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Your favorite "cheap" CDs!


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I know for a lot of folks here at HH, hunting down rare/obscure CDs is a passion(one that I'm getting into slowly as the wallet permits :lol: ),but what about the other end of the spectrum? What are your absolute favorite CDs that you've picked up at eBay, Half.com,Amazon, etc... for around $5 or less.

Those little gems that were overlooked for whatever reason, but provide some serious bang for the buck music wise?


Here are some of my favorite "El Cheap-os"


Radio Active Cats - S/T

Katmandu - S/T

Disturbance - We Come Out At Night

Rockhead - S/T

Little Caesar - S/T

Jet Red - S/T

Victory - Culture Killed the Native

The Screaming Jets - All For One

Jesse Strange - S/T


What are some of everyone else's favorite cheap finds?



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Best cheapo CD I ever picked up was a brand new copy of Twisted Sister-Under the blade,years after it was deleted & long before the recent reissue.

It has a few extra tracks on it (from the rough cuts ep I believe) that didnt even make the reissue!

I paid £1.99 which I spose would be about $3

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Buckcherry - Time Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little Caesar - S/T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Moon Dog Mane


Babylon AD (got ALL FOUR for just $10........lol.....then a friend sent them all to me too........double bang for the buck??)


Sister Whiskey - Liquor & Poker


I know there's a gazillion more.....but I can't think right now!! :blink:

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S/T from TNT


All of the above for about 8 bucks

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Flies On Fire ~ Outside Looking In

I got this gem for only a buck!.......... Fuckin'-A-right!


Cinderella ~ Long Cold Winter

Bought this one used for about seven and a half bucks. Not a bad deal.

I didn't know cds were shipped all the way to Devils Island...Hmm... :lol:


And by the way...



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Just got the debut from TNT (sung in Norwegian) on CD for about 8 bucks...Hehe what a deal!

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Ooooooooooooooooooooo :blink:



I see that Scandinavia has pulled his head out of his mothers vagina long enough to attempt another shot at being funny.

It didn't work, so why don't you put your head between your mothers thighs, and ram it back up her putrid gash.




:jump: <----- Scandinavia can't wait to climb on top of his corpulent mother. HA!HA!HA!

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Hardline - Double Eclipse


Baton Rouge - Shake Your Soul $1.99 off ebay. The shipping cost more than the cd.


Wildside - Under the Influence $5.99 used cd shop. Best $5.99 I've ever spent!


Junkyard - Junkyard $1 brand new from CDNow.com before they were taken over by Amazon.com. They used to have $5 and $10 off coupons all the time for new customers. I must've created 15 accounts to use a ton of those coupons and built up my cd collection big time. :lol:


Roxx Gang - Things You've Never Done Before $7 used cd shop. The whole cd is great, but I would've paid that amount for the song "Ball N Chain" alone. I'm always surprised to find that no one comments on this song when talking about this cd.

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Would definitely include The Poorboys - Pardon Me as a favorite "cheap" disc now. Great bluesy hard rock in the vein of the Black Crowes,with a touch of twang! Picked it up for $1.99 offa eBay,and am VERY glad I did. Shame the Poorboys got lost amidst the grunge onslaught....good band.



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Would definitely include The Poorboys - Pardon Me as a favorite "cheap" disc now. Great bluesy hard rock in the vein of the Black Crowes,with a touch of twang! Picked it up for $1.99 offa eBay,and am VERY glad I did. Shame the Poorboys got lost amidst the grunge onslaught....good band.



Gotcha on this one ......lol........ I read your comments on it in the comments section and went searching for it............ got it for a penny.


Also found Nelson's "After The Rain" for a penny too................


Not bad!! Gotta love this internet thingy!!! :P

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Gotta say that what I love right now is that loads of CDs I found in bargain bins five years ago when they were viewed as worthless,are now worth reasonable money now that the whole 80s thing has risen again!

By the same token there are CDs I wish I'd picked up cheap when I had the chance.

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I also recently found the debut (green album) from TOUR DE FORCE for about 10 bucks...What a bargain!

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I do about 90% of my music buying at pawn shops where you can always get a good price. The only problem is you never know what condition the CD will be in.


Circus Of Power - S/T - Mint $3.00


Tommy Shaw - Girls With Guns Original A&M release - Mint $4.99


Pink Floyd - The Wall Mint $5.00


Southgang - Group Therapy scratched to hell but no skips $1.00


Every Mother's Nightmare - S/T - Mint $4.00


Pretty Boy Floyd - Leather Boyz Japan Import w/OBI - Mint $4.99


Beggars & Thieves - S/T - Mint $1.00


Iron Eagle Soundtrack - Mint $1.00


Y&T - Ten and Contagious both unopened $1.00 each


Vinnie Vincent Invasion - All Systems Go (before the reissue) - Mint $3.00


Unruly Child - S/T - Mint $1.00 (sold it and later bought another one for $4.00)


And the worst purchases I have made were done at Used CD stores where they sometimes like to rip you off


Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse scratched to hell and skipped on tracks 9 & 10 - I traded in Twisted Sister Come Out And Play (before the reissue) plus $25 (but I must say I've never seen another one since)


Sweet F.A. - Stick To Your Guns (I had never priced it before so didn't know I could pick it up on Ebay for around $5) VG $16.99 (this one still ticks me off) :hammer:

The same place also tried to sell me the Pretty Boy Floyd Leather Boyz Reissue for $30 (the guy must have smelled a sucker).

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I was surprised to find a copy of BulletBoys' Freakshow in the close-out bin for a buck. Decent CD at a great price! I also picked up Enuff Z'nuff's Animals With Human Intelligence for $2.50. Very underrated (even by me until a few repeated listenings!)

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"Animals With Human Intelligence" was the first cd I ever bought by Enuff Z'nuff. It had been sitting there for about 6 months when I picked it up due to there being nothing else worth getting at the time. It's actually pretty good, especially the first 3 songs.

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Guest Beelzebubba

Guardian - Miracle Mile $0.99

The Dogs D'Amour - ....Straight $1.99

Eyes - Eyes $2.99

Julliet - Julliet $1.99

Killer Dwarfs - Stand Tall $0.99

Lady Blush - Lady Blush $4.00

Lion - Trouble In Angel City $3.50

Lord Tracey - Deaf Gods of Babylon $3.00

Only Child - Only Child $4.00

DC Drive - DC Drive $0.01

Red Dawn - Never Say Surrender $1.50


Thes are the ones I got in the last 6 months as a deal. My favorite being Lady Blush the first band of Prog Gods Vanden Plas singer, awesome hard rock

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Yeah - thats a good one :D


How about


Neverland - st

21 Guns - salute

Disturbance - we come out at night

Poorboys - Pardon me

New american shame - st

Cry of love - both

Slam st Joan - saved by grace

Tipsy wit - songs and dreams


i could go on...


All great and cheapppppppp :)

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Gotta add Dirty Deeds - Real World & Danger of Infection to the list of good cheap CDs! Got both CDs offa eBay for less than $7,and these boys ROCK!

Melodic metal with influences ranging from Iron Maiden(who from what I gather kind of "mentored" the band)to Saxon; a real NWOBHM sound. I love this stuff! "Kill the Pain" is probably my favorite song so far, but they're all good. :banger:

These guys are now known as just "Deeds",and have a new website at:


Deeds Homepage


*Got Outlaw Blood for 99 cents + s/h ,and am awaiting its delivery! :headbanger:



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I'm living in Seattle now, but when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale I bought most of my CD's at a huge flea market called the Swap Shop. It took some patience to weed through the crap, but here's some of the best stuff I found - anywhere between $1 and $3 each:


Saints & Sinners - S/T

Kane Roberts - S/T

Steeler - S/T

Slash's Snakepit - Ain't Life Grand

House of Lords - Sahara

Bill Ward - Ward One: Along The Way

War Babies - S/T

Geffen "Power Surge" 2-CD Sampler from 1987 - Sammy Hagar, GNR, EZO, Y&T, Tesla, Whitesnake & Aerosmith (all from their '87 releases)


Flea markets are great for out-of-print CD's. They're dirt cheap and you never know what you'll find!

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    • White Lion's Big Game was a massive letdown after Pride but over the years it's grown on me. Cinderella's Heartbreak Station was always way too bluesy and too far removed from the debut but again the quality of the songs sunk in after about 15 years. Spread Eagle's Open To The Public was a bit of a letdown compared to the debut but there's enough strong stuff on it once it gets under your skin to enjoy it. Whitesnake's Slip of the Tongue was another real letdown post 1987. Vai didn't do the songs any favours but again there's a pretty good collection of songs once I got over my disappointment. Anything by Harem Scarem after the debut. Still there best for me by a long shot but heaps of solid albums in the mix. Shotgun Messiahs 3rd industrial album. On first listen wtf but songs are fkn awesome. Same goes with  Wasp's KFD.
    • I've mentioned it before, but I wasn't in love with either Roxx Gang's 'Things you've never done before' or Vain's 'No Respect' when I first heard them. That was in the early stages, though. Vain's in one of my top 10 albums and I love the Roxx Gang one too, so things certainly changed.  Neither are exactly my favourite albums ever, but Cinderella's 'Heartbreak station' and Warrant's 'Ultraphobic' both took a long while for me to come around on. I actually returned the Cinderella CD when I bought that one, and only re-purchased it second hand many years later. Still don't love it, but dislike it less, lol.  To answer Karpetface's question, not to the degree of hatred, but back in the day when all I ever had were CDs and cassettes and once they were bought they were bought, I tended to give everything a lot more chances than I would today, where music consumption is the polar opposite. When I only had dozens, or up until it was a couple of hundred albums... the time to give something a chance again seemed to come around a lot more often than these days, when there's a million songs to choose from all the time. 
    • Now also the official video is out, recorded live in front of  large crowd in California.  This song seems to be a real grower. Was actually a bit disappointed after first 2 listens. But still played it few more times. And then it happened - when I was doing other things, without music, parts of song started playing in my head ;-).   
    • not quite is accordance with the thread, but I saw Vain support Skid Row back in the day and really didn't like them, then years later actually discovered that I liked the debut - it was after Enough Rope was released and I worked backwards. Also I returned the John Kilzer Memory in the Making cd, but came to love the album but still don't own the cd
    • I think I saw them at Cathouse in St.Kilda .  It got re issue 3 years ago with a different cover
    • Have you had a chance to give "Bangalore Choir - On Target" a sping yet?
    • They actually sound great together, despite your reservations towards Floor. 
    • Not at all what I thought a band called "Days of Wine" would sound like; I was expecting something much more laid back. This could be awesome, though.  There have been many days of wine in my life lately. ;}
    • Days Of Wine | Facebook   The self-titled “Days Of Wine” is the upcoming debut album from DAYS OF WINE, consisting of close friends from the Oslo / Norway rock music scene. After years of playing in their respective bands, it was time to join forces to make a high class melodic classic rock album. All are reputed musicians from the major Melodic Hard Rock scene; superb songwriter / keyboardist Leif Johansen (21 Guns, Phenomena), singer Leif Digernes (Westpoint), guitarist Tom Sennerud (Stoneflower), drummer Geir Digernes (Sons Of Angels) and guitarist Jon Johannessen (Stoneflower, Ronni Le Tekro’s Kingdom). Some friends also came by and contributed to some of the songs, i.e. brothers Gregg Bissonette (drums, David Lee Roth) and Matt Bissonette, (bass, David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani), Jon Pettersen (Ammunition), Lars Andrè Kvistum (Conception) keyboards, and Ronni Le Tekro (TNT) dropping some guitar. You can’t go wrong with “Days Of Wine”; this is classic, traditional melodic hard rock / classic rock from the Scandi factory. During Spring 2021, ten songs were recorded for the self-titled debut at Stable Studios, Oslo. The songs are based on the lyrics of Leif Johansen but musically grounded in the Classic Rock genre. Leading the charge is the melodic and “raspy” voice of singer Leif Digernes. To emphasize the classic rock vibe, all backing tracks were recorded “live” in the studio. With such astute and accomplished musicians, it couldn’t have been done in any other way. 01 – Seven Days In Love 02 – Devil`s Bill 03 – Spread Your Wings 04 – Healerman 05 – Like The Others (feat. Markus Klyve) 06 – Never Stop Believing 07 – Angels In Disguise (feat. Gregg & Matt Bissonette) 08 – My Last Kiss 09 – Paint The Sky 10 – Days Of Wine Leif Digernes: Vocals (Westpoint, Bronx, Stuntbandet) Leif Johansen, Bass, keyboards, Vocals (21 Guns, Phenomena, A-ha) Geir Digernes, Drums/Percussion, (Sons Of Angels, Stuntbandet) Tom Sennerud, Guitar, Vocals (Stoneflower, Diezel) Jon Johannessen, Guitar, (Stoneflower, Diezel, Ronni Le Tekro’s Kingdom)
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