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Harem Scarem's debut

favorite song on Harem Scarem's debut  

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Here we go!! Poll time!! Since I've been so hooked on Harem Scarem lately, I spun their whole catalog today. Just wondering what song is your favorite on their debut?


My pick is "Hard To Love". What a kickass lead-off track. Followed closely by "With A Little Love" and "Slowly Slipping Away". What a fabulous debut!!

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I went for 'Honestly' too. One of the most heartfelt songs I've ever heard. Beautiful.


Man I love 'Distant memory' too. Killer outro included. Then I'd have to go 'Hard to love' and 'With a little love'. The first 4 are just stunning... but the whole disc is magnificent.

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"Slowly Slipping Away" for me. Love those huge harmonies. I actually thought "Something To Say" was the better of the 2 ballads here, unlike everyone else. But I honestly love every single track on here. A perfect 10/10 if ever there was one.

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The perfect album. One of my all time favourites. Every track on this thing is fantastic. I wish they would remaster this one, because the sound quality compared to all the other HS releases, even Mood Swing which came out only 2 years after, is a notch lower.

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Pretty much a pitch-perfect melodic rock album. For the purposes of this poll, I picked "With a Little Love," but I probably could have randomly selected any song and at some point in time it was my favorite. One of the few CDs I own that gets played at least once a week, sometimes more. As I noted in the "Mood Swings" poll, I think "Mood Swings" has some better songs, but in terms of overall quality (i.e., no fillers), the debut takes the cake. A melodic rock masterpiece if ever there was one.

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This is a great debut album!

My favorite song off of that album is "Hard To Love"! My other favorites are "Slowly Slipping Away" & "Love Reaction"!

Harem Scarem ROCKS!

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