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Eonian is Alive and well in 2012

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Just to let everybody know that Eonian Records is alive and well...and will be rocking back with new CD releases for 2012..6 to 7 releases will be off the charts in regards to style, production, look, packaging, etc(Rattleshake..Youngblood...Snakeskin Cowboy...will kick ass). there will be newz..updates...and new wedsite and much more..2012 is gonna ROCK!! :party421::drink::git:

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IMO Eonian is right up there with the best "reissue" or "archive" labels. The quality of their packaging is consistently great. I'm really looking forward to their 2012 releases.




Np - Higher Power 'Cast A Light'

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The Rattleshake rawks.....lookin' forward to that one, fo sho!! ;-)

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wow 'Land of Plenty' is killer!


'Honey Child' is pretty good too, groovy track with nice decent melody and 'Outta Line' has that catchy chant-y chorus.


Based on this three songs, I have high hopes for this album, could be a 85%-ers, let's see :popcorn:

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Just received my copies of Murder Bay & Rattleshake from Eonian today and while I haven't had a chance to listen to Rattleshake yet (other than the samples I was provided when I wrote the band's biography for the liner notes), I did give Murder Bay a front-to-back spin this evening and I can assure you plenty of people around these parts will be pleased to get their hands on this puppy.

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ER00019: MURDER BAY 'Never Was An Angel'




1. Land Of Plenty

2. Honey Child

3. Outta Line

4. Ultraglide

5. Simple Man

6. Dirty Work

7. Never Was An Angel

8. What’s Good For You

9. Long Time Comin’

10. Keep Me In Mind

11. Got No Business

12. Around Again

13. Song?


• ‘Never Was An Angel’ features songs recorded, mixed, and produced by Eric Valentine

(Queens of the Stone Age, Good Charlotte, Third Eye Blind, All-American Rejects,

Slash, and more), as well as by Rob Beaton (Guns n’ Roses, The Sea Hags,

Sammy Hagar, Santana, and more).



ER00020: RATTLESHAKE 'Self-Titled'




1. Shootin’ Whiskey

2. Gypsy Queen

3. Take Me Down

4. Mudbone Delight

5. Jump On Me

6. Never Say Goodbye

7. Rattleshake Boogie


• Recorded, mixed, and produced by Rob Beaton (Guns n’ Roses, The Sea Hags,

Sammy Hagar, Santana, and more).

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Fantastic job as always SUICIDE! I'm gonna see if Stephen wants to showcase these albums on my radio show in the future!


Agree, fantastic job once again SUICIDE!

Have you ever been approached by any current Band od Label to designe their artwork? I think your work looks better than a lot of stuff that's out there!

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