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Debating the "Masked Magician".


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The "Masked Magician" is the guy on tv who exposes how famous illusions are done. He now has a weekly show (at least here in the US). Next week he promises to show how Chris Angel levitates between buildings. Although I always find the secrets behind the illusions fascinating, watching the show actually makes me feel a little guilty. I wonder how many illusionists this show is putting out of business, and if I should care?


What's your take on it? :unsure:

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Of course he is a traitor ! Why do you think he is wearing a mask ?!?!


Although the tricks he is showing to the public are kind of weak ..... :whistle:

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I've heard about this and he may even have got some airtime over here in Australia many, many years ago (I'm talking about 10 years). I honestly don't have an opinion either way on this. I guess it's kind of interesting, and for someone like me who just wants to know how the f*ck those tricks are actually possible, I guess it's actually kind of cool to see how.

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I've watched that episode where in the end he told the reason why he does it. It is to push other illusionists to create more dazzling tricks. But yes, he is indeed a traitor to his profession. That's the no.1 rule in being a "magician" - never reveal the secret.

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