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  1. Here's a standard I made for you, brotha!
  2. Usually with Anglophones (mostly Americans) every band which doesn't use English language.
  3. Broke the rule of not listening to new singles but, Sweet mother of Jesus, this is real pounding heavy metal with an aging bouquet of leather, tobacco and the occasional cinnamon aroma.... My back's still aching since their latest Greek gig... Order at: https://www.metalblade.com/armoredsaint "End of the Attention Span" from the "Punching the Sky" album. Bassist Joey Vera comments: "We've teamed up with video director Robert Graves for our first single, 'End of the Attention Span'. Robert got the lyrical content right away and together we delved into socie
  4. Maybe the explosion reminded him the case of Timothy McVeigh. Btw, I felt the explosion and the sound wave of it (living 120-150 miles NW from Beirut). Initially I thought it was some military exercise from the Turkish Army in the north. A similar explosion happened here in 2011 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evangelos_Florakis_Naval_Base_explosion) and as usual the true perpetrators escape the justice.
  5. Still remember arguing with Glen on the name of the band Nitrate... Sadly I won the argument
  6. One of the first band logos I ever tattooed in my arm . It took me years to convince the guitarist (where art thou, buddy, missing ya dearly) to send me his killer leather jacket (which I sent back the day I became vegan). A prime example of why I stopped listening to new releases, focusing only on releases of the past (especially 80's and 90's that I missed back then for whatever the reason, obviously Icon doesn't belong to that category, it just wipes the floor with new stuff). Curious to find where it will land when I manage to finish my ratings of that year ( I won't be sur
  7. I'm dearly missing my Houston Oilers...
  8. Goodness me, the man is back with a bang!
  9. 183 days till Xmas and still Harem Scarem is my all time favorite lp!
  10. Racist "Joke" from the most powerful man of the world ( not from the local barstool warrior), coming straight from a conservative's handbook, thriving on populism and Goebbels' maxims . Blaming others for his inability to act EARLY on the virus pandemic. Something you would expect from puppet politicians from 3rd world countries/banana republics/mob states/you name it , not from the president of the most powerful nation of the world (meanwhile, Putin is having a party on behalf of this POTUS).
  11. Mighty rocker, mighty production (love every song on this). Now need to find (I hate that crappy label) out if any other physical formats of this will be released.
  12. Would you hold the same opinion if the suspect of a murder was a dearest member of your family?
  13. The 1st recorded attack on global warning was in 1989, during the year when the Berlin Wall fall , Warsaw Pact had fallen apart, Soviet Union was disintegrating and the end of the cold war was in sight (still hair/glam metal was going strong, though, lol). And started not from the ones, I suppose, you were thinking of. Soon, all those war hawks/cold warriors would be left in the footnotes of the history. But no! They decided to fight on, finding the new enemy in environmentalists. Always that black or white mindset. Of course, the hilarious thing was that they initially didn't
  14. Just pre-ordered the vinyl (yeah, hate to dive in unmapped worlds, but usually their vinyls go for big bucks). Let's see if they 're a serious match for the latest monster from Katatonia.
  15. Man, China is pure capitalism with Asian values,lol. And their best collective political representative is the Communist Party! And don't forget all the American assets they own. Btw, even the biggest oil refinery in USA is of Saudi interests ( Felt sad for Trump begging the usual State monopolies to cut oil production for his fracking buddies ). Still, of course, I'm a huge proponent of the Western block, love American civil Democracy, Marshall plan/you name it!, although with the puppet they have in US, Putin is having a party in EU, especially now with the biggest US's Trojan horse (
  16. Can't/Won't describe... EMERGENCY (With Michael Bolton singing lead vocals) https://shyengland.bandcamp.com/track/emergency-with-michael-bolton-singing-lead-vocals?fbclid=IwAR1xfrpbVBq_0yFxdIgEoUpdtHgOBVgkAfgD2TL0bZ9lp5PFUo0PEExmo58
  17. My 1st digital purchase! And what a monster !
  18. In the ashes of the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn Your restless soul keeps running freeeeeeeeeeeeee, It's like asking the wind to belong to meeeeeeeeeeee You won't let me gooooooooooooo, but you'd better knoooooooow
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