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  1. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the person that recently was selling the original E.L.I. - Push It Hard CD for $1,500 on eBay? I'm trying to get in contact with him as I'm ready to make him an offer he can't refuse! lol Any information would be greatly appreciated Kind regards David
  2. Hello David!I have sent to you several message!Did you received?Please send me a message to this email: sopetya@t-online.hu Thanks,Peter

  3. Hello David! Still you have Rock Boulevard-s/t 1990 original silver pressed cd?Please send me a message to this email address: sopetya@t-online.hu Regards,Peter

  4. My Top 10 Songs are - 01 - Lynch Mob - When Darkness Calls 02 - Skid Row - In A Darkned Room 03 - Smashed Gladys - Eye Of The Storm 04 - Dirty White Boy - Badlands 05 - Ugly Kid Joe - Milkman's Son 06 - Southgang - Water Under The Bridge 07 - Danger Danger - Beat The Bullet 08 - Kix - Bump The La La 09 - Wig Wam - Dare Devil Heat 10 - Wrecking Crew - Haunted Something like that. Kind regards Dave
  5. Animal, Have you won the lottery of late or something?? All those awesome disc's plus that Sudden Impact one. Dave
  6. Blue Tears - Mad, Bad & Dangerous - Best hard rock album ever Schoolboy Crush - Good Time, Bad Boys (Just got it back from being remastered) Roxxi - 2 (New Demos) - Sounding awesome, bound to blow away fans of the debut Chalet - (Demos) - I just can't get enough of "Can't Knock The Lady" Dirty Blonde - Sin City Shakedown King Of The Hill - 3 - Finally got it and it blows away everything they've done Swingin' Things - Keep On Swingin' - One of the best Glam cd's never to be released Blue Tears (New Demos) - What can I say about this band that I already haven't Rock Candy - 8 Ladies
  7. He has done me for 26 cd's. Over $1000 worth!
  8. Hey guys, isnt ROCKU4EVER@HOTMAIL.COM - Purrfect Kat?? Cause she's alright isnt she???
  9. Jaybird, I'll give you some feedback on that seller as soon as I receive my cds from him.
  10. Could someone please tell me who this seller is cause I've just spent alot of money (I'm talkin' over a grand) on some rare disc??? And I'm starting to shit bricks!!
  11. The best cheap album of all time IMHO would have to be Outlaw Blood - S/T. Such an under-rated band!!
  12. JLPRocks, could you please tell me if that "If You Only Knew" release by Shotgun Wedding was before or after "Break Your Soul"? And how does it compare? I wasn't to keen on the "Break Your Soul" release.
  13. TIM, what are them WIKKED TEEZE demos like? Who do they sound like and what's the production like on them??
  14. Vocalist - Robert Mason Lead Guitarist - Hary Cody Rythem Guitarist - Nuno Bettencourt Bassist - Cordell Crockett Drummer - Shannon Larkin Enuff said.
  15. T-Bone, please do me a favor and go and listen to your Motel California again. I love Ugly Kid Joe and Motel was a great album!, Listen to songs like "It's a Lie", "Would You Like To Be There", "Dialogue", "Shine", "Undertow" and "12 Cents ". It's a great album. You can't expect another Menace To Sobriety, which in my opinon is the best hard rock album ever.
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