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Ac/Dc - Black Ice

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Okay.... most of us have heard the new disc! So now, what track stands above all else on this sensational comeback release? I'm glad they took an eight year hiatus because they came up with one kickass collection of tunes here!!


My favorite has to be.... damn.... this isn't that easy. Must listen to again to make the right call!! :banger:

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Money Made. I love almost everything on here but that track keeps getting the "repeat" treatment. And, I'd love to see some smoking hot chick at a ~ahem~ gentleman's club dance to that track. :banger:

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This is my Fave track so far..but


Decent album, but nothing has stood out to me thus far. I will have to listen again.

I gotta agree with you, besides War Machine, nothin is really standing out

for me either.. :unsure:

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"Money Made" still has my vote by a mile. A bar we were at on Friday night had the entire album available on the juke so we threw that song on. :banger:

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"Money Made" still has my vote...

I'll second that.


My thoughts on the album as a whole, having now lived with it for a few months, is that it's remarkably consistent without delivering any true knock-out-oh-my-god-that-is-awesome songs. But sometimes start-to-finish consistency is better than having 2 or 3 killer tunes surrounded by a bunch of filler.

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