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Boneyard vs. Hair Nation

Boneyard or Hair Nation  

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I find myself listening to Hair Nation 8 out of 10 times I flip throught the stations.

As Ive said before, I don't listen to music channels much anymore. It takes me 10 minutes to drive to work and most of the time I'm listening to sports talk radio but those times they are talking about something other than football I'm flipping most of the time and most of the time it ends up on Hair Nation more than the Boneyard.

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Hair Nation. I usually party with guys that know and like the "big hits" from back in the day so they put up with that. Boneyard gets a little too heavy more often than I like.


We just signed up for Direct TV again so I'm looking forward to having back my XM channels on tv and not the crappy Music Choice that our current cable company offers.

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Boneyard has more variety, yet the they tend to play alot of heavier or newer things I don't really care for. Hair Nation is like a top 40 of 80's hair stuff, boring at times, yet my wife won't make me change the channel.


I have them both 1-2, on my personal playlist, so they get an even rotation when I'm alone in the car, which doesn't happen all that often.


Here is my personal opinion on both stations:


I would say if you like GNR, LA Guns, Poison, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Warrant, White Lion and Bon Jovi, than Hair Nation would be your best bet.


If you like Judas Priest, Metallica, GNR (again), AC/DC, Queensryche, Dream Theater than the Boneyard would be the better pick for you.


Both are nowhere near perfect. They rarely or never play any Shotgun Messiah, Lillian Axe, Blue Tears, Baton Rouge,Harem Scarem, anything other than the "hit" from Saigon Kick and Danger Danger. Also neither play anything that is new and melodic. The Boneyard will play some new stuff from older bands or heavier bands, but nothing that would be released on Frontiers or any label that we commonly see on melodicrock.com or NEH (maybe with the exception of Winger - IV, which sucked anyways).


I voted for Hair Nation because they are more wife friendly, so it probably gets more play in general.

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Just let my subscription expire...same reason as Blue Charvel. They offered me a lifetime subscription for $400. I want to hear some variety, some obscure bands/tunes. So after many years, I'm done. Who knows how long they will be around anyway. Direct TV just had to pump a bunch of money into them just to keep them afloat, is what I was told.

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I never bother with Boneyard. If I'm not listening to Hair Nation, then I'm usually over on Octane checking out the modern hard rock stuff. Once those two channels start to bore me, I switch over to Hard Attack, but I'm pretty fussy about my heavy/thrash metal, so typically it's not too long before some band I can't stand comes on, by which point I'm ready to switch back to Hair Nation and start the cycle all over again.

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If everyone pisses off out of the office and leaves me alone I've been listening to this radioIO. Sometimes it's like listening to my own Ipod. Great stuff. Never heard any others to be honest, but I'd never see the need to try. :)

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RadioIO is great. I head down into the basement at work and hook my laptop up to some speakers and crank the RadioIO hairbands. Sometimes a co-worker gets down there before me and puts on RadioIO Guitar Heroes.


Either way it is better than listening to the local rock station play Nickelback followed by Metallica, Puddle of Mudd, Ozzy, Metallica, System of a Down, Metallica, Nickelback, oh and Metallica. I mean c'mon.

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