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  1. I wanna Rock-Twisted Sister!
  2. Holy Driver is there best album!!
  3. Billys Got a Gun-Def Leppard
  4. I went with Blizzard of Oz Bark at the moon No more tears!!
  5. This is really hard!! Both are great!! I am going with Brett Micheals!!
  6. Blondes in Black Cars-Autograph
  7. I know there are many great guitarist out there!! Here are three that I think are the best!! Yngwie Malmsteen Goerge Lynch Vinnie Vincent!! Who do you think is the best!! I am going with Yngwie Malmsteen!!
  8. This is hard but I am going with their first album!! It is an awesome album!!
  9. I am going with Poison open up and say ah!!
  10. You really got me-Van Halen
  11. For me right now it has been Tesla"Hang Tough"!!
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