I know they played it in it's entirety on a leg of US shows.


Of course I can see why this is annoying for some as well. It wasn't to long ago where we all asked why this band or that band hasn't released a live DVD or CD but Maiden seems to do it every 2-3 years and on top of that them releasing several "best of" type compilations it is getting a little overwhelming. I would prefer if they would make a new album sooner than every three or four years and maybe skip a live release or comp but as a big fan I'm happy that they are at least still trying and not just trying to live on their past glories only like some bands. I know some fans hate it when they see them and they play half or all of their new album but at least they are trying to not be a nostalgia type act. Sure most fans would prefer a 80's only type set but if I saw them I'd love if they sprinkled a in a handful or more of the Brave New Wold and newer songs.

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Maiden has always been a spectacular 'underground' band, achieved great success with no significant promotional help from the major labels, so it's always a good thing they documented their giant tour, but as a fan, I also not very interested to keep buying every live albums / DVDs they made, but like Wes, probably if the price right, I'll buy it eventually.


For now, I'm eyeing for a Bluray downloads first as soon as it's out :)

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I would love them to release more concerts, but those back in the day. Would love to have a killer gig for each of their albums/tours in the 80s. Same goes with most of the 80s bands... I don't want Wacken footage from the last decade, give me footage, be it 4:3 and stereo from back in the day.

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A Maiden DVD is always a treat to the eyes and ears, so will be getting the Blu-ray of this as it looks pretty good as usual. :headbanger:

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Maiden should do the perform the classic-album-in-its-entirety thing, Number Of THe Beast/Piece Of Mind back to back. That would be great :headbanger: That's a live CD/DVD I'd buy no hesitation


I`d buy that too :headbanger:

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I'd be happy if they could just be bothered to put 'Maiden England' out on DVD ... I had that on VHS when it first came out, and that was a cracking show ... :headbanger:

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