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Keith Urban


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Keith Urban is not your typical country artist. I prefer to think of his music as 'Country AOR'. Awesome stuff that I feel would appeal to quite a few Melodic Rock / AOR fans.


Avoid his two self titled albums from 1991 and 1999. Instead start with 'Golden Road' from 2002.


Golden Road (2002)




Be Here (2004)




Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (2006)




Defying Gravity (2009)



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My wife digs him... not really my thang though. He also gets to bang Nicole Kidman on a regular basis so that alone is reason enough for me to hate him. :angry:


By the way, does anyone else think it's ironic as hell that he's a country singer whose last name is "Urban?" It's like a gangsta rapper being named "Tex."

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I've been into Keith since I saw his band The Ranch play a few shows in the late 90's. I know the "country" stigma but Keith is an amazing singer songwriter and his guitar prowess is very impressive. The Ranch played much heavier than their cd, which is a great disc btw and they did a bunch of ole rock n roll covers (AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Van Halen...)


Here is "Walk In The Country" from The Ranch self titled release. It had some moderate success and radio play.



THis clip shows off Keith's guitar stylings:



The Devil Went Down To Georgia:



Homespun Love is one of my fave's:



This one's a good one too! Start A Band with Brad Paisley.


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Keith's new album 'Get Closer' is out now. Nothing really new here. If you liked he last few albums you will like this one too. Good stuff. Apparantly there is a US Wall Mart version being released with extra tracks. I bought the standard presing here in Oz and it has 10 tracks.

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catchy pop tune


Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood - The Fighter



I officially really just don't care if there is actually guitar in that song or not. It sure as fuck sounds like there is not, and he looks absolutely ridiculous strumming away to some silly (but admittedly not too offensive) little pop ditty. Man that looks stupid...

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catchy pop tuneKeith Urban & Carrie Underwood - The Fighterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzT4p-OaJ5c

Now that's a nice one



Great track from the very very good 'Ripcord' album , which was one of the best of what I would call my non HH albums from last year.

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