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The PS3 Race is ON!


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Well I went out and stood in line again for the Wii and got it. Beleive it or not it was worse this time here over the PS3. I keep hearing the words Gouging, ect on Ebay. Remember Its the buyers pushing this things up so high. Ya the sellers are listing them high but they arent pushing the buttons for the buyers. That would be like saying we have no contrl over ourselves. Personally I wish they hadnt went so high as I would have kept mine. For 3 times what I paid I had to sell. The wii however Im keeping. I ended up with 3 of these. Even though they are selling for 2 times the purchase price I havent listed any. I think all these horror stories seemed to be focused mostly on bigger citys? as we had no problems when it came to violence here. Mostly people irriated from being in the cold so long. Hell i was enjoying it as Im a avid deer hunter and cold doesnt effect me much. I was on high alert though. I do agree the PS3 are propably already having there problems but damn the graphics are unbelievable. Hell my complaint is with the companys releasing these. Damn have stock built up before you release them. Shit its no secret that there are a trillion gamers out there.

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Good Lord...!

I hear that Nintendo's "Wii" launch went a lot smoother than the PS3's... no supply problems and there weren't any riots/beatings/stampedes that I'm aware of (yet).


Y'all have no idea how thankful I am that my son is still a little too young to even know what a Playstation is, much less want one of these systems yet...but I'm sure that in another three or for four years (probably just in time for the release of Playstation 4!) I'll be lined up outside a Wal-Mart with a few hundred other doofuses who don't want their kids to hate them at Christmas ;)

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