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Talk about great service, NEH rocks!

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About the Russian Imports. I also ordered from a seller in the UK on ebay and the cds showed up from Russia.


The same's happened to me quite a few times, & the UK is getting bad. If the seller doesn't state the label the CD is on I will ALWAYS ask now, been burnt too many times. Not that I'm bothered if it's a CD that isn't worth much, or that I won't re-sell, but it's annoying & certainly devalues it if you do re-sell & are honest. IMO it's worth a comment back to the seller if they havent stated it, rather than neutral/neg feedback.



If you want to avoid Russian version cds then here are 2 sellers than sell only Russian versions:


Nitro Music

Selling on Adrenaline


I'm sure there are more but these are two that I've dealt with.....


There's a seller called "Dark Place" or something too, despite being based in the UK all the stuff comes from Finland (the country where the sun never rises - I should've f***ing known with a name like Dark Place.)

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The first hint that you are buying a Russian CD is the fact that the shipping costs more if not double the price of the CD you are getting. If you see 4.99$ Buy It Now for the CD and 9$+ for shipping, something smells fishy.


In fact the you are paying 14$ for the Russian import cd + shipping and if the cost is 13$ plus 3$ shipping at NEH, you are saving a whopping 2$. I'd rather get the NEH version any day.



I agree, you are better off dealing directly with a site like Nuclearhell.com than to deal with these sellers if you are interested in these Russian imports....


Agreed. However, NuclearHell actually IS both Nitro Music and Selling on Adrenaline, I believe.


Personally, I do not mind the Russian/Baltic copies, as long as I know what I am getting.


As for NEH? I have had a few business dealings with them. FIRST CLASS all the way! :dance:

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When I had money I used to buy from NEH and AOR Heaven all the time. Both are flawless.


I wish Maple Records would take a few lessons from these guys. :(

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