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Outside Edge

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I'm sure there are a few threads on these guys somewhere, or maybe the discussions were within other threads. Either way, Tim (2) hates these guys with a passion, but they're one of my favourite pure keyboard laden AOR bands I know. I think both albums are excellent, especially the debut. Even the unreleased demos that popped up on the net last year had some good stuff on it, but it was much patchier than the other two.


These guys knew a killer hook for sure.

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I'd say they're decent, and worth checking out. I don't hate them, I just think they had pretty limited ability and were never likely to amount to much. Plus they had a totally OTT-americanised sound, and the production on these discs just flat-out sucked. If you like stuff like Dare (the debut), Passion Street, Blue Blud (the debut) then it might be up-your-street. Don't expect it to blow you away though...

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Good band & both cd's are excellent. Not the best UK AOR outfit, but recommended anyways.

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I only have Running Hot it's got some good stuff on it but also a fair bit of filler, I never bothered with the follow up (More Edge) has anyone heard their debut album from 1984 simply called Outside Edge? ...it was only released in France on vinyl I believe and is a devil to find, although I saw a copy on eBay some years back.

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This thread kind of died on the back of two suggestive posts there which I'll expand on a little. After playing 'Running Hot' and 'More Edge' yesterday I went to the internet to discover what the hell happened to the guys that made up this amazing band. Found quite a lot of interesting stuff which I did not know about;


First, they actually started off as Blackfoot Sue (the 3 core guys of Outside Edge) in the early 70's and released three albums from 1973 to 1975 with a couple of hits. They also released an album with the new band name Liner in 1979. To be honest, I didn't take too much notice of the 70's stuff because I'm not really interested. But basically, as Nick says above, Outside Edge came to first be with their self titled debut released in 1984 in France only. I took to youtube and found 8 of the 10 songs. It must be said that bar a couple of songs (namely the great 'Cherry'), we really haven't missed much by not knowing much about this one. It's an okay album, but nothing like the next two Outside Edge discs.


Anyway, the most interesting thing of all was the album "released" in 1991 with the title 'Call Me.' It's "released" as an Outside Edge album, even though one of the trio (Eddie Golga) had left the band and as far as I can understand the recordings were actually meant to be demos sent to record companies for a new Blackfoot Sue album. Anyway, there's a full 12 track album from Outside Edge called 'Call Me' on youtube. Got it yesterday and in all honestly it doesn't do much for me. It's a very subdued and mellow version of Outside Edge, with the only really great song being 'Teardrop,' which I think a lot of us may have heard as an Outside Edge demo in the past. And that's probably what this album is mostly; Outside Edge demos that have been floating around on the net for a few years.


But yeah, anyway, this was intended to be a new Blackfoot Sue album. And Blackfoot Sue did actually release another album called 'Talk Radio,' in 1995 (re-released in 1998 as 'Red On Blue.')


If you're interested to hear this one, as I am, or some of the 70's Blackfoot Sue stuff, I found this website with soundcloud links to the material. I don't think it's an illegal one (?):




I am yet to hear this one, but I'll let you know my thoughts tomorrow.


And if you want to see all this discography info in full, here it is:




Hope a few people find this interesting... I sure as hell did, assuming they were just around for 2-3 years and that was the end of the story. Seems like they have quite a history... just not sure any of it will be worth knowing aside from what we all already know...

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Absolutely LOVE the Outside Edge debut, and "More Edge" is good, just not as crunchy.


Side One of "Running Hot" is absolutely essential if you're a fan of Bon Jovi "Slippery" era and or the Blue Tears debut.


Vocals are a bit whiney and use a lot of extra Michael Jackson-like "Ohhh's" and "Ahhh's" but that's pretty much what 1986 was all about.


Heartbeat Away and Luella are essential and should have been all over MTV in 1986 / 1987, but I'm guessing they received exactly zero help from their label. And a sticker on the cover of my original album cover says "Now On Tour with Manfred Mann." Manfred Effing Mann? You've got to be kidding me! Put them on the Slippery When Wet Tour and everyone would have known their names.

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