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  1. Still curious if they ever listed a cause of death. Most likely heart attack, but I would not rule out suicide or drug overdose.
  2. http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=34334&p=728769 Thanks, Stefan!
  3. Is there a thread around here that tells what happened to Lonnie? Wasn't he the Hurricane CDs scammer?
  4. I have not been here much at all. What happened to Lonnie?
  5. I think we have that part covered by now Hey, I heard this guy is notorious for shill bidding. Is that true? I think there's a thread about that somewhere around here...... I'll find it... Please post the link...
  6. He's not too busy at GEMM right now. 15 items listed. 1 out of 1 items ordered in last 180 days was not available. 0 items shipped in past 180 days.
  7. I think we have that part covered by now Hey, I heard this guy is notorious for shill bidding. Is that true? I think there's a thread about that somewhere around here......
  8. This album is so bad that it warrants my first post in eons. I have nothing else to say. The album is horrible and worthless. I have not been able to muster the courage to give it a second listen.
  9. Good song. Interested in how the rest of the album sounds......
  10. Was def a good album but for me their masterpiece was Blow My Fuse. Love it! No Mullet, that was an absolutely fucking awesome album, my problem with it, and I noticed this even when it was released (and I was only in 5th grade) do you notice the fact it sounds like they decided "fuck it" we will just skip the mastering process all together and release it as is? yeah maybe if they took some time, threw the masters in and mastered the fuck out of it, it would give it a whole new dynamic, because on top of that, it really wasn't recorded that well to begin with, the complete opposite is the case with Hot Wire, where you put it on and the songs just pour into you, you hear everything, from the instruments, to Steves awesome rasp, thats my deciding factor in all of this, and almost everything I listen to, probably not the case with very many of you, as far as songs go, individually, I dont believe Kix can hold a comparison to Ratt, IMO not many bands in history can, but thats just what I think. The production was thin but not bad, like a lot of things released in 1988. Hot Wire def has great production but it's far from filler free. don't know that I have ever heard such a fine album (from mid 80's on) that had such poor production as blow my fuse
  11. Was def a good album but for me their masterpiece was Blow My Fuse. Love it! Interesting.. My favorite KIX release is Midnight Dynamite by far. Not sure if I ever mentioned this before... I suppose it may not have ever been publicly know... But Steve Whiteman was DeMartinni's first choice to replace Pearcy after his departure. Cool! Did not know that! While I probably like Out of the Cellar better than any Kix album, there are about 4-5 Kix albums that I absolutely LOVE, almost from start to finish.
  12. HighNDryRulz


    Where's the LIKE button? lol
  13. Are you gonna tell us about it? No. I am HOPING something new is in the works and that someone has heard something. They have been back together for about a year and I have not heard anything. So I ask again, has anyone heard anything about new music coming out of Barren Cross?
  14. Well, there's the one at the bottom of the page. And I found this one: http://www.hmmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/The-GX-Project_Tricky-Little-Devil-Final.mp3 Thanks for the sample! Unfortunately, this one didn't do much for me. Sure would like to hear some more, though!
  15. anyone hear any update on the possible new album?
  16. I meant from a buyers perspective. Don't most sellers list fairly high on that site? yep, prices are generally high. but there's a lot of stuff on there that you don't see very much anywhere else.
  17. GEMM is ridiculously FAIR. They take a 13% flat rate cut of your sales. You set your own shipping rates. Problem is, they don't have near the exposure as Amazon. So I get a sale here and there, but not near the volume you can get on Amazon. On GEMM I mainly list the CDs that Amazon does not have a listing for.
  18. Thanks for the response. I am curious as to what he did. Any way to fix or repair the damage? Thanks also for the eBay warning. I stopped selling on there a little while back, and have had no desire to return. Amazon and GEMM work just fine for me.
  19. Is there any way to engage in discourse with him, and ask him about his bad reputation? You know, try to get him to admit to ripping people off? ("I think someone has warned me about you before.") Then if he denies it, ask "What about me?????" Don't know how practical or legally wise that would be, but it might prove interesting (if you have the time and patience to lead him on....) You have a unique opportunity, but you also have to protect yourself legally. After all, you have posted this in a public forum. May God grant you wisdom as you process this mentally.
  20. Don't really have any advice to give that has not already been given. I am definitely watching this thread, though.... Some interesting stuff going on here!
  21. Michael D.R.I.V.E. http://www.michaeldrive.com/
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