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2009 NFL season


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Well, well, well kiddie. Looks like it is my favorite time of the year again, pre-season football starts today!!


Sunday's game is Dallas against Buffalo.



Predictions for my 2 teams: Pittsburgh at a minimum will get 2 deep in the playoffs and Seattle will pull off another amazing 50/50 season!!!

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I'm a huge football fan but I can never get into preseason for some reason. Come regular season I'll be glued to the TV and my fantasy football website every weekend.


As for my favorite team, I predict improvement from Aaron Rodgers, implementing this new 3-4 defense is going to cause some "growing pains" in the first half of the season therefore yielding another 6-10 or 7-9 season. This season will be more of a building block season.

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nope, Bills and Titans at 8pm



My bad, I see that being advertised this morning, but last night the adverts were showing Dallas and Bills footage in the promo?


Either way huray for football!!!


And like Madd, I have a tough time swallowing pre-season too, but I'm so hard up for some football, I will at least catch the highlights on sport center. :)

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Man if the rest of the season is comparable to that first drive by the Titans with the fake punch for T than I can't wait!



ANd the Dallas confusion by me was the Terrell Owen link, kept showinghim in Cowboys gear when in fact now he is a Bill...



Saw an add for the NFL kickoff on the 11th of September and its Pittsburgh and Indy.

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Yes! Vikings play their first preseason game tonight vs the colts! Going to get some goodies for the kids and I to snack on during the game. Let's hope we don't have a need for a Vikings Bitch Thread this year!!!

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looks like the Steelers line will not give us a running game again this year. I got into a discussion on another board a few weeks ago. they were like "the steelers won their SB on a great "D" and a great running game".

this was my counter and they never said a word again.



Oh, but the Steelers won on a great defense and Ben throwing the ball. The first SB it was Willie Parker and Randel El but Ben was great for that playoff run. The 2nd SB was Ben and a great D. how may times were the steelers O-line just pounded, riddiculed and made fun of because the steelers couldn't run the ball over the last 2 or 3 years. The running game in Pittsburgh is not what it use to be. Parker is a speed guy, not a pound it off tackle guy. with Mendanhal healthy maybe we will get back to a solid running game. It was passing at the right time and when it counted. we couldn't count in rushing and and getting a 3rd & 2.

2008 rushing stats are not pretty. we ranked 9th in attempts but ranked 23 in yards.we ranked 29 in yards per attempt. we were held under 100 yards rushing in 10 games last year. we were held under 70 yards rushing 6 times.


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I hate to say it but I've attended more NFL pre-season games (2) than regular season games (0). What a loser I am. :unsure:


At least I've been to 1 playoff game (Rams/Vikings 1977).

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Vikes were looking really good tonight. #2 sage rosenfels is a monster! :D

Yeah, Sage looked great last night, along with most of the team!!

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