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  1. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the person that recently was selling the original E.L.I. - Push It Hard CD for $1,500 on eBay? I'm trying to get in contact with him as I'm ready to make him an offer he can't refuse! lol Any information would be greatly appreciated Kind regards David
  2. Hello David!I have sent to you several message!Did you received?Please send me a message to this email: sopetya@t-online.hu Thanks,Peter

  3. Hello David! Still you have Rock Boulevard-s/t 1990 original silver pressed cd?Please send me a message to this email address: sopetya@t-online.hu Regards,Peter

  4. Is this the band that released the EP "Fresh From Detox"? Dave
  5. Is this the band that released the EP "Fresh From Detox"? Dave
  6. David

    Santa Cruz

    All we need is this awesome band to hook up with Chris Laney!!~! Guitarist is phenomenal!
  7. Hi guys, I was speaking with Johnny Angel & the lead singer Jose Anes quite a few years back in order to try and officially released their material through Suncity Records. The band definitely think that the "Sucker For A Pretty Face" wasn't EVER released on CD! Having said that, the band were very vague about everything and I was dishing out the specific questions that we all wanna know. What I gathered was, the band weren't 100% sure if it was ever pressed on CD due to their record label back in the day not telling them much and/or paying them. Anyway, I was prepared to give t
  8. This Is My 100 Most Anticipated CD’s Of 2012 01.Crazy Lixx – Riot Avenue (Quite simply the best street sleaze band going around these days and the next record is just gonna be huge!!!) 02.Trixter – TBA (One of my favourite ever bands, and I have got the feeling they wont be trying anything too experimental, they will hopefully be sticking to the similar formula that brought us one of the best Melodic Hard Rock albums ever - “Hear!”). 03.H.E.A.T. – TBA (More newish kids on the block and another amazing band that this decade has produced. A band that you are guaranteed to get an
  9. Hello all, Time for my top 100 most anticipated albums of 2011. Something that I really enjoy doing and last year seemed to draw quite a bit of disscusion. 1. Trixter – TBA (One of my favourite ever bands and I have got the feeling they wont be trying anything too experimental, they will hopefully be sticking to the similar formula that brought us one of the best Melodic Hard Rock album ever released in “Hear!”). 2. Warrant – TBA (This could have easerly been number one as Robert Mason is my favourite vocalist EVER bar none! The reason Trixter just pip Warrant for most anticipa
  10. Just heard the new that lead singer Dani has left the band. These guys were the BEST thing in Melodic Hard Rock in 20 years. I would put them a touch above the better known bands - H.E.A.T., Crash Diet, Vains Of Jenna, etc... Their album they released last year "Babylon's Burning" produced by the great Chris Laney was my album of the year by a long way and I'm just very sad that this great band with unlimited potential will no longer be the same. The good news is the band have decided to move forward and are writing new tracks with a new singer from Stockholm that is yet to be nam
  11. 3 Killer bands Suicide!! Who would have ever thought that in this day and age, music could be so cool? Kind regards Dave
  12. Hi guys, Thanks for the great feedback so far on our latest 4 CD's! They are all now available to purchase from the website - www.suncityrecords.com All CD's will be shipped out the same day. Just a note that we are desperately low in stock with the Johnny Crash - Unfinished Business CD, so if you haven't got around to picking up this classic yet, you better get it soon... Suicide has once again done a fantastic job with the artwork. I do listen to all the negitive feedback people spit, but you just can't please everyone. I think the artwork Suicide has done for us is as good a
  13. Wrecking Crew's song Haunted is one of my top 20 songs of all-time and I'm definately not bias toward Australian bands. I own about 10,000 CD's, that's a lot of songs!! Kind regards Dave Suncity Records
  14. My Top 10 Songs are - 01 - Lynch Mob - When Darkness Calls 02 - Skid Row - In A Darkned Room 03 - Smashed Gladys - Eye Of The Storm 04 - Dirty White Boy - Badlands 05 - Ugly Kid Joe - Milkman's Son 06 - Southgang - Water Under The Bridge 07 - Danger Danger - Beat The Bullet 08 - Kix - Bump The La La 09 - Wig Wam - Dare Devil Heat 10 - Wrecking Crew - Haunted Something like that. Kind regards Dave
  15. For me - 01. Crazy Lixx 02. Crashdiet 03. H.E.A.T 04. Babylon Bombs 05. Reckless Love 06. Vains Of Jenna Kind regards Dave
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