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Wildhorses Dead Ahead


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If you liked the first release this one should also appeal to you. This one may have a slightly bluesier feel to it but the songs are really strong.


I've got one up on ebay right now that is sealed.

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From what I remember there were some great songs but there were also a few fillers and overall not near as good as the debut but still a good disc.


That's the best description of it. Not as good as the debut but still quite good.


I listened to both releases today. And after hearing them back to back I would have to agree that the debut is better. Both are quality releases but over all I prefer the first one.

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Must get this out,havent listened in a while as I'm a fan of the debut but remember being slightly disappointed in this one at the time of release

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I'm really not sure I've ever heard this CD. Mild interest is there. I should get around to it...


Well, seven years later and I mustn't have tried very hard. Funnily enough, I am still curious to hear it. I really must try to check it out somehow.

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