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Well this is just weird...


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I'm working on a stack of CDs to sell on eBay, and one of them is an indy Christian AOR/pop/country/praise album that I remember gambling on based solely on the artwork when out on one of my scrounges. I don't think I ever even listened to it:







So I pop it in the CD player to take a brief listen to the tracks, just to make sure that I'm describing it properly, and damned if one of the songs sounds too familiar.


So I start reading the (brief) liner notes. No indication that the song is a cover. More confusing yet is that there is no year anywhere on the artwork or the disc. By the appearances and style I would put it mid-1980s to maybe early 1990s at the latest.


It's the title track of the CD. Give it a listen: This Is the Time


Sound familiar? It should. It's also the first track on Dennis DeYoung's Back to the World CD from 1986.


Not a bad rendition actually.


It's odd that they name the CD after the track, as well as incorporating the lyrics into the liner notes (see below; it's the only lyrics in the artwork at all), yet never once mention whose song it is.



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They all look so happy to be on that CD cover too!

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Dan....this is what I live for. Finding these totally obscure and never before seen discs. They are out there. 9 times out of 10 you pass them over because the cover doesn't grab you in an instant. I listened to the track, a bit light weight for my personal tastes, but, some of the light AOR lovers would cherish this remarkable find. Congrats!!!



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Yep. Listening to more of the disc, it appears that most, if not all, are covers, although none are credited at all in the liner notes. Most of the disc is too light and fluffy (stereotypical 80s gospel praise style), but the DDY cover really is a decent track.



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They all look so happy to be on that CD cover too!

Yeah, they look like some big cheesy gay prime-time TV family of raging homosexuals.

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