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  1. New album out September 25th through AOR Heaven. More info to come.
  2. New album out September 25th through AOR Heaven. More info to come.
  3. Press release: STORMBURST from Dalarna, Sweden, were formed in July 2014 and the original intention was just to make high quality music, have fun and do what you believe in without any musical compromises. No more covers, just self-composed songs. Bass player Kent Jansson (Six Feet Under, Keen Hue, Steam) and guitarist Thomas Hansson (Steam, Coastline) started with singer Lars-Åke "Plåtis" Nilsson (Keen Hue). To get the special sound they were looking for, keyboardist Peter Östling (Six Feet Under) was sent a demo and he really believed in the idea and joined immediately. In late 2019 original drummer Peter Ytterberg quit and was soon replaced by Pelle Hindén (Eternal Of Sweden). Stormburst is all about uncompromisingly doing what you believe in even if you have a headwind. When the wind blows hard in life sometimes, the love of music is in all conditions strong and sustainable. Stormburst has the ability to reflect it with music and lyrics and the style can best be described as a combination of traditional Melodic Hard Rock & AOR. In late May 2017 the debut album "Raised On Rock" was released by AOR Heaven and now it's time for the follow up "Highway To Heaven", which was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Bakery, Äppelbo by Jonas Tornemalm and at Lars-Åke's home studio in Vansbro in early 2020. STORMBURST ARE: Bass: Kent Jansson Guitar: Thomas Hansson Song: Lars-Åke Nilsson Keyboard: Peter Östling Drums: Pelle Hindén Track list: 1. Highway to heaven 2. Rock N Roll Soldier 3. Tonight 4. Goin Home 5. Closer To Heaven 6. Miles Away 7. Who do you think you are 8. Confidence 9. Run for the light 10. Take me to the sky 11. Lost in the night 12. Riding on the wind 13. One dream
  4. New album 'Church Of A Restless Soul' out August 28 through AOR Heaven. 1. Church Of A Restless Soul 2. Living On The Run 3. In & Out Of Love 4. The Mighty Fall 5. Electric 6. I Believe In Angels 7. Killing Me To Love You 8. Never Wanted Love 9. One Good Reason 10. Sacrifice 11. Shattered Dreams 12. Evil Woman 13. Heaven Is Falling
  5. New album out in March/April on AOR Heaven.
  6. Album out August 28 through AOR Heaven. From FB: Have you ever heard of Pudasjärvi? I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t! Anyways, that’s the name of the small town with population of 10000 people, where it all started from years ago… Tapani Tikkanen was born there and it was hardly a place where bands came from in Finland at that time. But when Tapani was about ten years old, he got into music – Elvis, Rolling Stones won his heart. One thing lead to another and after a while they had a high-school band playing at the local parties and so on. In 1982, the first own album “Anyway You Want It” with the band IC-Rock became reality. They also released the album “Hard Beat” and the single “Young Girl’s Eyes” in 1984. After IC had broken-up, Tapani launched the group TANNA. The idea behind the name is simple: this has been Tapani’s nickname since he was a kid. Their first album “Unelmien Viidakossa” (1985) was an instant success. Many people said that the album sold clearly gold, but under very shady circumstances the record company went bankrupt and no-one ever really got to know the real sales. The big “Coca-cola Tour” followed and lasted months. TANNA played in every town with a big show, bombs, great lights, dancing girls and everything. They even had their own fan club and magazine called “Tanna-Life.” The second album “Tanna Live” was recorded in Helsinki from the last show of the tour. The third album “Onnensoturi” (1987) was also a success and many tours followed. TANNA in total have done more than 700 gigs. After breaking up 1989, Tapani formed Rainbow-discoteam. This was a big disco show where he was the DJ. At the same time he wrote new music for different projects, for example a single called “Everyone’s A Winner”, which is still played at many sport events for the winning team. He also wrote four albums of football music for F.C. Rainbow just for fun! At that time Tapani moved to Oulu. 1993 brought TANNA back with their new album “Eedenistä Itään” with a different line-up and was more or less a project and which lasted only about two years. In 2004 the time was right for…PRAYER. PRAYER made three albums (“Wrong Address” (2005) , “Danger In The Dark” 2012) and the single “Silent Soldiers” a couple of years ago. And now, Tapani is back with the new band, new sound, new album, new line-up, new TANNA, from Oulu, Finland! The recordings began 2019 at Soundmix Studio, Oulu by Mika Pohjola, who also plays the keyboards on the album. The producing and mixing took place there as well by Tapani and Mika. The album was mastered at Chartmakers, Helsinki by Svante Forsbacka. The cover art was designed by Tamara Picardo. 1. Storm In Paradise 2. Silhouettes 3. Run Like Hell Tonight 4. Like Kim Kardashian 5. Hispaniola (Treasure Island) 6. This Town Ain ́t Big Enough 7. Mysterious Fire 8. On The Backstreets 9. Sharks In The Water 10. Lonely Day 11. Old And Grey 12. The Last Mile 13. Nights On The Road
  7. Press release from AOR Heaven: Tommi 'Tuple' Salmela, born June 3rd, 1969 in Kuopio, Finland, is a Heavy Metal singer and known from bands such as TAROT, LAZY BONEZ and RASKASTA JOULUA (Ragnarok Juletide). His debut solo album “Wooden Box“, an AOR/Hard Rock concept album, telling stories of his life, will be released on June 26, 2020. Tuple came into the limelight after joining Finnish pioneer metal band TAROT. In May 2006, the band reached the number one slot on the Finnish charts for the first time in the history of the band with the single ‘You’. He also participated in the Finnish version of the “Clash of the Choirs“ reality TV show in 2010 with Marco Hietala, the ringleader of TAROT and better known, nowadays, for being in NIGHTWISH. When they performed a version of the TAROT song "I Walk Forever“, this made an huge positive impact on he group's career. TAROT toured in Europe, South America, USA and Japan. They also played big festivals like Prog Power (USA) and Bloodstock (UK). Tuple’s music career is a long one, including singing background vocals for many Finnish bands like Amorphis, Twilightning, Cardiant and so on. He's also one of the singers of Raskasta Joulua, which is a Finnish band recording and performing traditional Christmas carols and hits in a Heavy Metal style. These days, Tuple is also the lead singer of LAZY BONEZ. He performed a duet with Bernie Shaw (URIAH HEEP) on the song 'Devils Dice' from the album 'Alive'. When Tuple turned 50, he came up with the idea to make a solo album, with his old friend and composer Riitis, about his life that has been sort of a roller-coaster ride. You could say that the 'Wooden Box' release is some kind of personal spiritual purification. Tuple’s influences come from bands like Journey, Kansas, FM, Uriah Heep, Boston, Chicago, Strangeways, Black Sabbath, Dio and lots of other AOR bands - the list goes on and on. His motto is 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. Track list: 1. Wooden Box, 2. Demon Alcohol, 3. Together, 4. Fucking Beautiful, 5. Kryptonite, 6. In These Attitudes, 7. Too Far Gone, 8. Miracle, 9. Get With The Program, 10. Rocking Chair, 11. Pretty Much Perfect __________________________________________________________________ Line-up: Tommi ‘Tuple’ Salmela – vocals Tom Rask – drums Riitis – guitars, keyboards & loops Pate Kivinen – Hammond organ Jykä Sirainen - bass www.facebook.com/Tupleofficial
  8. Press release from AOR Heaven: Christian Rosander is a 22-year-old musician and songwriter from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. He studied music for about 11 years, three of them in high school and two years in college. Since he was 14 years old, he’d been writing songs in the AOR/Melodic and Westcoast genre. His main influences include Toto, H.E.A.T, Queen, Chicago, Def Leppard among others and have been an important inspiration for his musical work. Rosander’s musical work includes artists and bands such as Michael Ruff, Paulo Mendonca, Frank Ådahl and X-Romance. On 26th June 2020, the guitar player will release his first solo album entitled “King Of Hearts”. It was written and produced by Christian Rosander between Autumn 2017 and early 2020. Peo Hedin took care of the mixing at Orange Monkey Studio. Christians says: ”The recording of this album is a journey that began back in the autumn of 2017 when I was still studying at college. My roots emerge from the Classic Rock/ Hard Rock & Metal genres but when it came to writing my own songs, I’ve always been drawn to the Westcoast/AOR/Melodic Rock genre. During my time at school, all I did was practicing, especially Jazz standards. Somewhere along the way, I started to put more jazzier chords and harmonies into my songs, and that’s how I discovered my sound. The first song I wrote for this album was ”Can’t Let Go,” The rest of the tracks came as the time passed by.” Track list: 1. Online, 2. She’s A Killer, 3. Don’t look Back, 4. Angelina, 5. Can’t Let Go, 6. Could This Be Love, 7. Price of Love, 8. Only For The Night, 9. Crossroads, 10. King of Hearts, 11. No Destination __________________________________________________________________ Line-up: Christian Rosander – all keyboards, guitars, vocals, drum & percussion programming P-O Sedin (Perfect Plan) – bass Anton Frengen – guest guitar solo on the track ”King Of Hearts” facebook.com/chrisrosanderofficial
  9. New album out April 24. From AOR Heaven: CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD is: Christian Ek – guitar, Martin Holsner – vocals, Robert Majd – bass, Vinnie Stromberg - drums Captain Black Beard made their live debut in Stockholm, Sweden on the 31st October 2009 and released their self-titled album in May 2011. Hailed by the press all over the world, so much it was called one of the "albums of the year” by legendary journalist Geoff Barton of Classic Rock Magazine. After shows in America and the UK, most of 2013 was spent working on the second album "Before Plastic" which was released in May 2014. The band also made a return to the UK playing the Hard Rock Hell Festival and opening for Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG). This album also got great reviews and featured a guest appearance by Bruce Kulick (KISS, Grand Funk Railroad). In February 2015, Captain Black Beard entered the studio with producer Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Bonafide). They also toured Scandinavia as support act to Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen), Robin Beck and House Of Lords. “It's A Mouthful" was released in March 2016 and the tour started with a comeback to the Hard Rock Hell Festival as well as - again - supporting Joe Lynn Turner. By the end of the year the group amicably parted ways with singer Sakaria Björklund. In 2017 a "new" Captain Black Beard entered the studio to record with producer Jona Tee (keyboardist in H.e.a.t) and in April 2018, "Struck By Lightning" was released to rave reviews. This line-up would however be short-lived and tour dates following the release featured the amazing Linnea Vikström (Therion) as temporary lead vocalist. In early 2019 the band brought in singer Martin Holsner for a co-headlining tour with Osukaru throughout Germany and started to work on a new album with producer Dave Malone (guitarist in H.e.a.t) which led to the band completely reinventing themselves in time for their 10th anniversary. Following a bombastic start of 2020 supporting Geoff Tate on tour, Captain Black Beard are proud to bring out their “Sonic Forces” this coming April. The album was recorded at Yardstreet Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. 1. Headlights 2. Lights & Shadows 3. Disco Volante 4. Tonight 5. Sonic Forces 6. Time To Deliver 7. Midnight Cruiser 8. Young Hearts 9. Gotham City 10. Emptiness
  10. New album out June 21 on AOR Heaven. Tracklisting: 1. You Are The One 2. Let Me Be The One 3. Best Of Me 4. Lift You Up 5. Hold On To Love 6. I Let You In 7. It's Time To Let Go 8. Mandy Come Home 9. I Don't Want To Wait Forever 10. It Hurts To Be In Love
  11. First song released from the forthcoming album (AOR Heaven).
  12. From facebook: The foundation of our band, started already in 1983. 30 years after band was dissolved, all the band members was re-united, due to an Inquiry of playing at a local arrangement. In August 2018, the band was re-formed, with some new additional members, and the songwriting process, started to proceed in a very good speed. New songs is produced oncontinuous basis, and only a single few old songs, was “allowed” to continue into our “new” band, which now is re-named to ARKADO Our joint and fundamental idea, which have been true all the years, is only to play and perform, our own written material and songs. We still live after this same milestone. Type of our music, is somewhere to be in AOR genre. Musicality with all out hooks & big backing vocals is a red line in our music. To express and generate specific feelings and mood. We do not represent the “roughest” part of AOR music,and would like to execute the right to try to keep some good width in our musically “bank”. Arkado: Philip Lindstrand (Find Me, Cruzh, Nitrate): vocals and solo guitar Mikael Skafar: drums Bernt Lundgren: bass Mikael Svensson: synth Martin Kirschner: comp guitar Mats Nilsson: lead guitar
  13. Release date Feb 21 through AOR Heaven. facebook 1. Touching You Every Day 2. I’ve Never Been Alone (With a Girl Like You Before) 3. All Because of You 4. Together as One Tonight 5. Vulnerable Man 6. Falling Through the Flames 7. Body and Mind 8. Lucky Girl 9. You See Smoke When I See Fire 11. Every Time I Look at You
  14. Great new song 'Like A Spinning Wheel' from their forthcoming second album. THE RAGGED SAINTS are ...Markku Kuikka (Vocals)Tomi Julkunen (Guitars)Toni Bite (Guitars)Miikki Kunttu (Drums)Jukka Hoffrén (Bass) www.facebook.com/theraggedsaints
  15. Release date Feb 21 through AOR Heaven. facebook 1.Play To Win 2.Love Gone Wild 3.Shadows Of Love 4.Damon's Rage 5.Electric Magic 6.Love Is The Answer 7.Tell Me Lili 8.Here Comes Trouble 9.Lonely Tonight 10.Flying Dutchman 11.Adrenaline 12.Wildest Dreams
  16. New album out in January next year through AOR Heaven. Members: Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn´s Dream, Secret Service) Robban Bäck (Eclipse, W.E.T) Jona Tee (H.E.A.T). www.facebook.com/mikael.erlandsson1
  17. Tracks: 1. Fly Away Honey 2. Blue Girls 3. Stay Around 4. Crossfire 5. Gimme Love 6. Take It Or Leave it 7. The Doctor´s Crying 8. We Don’t Need War 9. Wasted Time 10. Ogre King From AOR Heaven: ::: KEEN HUE return with a trip back to their “Heydays” on November 29th, 2019! ::: On a summer´s day 1978, bass player Lars-Åke loaded his amp and speaker onto his bicycle trailer, heading for the first meeting and rehearsal with guitarist Åke and drummer Anders. This was the start of KEEN HUE. At that time the band was exclusively playing covers from bands such as HURRIGANES and RAMONES. Three years later, the second guitarist Stefan and new drummer Peter joined the band. At this point they started to write their own music, influenced by acts like JUDAS PRIEST and BLACK SABBATH. As they were living in the same little village, the band was rehearsing almost everyday in the basement of Stefan’s parents´ house. When his mother started popping pills and his father’s hair turned white, they changed location. Next stop, Peter’s parents’ house. Still rehearsing and gigging local venues, in the autumn of 1982, KEEN HUE also recorded and released their first 2-track single (“Spread Your Wings Of Fire/One Of Two“). The boys paid for it themselves and 500 copies were made. Another three years later, 1985, English record label Ebony Records signed the band for an LP. After the release of that album (“Ogre King“), the band had a good response from all over Europe and several countries around the world. Shortly thereafter, the band recruited bass player Kent so that Lars-Åke could focus on his vocals. The following years they did some touring in Sweden and in 1989 the singer Lars-Åke left KEEN HUE. After finding another frontman the band kept on writing songs and then released a CD in 1993 (“Juicy Fruit Lucy“). In the years to come, members changed but Stefan and Kent were still in the band, playing a lot, now under the name KEEN HUE-UNDER COVER. Fast forward to 2018: Stefan came up with the idea to make new recordings of the old KEEN HUE-songs and contacted Lars-Åke, Åke, Kent and Peter. Everyone was onboard immediately recording the old songs with an updated sound. So here you are, 10 fresh songs written between 1981-1989. The HEYDAYS! Lars-Åke "Plåtis" Nilsson, Vocals Stefan Morén, Guitar Åke "Krumme" Nyström, Guitar Kent Jansson, Bass Peter "Zeke" Ytterberg, Drums Keen Hue's facebook
  18. Tracks: 1. Can’t Love A Memory 2. Bowl Me Over 3. Nothing Lasts Forever 4. Every Step Of The Way 5. Summer Nights 6. All My Love And Hopes For You 7. This Isn’t The End 8. Drive Just Drive 9. Roll The Dice 10. Keep The Faith 11. Unbroken From AOR Heaven: ::: CONEY HATCH frontman CARL DIXON releases new solo album “Unbroken” on November 29th, 2019! ::: Dixon’s solo debut ‘One’ (1993), appears to have been a pretty obvious move for a man of his standing (at least from the European perspective). Carl, born in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario had come to prominence in the early 80s as one of the frontmen for the critically acclaimed Canadian hard rock band Coney Hatch. However, having released three albums between 1982 and 1985, Dixon had become pretty disillusioned with his career at that point; tired of the many frustrations that being on a major label (who don’t appear to care) brings on a touring band trying to get noticed. Ironically, as has been shown time and again, North American bands often appear to be curiously shielded from any success they may be achieving abroad. In Coney Hatch’s case there was another market out there bursting to embrace them in Europe, if only they’d known about it. After focussing on songwriting for other artists for a while, eventually switching focus from North America, where Grunge was on the brink, to Europe, especially Germany, where Coney Hatch made a much bigger impact, Carl wouldn’t fully learn about it only until Coney Hatch’ performance at the 2014 edition of Firefest, England. ’One’ features fifteen songs, one of them (‘One Good Reason’) a co-write with Brett Walker, another one (‘Taste Of Love’) Aerosmith meets Def Leppard flavored. Dixon’s first wife Stella ended up adding backing vocals alongside e.g. Mark Santer (Santers) or Mike Shotton (Von Groove). It took a month of recording in four different studios especially focussing on how the guitars sound. The Canadian still is very proud of it and about the fact that people still remember the album. After being with The Guess Who and April Wine for a while and a horrible car crash in Australia in 2008, he’s back with Coney Hatch leading to the 2013 record ‘Four’ and has released a couple of solo records since. Additionally, he’s having a brand new solo effort by the name of ‘Unbroken’ coming out soon on with he collaborated with Frontline’s Robby Böbel. After the re-issue of the classic album “One” in October 2019, November sees the release of the first collaboration between Carl and Robert Boebel, a long-time stalwart on the German music scene with bands like Frontline and Phantom V, among many. The result is the new release, Carl Dixon UNBROKEN, a powerfully sung and performed album that reaches the heights of AOR Melodic Rock. Memorable hooks, strong melodies, great guitar playing and production, and drumming performed by Mark Santer (Santers) and newcomer Dylan Gowan (Vesperia, Cardinal Street). Carl Dixon's facebook
  19. Album #2 called 'A New Dawn' out later this year through AOR Heaven. More details to come...
  20. From FB: X-Romance is the new AOR project that’s an offspring to the 80´s band Romance, founded in 1988 by Anders LA Rönnblom and Thomas Widmark. Old songs has been re-recorded at Reflection Studio, Stockholm with a totally new fresh line-up. Stay tuned........... To be released May 24th through AOR Heaven. X-ROMANCE Andreas Novak (vocals) Anders La Ronnblom (bass) Thomas Widmark (keyboards) Fredrik Tjernfeld (guitar) Mikael Dahlin (guitar) Kenta Karlboom (drums) Tracks: 1. Lonely 2. Bad Connection 3. Over And Over 4. You And I 5. Total Madness 6. Straight Through Your Heart 7. Temporary Love 8. Pushing On 9. Somebody Out There 10. Departure This is the original when they were called Romance back in 1988.
  21. First song released from the upcoming album 'Better Than The Rest', out September 27th. Tracklist: 1. Why Does Over 2. Better Than The Rest 3. All That We Never Have 4. Testimony 5. Time Just This Time 6. My Yesterday 7. Tell Me You Love Me 8. Show Me Where The Light Is Going 9. Beyond The Atmosphere 10. I Don’t Want To Make You Love Me 11. You Know Just How You Feel
  22. Press release from AOR Heaven: ROCKETT LOVE was founded in 2015 by singer Daniel Samuelsson and guitarist Stefan Westerlund. Fueled by mutual interest in 80’s melodic rock, the two began recording original material in Daniel’s home studio. With only one song on iTunes and Spotify and absolutely no commercial back-up they received a lot of radio time and a fully packed venue when playing their debut gig. The song “Rocket Love” took off with a big viral spin when Beau Hill picked-up the track at his studio and produced it. A year of writing and recording went by and in 2017 ROCKETT LOVE finally released the full-length debut “Grab the Rocket” on AOR Heaven. In the following time, they set up their own studio and named it Meganoise, and the recordings began in early 2018. The duo needed to cut down the material from twenty something to 11 songs. When the recordings were finished, the Swedes sent the material to Erik Mårtensson (ECLIPSE, WET) to mix it. ROCKETT LOVE now returns with the brand new CD on AOR Heaven called “Greetings from Rocketland” on August 30th, 2019. The band's second album contains 11 new tracks including the highlights “King for one day”, “Back on my feet” and the power ballad “Take me home”. Stefan Westerlund comments: “This time the songs are for real, no compromises. Erik has done a fantastic job and we feel strongly about the album and what he did to the material. Now it’s up to the listeners to take it to their hearts. “Greetings From Rocketland” is a classic record full of great and melodic rock songs.” facebook
  23. From melodicrock.com: Born In Rigside, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Anderson's first Rock band was in 1978, singing mainly Rush & Deep Purple songs, and so his passion for 'Classic Rock' had begun. The next few years brought many hours of practise and to Paul Rodgers, David Coverdale & Ronnie James Dio for inspiration. He began writing songs and formed the Rock band 'Sahara' whilst spending any spare time attending a gazzillion gigs at the Legendary 'Glasgow Apollo' till it closed in 1985. Various incarnations of the band ensued including a name change to "The Hardline" until they were picked-up by 'Wet Wet Wet's manager Elliott Davis and offered a management contract on the strength of a demo tape. Showcasing his phenomenal voice, 5 years of recording demo's, touring, notable sell out gigs at Glasgow's King Tut's, London's 'Borderline Club' and a support to Wet Wet Wet in front of 30,000 people at Glasgow Green followed. The singer continued writing, performing and recording, appearing on Michael Barrymore's National Television shows ' My Kind of People' & 'Barrymore' in 1997/98 and went on to sing at concerts & festivals in Cyprus, Romania, Turkey and Holland. Living now in York, Anderson has continued writing and moved on to spend four years as lead vocalist with tribute band 'A Foreigners Journey' and toured extensively in the UK and Rhodes. Meeting new friends along the way, and his voice just got better and better so a decision was made to leave "A Foreigners Journey" and the next adventure started. His latest side project is a tribute to great American Melodic Rock with some great musicians and friends called "Legends of AOR". Their debut gig was in Spain in front of a crowd of Rhodes Rockers. The festival has now moved to Cyprus where ‘Legends of AOR’ have performed for the last 3 years. In 2015 Jimi finally realized his dream and released an album of original songs recorded at FML studios in Motherwell, Scotland with Producer/Engineer/Musicians Sandy Jones and Greame Duffin, and over the last 4 years has taken his music on the road up & down the UK. So the Jimi Anderson Group was born. The album titled ‘Longtime Comin’ was released in 2017. On August 30th, 2019 the follow-up release “I Belong” will hit the shelves – the first record on AOR Heaven. Like it’s predecessor ‘I Belong’ was recorded at FML with Sandy Jones at the helm. Jimi, Sandy & Greame performed most of the music. This time however ace guitarist ‘David Cuthbert’ features on quite a few of the tracks including ‘Wonderful Tokyo Nights’, ‘Fearless Warrior’ & ‘I’m A Believer’ to name a few, including the beautiful ballad title track, ‘I Belong’. Tracks: 1. Brave New World 2. Holdin’ on to the Night 3. If All I Need Is You 4. Until Then 5. Wonderful Tokyo Nights 6. Blinded By The Moonlight 7. Fearless Warrior (Speak With Fire) 8. I Belong 9. I’m A Believer 10. State Of Shock 11. I Wanna Go Round Again 12. Jamie’s Blues Soundclips: 'Brave New World' 'Wonderful Tokyo Nights' 'Holding On The Night'
  24. New solo album from Mikael Erlandsson out February 22nd through AOR Heaven. Mikael Erlandsson is back with his 6th solo album “Capricorn Six”. The Swedish singer is a true Aor/melodic rock legend that with his amazing voice which has been one of the best in this genre for more than 25 years. Erlandsson had success in Sweden already in 1990 when he was the frontman in the band N´Gang where he had several hits incl. a Swedish song in the Eurovision Song Contest. The breakthrough in the Rock scene happened in 1993 when he released his first solo album. The album topped that year’s best of melodic rock charts and had a impact all over the world – but especially in Japan. Later on, 4 more solo albums saw the light of day and Erlandsson guested as singer on albums with Phenomena, Radioactive, Salute, Love Under Cover amongst others. During the last fifteen years Mikael also led his own band “Last Autumns Dream” who released 15 albums and did some touring in Japan, Germany and England. Now, Mikael Erlandsson is back with a new album filled with songs in his classic style. Musicians on the album are Sayit Dölen (guitar), Pontus Engborg (drums) and Joel Starander (bass). The record was produced by Claes Andreasson and Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumns Dream, Heartbreak Radio) and mixed and mastered by Martin Kronlund (guest guitar themes on ”Eye of the hurricane” , ”Break another heart” & ”I just wanna love you”.
  25. Atlas sign record deal with AOR Heaven We are pleased to announce we have secured a deal with AOR Heaven for the release of our debut album 'In Pursuit of Memory' set for world wide physical release on the 28th of September. Read an excerpt from the AOR Heaven press release below: "The writing sessions for the debut album officially started in December 2017 and continued for 8 months. The band were given an opportunity in June to have a break from the album production when they were approached by UK Melodic Rock band Vega to open up for them and AOR Heaven rockers Midnite City in support of their latest album tour. Rob Evans of Powerplay Magazine had helped the band get in contact with Georg Siegl, the founder of AOR Heaven, and after discussions between the band and Siegl a contract was drawn up. The album name ‘In Pursuit of Memory’ reflects the nature and themes of the songs heard throughout the album. With a common theme throughout the album being self-reflection, healing and learning from mistakes one has made; with lyricists Thorley, Moss and Wells all penning at least one track centered on those themes. The album was recorded and engineered by keyboard player James Thorley at his studio ‘The Woodshed”. Thorley also took on the role of the producer as he did on the bands previous self released EP. Sam Millar of Bigfoot provided ‘guest vocals’ on the album as well; his vocal harmony contributions can be heard throughout most of the tracks and add a much desired AOR factor that the band often desire in their songs. Christoffer Borg (Taste, Art Nation) was chosen as the mixing and mastering engineer on ‘In Pursuit of Memory’. Borg’s credit’s, which include Anthrax, Evergrey & Kee Marcello gave the group confidence that he would be able to do the variety of songs they had written the justice it sonically deserved." Full press release: https://www.germusica.com/index.php/public-relations/1425-atlas-in-pursuit-of-memory Track listing: Samsara Bad Habit Breathe Me In Flesh and Blood As Time Goes By In The Frame Lock and Key Seasons Change Signal Of Hope Letting Go Supernova Live and Forget You can can preview samples of the first 3 tracks here: http://www.metalheaven.net/soundbytes/AORH00172_ATLAS/Atlas_Samsara_edit.mp3 http://www.metalheaven.net/soundbytes/AORH00172_ATLAS/Atlas_Bad_Habit_edit.mp3 http://www.metalheaven.net/soundbytes/AORH00172_ATLAS/Atlas_Breathe_Me_In_edit.mp3 Last years EP is still available to purchase from our merch store (as well as shirt bundles!) grab them while you can! https://atlasmusicuk.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/atlasprojectuk https://www.aorheaven.com
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