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Favorite "G" Band

"G" Bands  

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Hmmmm ..., Gotthard just edges Giant for me. But very close.

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GNR followed by Great White and Gemini 5


Ah, Appetite For Destruction, I can say so many things about it and how it shaped what would become my favorite type of music...sleazy attitude driven rock, sex/drugs/drinking/violence driven lyrics, the videos on MTV, the articles in the mags. Yet they could transition to relationship song with ease. I had to buy 2 cassettes of this one, I wore the writing write off the first one and eventually it broke. Everyone I knew was playing this one, no matter if they were country music, pop rock music first or not. I was 14/15 years old and in awe at the amount of fans packed in the stadium in their video (Parasite City vid I think...the black n white clip). So many things that come to mind. I drew a sketch of the GnR logo with the guns and the roses for an art project. Maybe if I grew up in different time it would be a different band, different release.


Also, I really liked both Use Your Illusions I and II. Didn't care for Chinese Democracy at all.

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Great White for me. None of their albums is as good as 'Appetite...', but there's nothing else I like by G'n'R, and Great White consistently put out a number of good records. (There's still one track of theirs I need, 'Is Anybody There', an incredible ballad, but 'Shot In The Dark' is so bloody expensive...)

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