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A bad day in Eastern North Carolina


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http://www.mail.com/...stage-teaser1-2 <--- Full article with pics




This storm has been nothing short of absolutely DEVASTATING. Hopefully our other North Carolina HH members are all ok.


My heart goes out to everyone here in NC, as well as all the other states affected by this monster of a storm. -_-

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Not to sound overly cynical, but with all the attention being paid to the disasters overseas and all the charity/fundrasising money being directed over there, I hope that those affected by disasters here in the U.S. don't get lost in the shuffle as is all too frequently the case...


Seems like there's always money to be sent outward when people suffering at home are left wanting. I guess there's no publicity in it.


But like I said, I'm a cynic.


Stay safe.

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I live about 45 miles from Whiplash and my family was very fortunate. Some friends of mine lost everything about 20 miles away in Sanford NC . Tornadoes are such hit or miss monsters. They are something not to play with. If you get out of one with your life it has been a good day. I have lived through 2. The only other member I know from NC is Shawn Of Fire. I heard he had some rough weather out his way.

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