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Renaissance Ritchie


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Proof that if a drop dead gorgeous babe is playing your pipe, you'll dress up like Alan-a-Dale - no matter how goddamn ridiculous it makes you look.

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All it needs to complete that picture is Friar Tuck munching on a roast chicken leg. "I say, chap, can you direct me to Sherwood Forest?"

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For some reason, the original picture I posted doesn't appear when I open this thread anymore. Wha' happen? Did Rick & Candy get tipped off to the resulting barbs and pitch a hissy fit? If so, oy vey - no sense of humor.

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Has he come full circle now? :DRitchie%20Blackmore.jpg



Hi, I'm Ritchie....I may look like a pilgrim in this pic....& I didn't just step off the Mayflower.....but I used to be in two fantabulous bands.....now I prefer(?) travelin' 'round mostly Europa....playin' of all things minstrel musak? :wacko: Oh, how some peeps/things do change? :( Can someone help me find my way back to those damn good rockers, Ian....RJD....Roger.....JLT! :guitbannana:

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