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  1. From FB: Thank you for all the ETA love! We are blown away by the initial reaction and we look forward to getting our music out to you ASAP! We have some limited edition merchandise on the way and will be having a giveaway along with it. Thanks again for the support!
  2. From FB: SIGNING ANNOUNCEMENT! Today we have signed a record deal with major German label AOR Heaven! An album is planned to be released in April 2021. Recording starts mid-November! First single will be released before end of 2020.
  3. From FB: Studio weekend, update #3! Another tasty solo from Adam to our upcoming album. This song is called "Borderline". What do you guys think?
  4. Press release: STORMBURST from Dalarna, Sweden, were formed in July 2014 and the original intention was just to make high quality music, have fun and do what you believe in without any musical compromises. No more covers, just self-composed songs. Bass player Kent Jansson (Six Feet Under, Keen Hue, Steam) and guitarist Thomas Hansson (Steam, Coastline) started with singer Lars-Åke "Plåtis" Nilsson (Keen Hue). To get the special sound they were looking for, keyboardist Peter Östling (Six Feet Under) was sent a demo and he really believed in the idea and joined immediately. In late 2019 ori
  5. New album 'Church Of A Restless Soul' out August 28 through AOR Heaven. 1. Church Of A Restless Soul 2. Living On The Run 3. In & Out Of Love 4. The Mighty Fall 5. Electric 6. I Believe In Angels 7. Killing Me To Love You 8. Never Wanted Love 9. One Good Reason 10. Sacrifice 11. Shattered Dreams 12. Evil Woman 13. Heaven Is Falling
  6. New album out September 25th through AOR Heaven. More info to come.
  7. New album out September 25th through AOR Heaven. More info to come.
  8. Album out August 28 through AOR Heaven. From FB: Have you ever heard of Pudasjärvi? I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t! Anyways, that’s the name of the small town with population of 10000 people, where it all started from years ago… Tapani Tikkanen was born there and it was hardly a place where bands came from in Finland at that time. But when Tapani was about ten years old, he got into music – Elvis, Rolling Stones won his heart. One thing lead to another and after a while they had a high-school band playing at the local parties and so on. In 1982, the first own album “An
  9. First song from the upcoming new album 'Love Won't Let You Go' feat. Robbie LeBlanc and Stefano Lionetti (Lionville) facebook
  11. New album out April 24. From AOR Heaven: CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD is: Christian Ek – guitar, Martin Holsner – vocals, Robert Majd – bass, Vinnie Stromberg - drums Captain Black Beard made their live debut in Stockholm, Sweden on the 31st October 2009 and released their self-titled album in May 2011. Hailed by the press all over the world, so much it was called one of the "albums of the year” by legendary journalist Geoff Barton of Classic Rock Magazine. After shows in America and the UK, most of 2013 was spent working on the second album "Before Plastic" which was released in May 201
  12. New album out in March/April on AOR Heaven.
  13. Press release from AOR Heaven: Tommi 'Tuple' Salmela, born June 3rd, 1969 in Kuopio, Finland, is a Heavy Metal singer and known from bands such as TAROT, LAZY BONEZ and RASKASTA JOULUA (Ragnarok Juletide). His debut solo album “Wooden Box“, an AOR/Hard Rock concept album, telling stories of his life, will be released on June 26, 2020. Tuple came into the limelight after joining Finnish pioneer metal band TAROT. In May 2006, the band reached the number one slot on the Finnish charts for the first time in the history of the band with the single ‘You’. He also participated in the Finnish
  14. Press release from AOR Heaven: Christian Rosander is a 22-year-old musician and songwriter from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. He studied music for about 11 years, three of them in high school and two years in college. Since he was 14 years old, he’d been writing songs in the AOR/Melodic and Westcoast genre. His main influences include Toto, H.E.A.T, Queen, Chicago, Def Leppard among others and have been an important inspiration for his musical work. Rosander’s musical work includes artists and bands such as Michael Ruff, Paulo Mendonca, Frank Ådahl and X-Romance. On 26th June 2020, the guitar p
  15. New album out June 21 on AOR Heaven. Tracklisting: 1. You Are The One 2. Let Me Be The One 3. Best Of Me 4. Lift You Up 5. Hold On To Love 6. I Let You In 7. It's Time To Let Go 8. Mandy Come Home 9. I Don't Want To Wait Forever 10. It Hurts To Be In Love
  16. First song released from the forthcoming album (AOR Heaven).
  17. From facebook: The foundation of our band, started already in 1983. 30 years after band was dissolved, all the band members was re-united, due to an Inquiry of playing at a local arrangement. In August 2018, the band was re-formed, with some new additional members, and the songwriting process, started to proceed in a very good speed. New songs is produced oncontinuous basis, and only a single few old songs, was “allowed” to continue into our “new” band, which now is re-named to ARKADO Our joint and fundamental idea, which have been true all the years, is only to play and perform, our own
  18. Release date Feb 21 through AOR Heaven. facebook 1. Touching You Every Day 2. I’ve Never Been Alone (With a Girl Like You Before) 3. All Because of You 4. Together as One Tonight 5. Vulnerable Man 6. Falling Through the Flames 7. Body and Mind 8. Lucky Girl 9. You See Smoke When I See Fire 11. Every Time I Look at You
  19. Great new song 'Like A Spinning Wheel' from their forthcoming second album. THE RAGGED SAINTS are ...Markku Kuikka (Vocals)Tomi Julkunen (Guitars)Toni Bite (Guitars)Miikki Kunttu (Drums)Jukka Hoffrén (Bass) www.facebook.com/theraggedsaints
  20. Release date Feb 21 through AOR Heaven. facebook 1.Play To Win 2.Love Gone Wild 3.Shadows Of Love 4.Damon's Rage 5.Electric Magic 6.Love Is The Answer 7.Tell Me Lili 8.Here Comes Trouble 9.Lonely Tonight 10.Flying Dutchman 11.Adrenaline 12.Wildest Dreams
  21. New album out in January next year through AOR Heaven. Members: Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn´s Dream, Secret Service) Robban Bäck (Eclipse, W.E.T) Jona Tee (H.E.A.T). www.facebook.com/mikael.erlandsson1
  22. Tracks: 1. Fly Away Honey 2. Blue Girls 3. Stay Around 4. Crossfire 5. Gimme Love 6. Take It Or Leave it 7. The Doctor´s Crying 8. We Don’t Need War 9. Wasted Time 10. Ogre King From AOR Heaven: ::: KEEN HUE return with a trip back to their “Heydays” on November 29th, 2019! ::: On a summer´s day 1978, bass player Lars-Åke loaded his amp and speaker onto his bicycle trailer, heading for the first meeting and rehearsal with guitarist Åke and drummer Anders. This was the start of KEEN HUE. At that time the band was exclu
  23. Tracks: 1. Can’t Love A Memory 2. Bowl Me Over 3. Nothing Lasts Forever 4. Every Step Of The Way 5. Summer Nights 6. All My Love And Hopes For You 7. This Isn’t The End 8. Drive Just Drive 9. Roll The Dice 10. Keep The Faith 11. Unbroken From AOR Heaven: ::: CONEY HATCH frontman CARL DIXON releases new solo album “Unbroken” on November 29th, 2019! ::: Dixon’s solo debut ‘One’ (1993), appears to have been a pretty obvious move for a man of his standing (at least from the European perspective). Carl, born in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario had come to promine
  24. Album #2 called 'A New Dawn' out later this year through AOR Heaven. More details to come...
  25. From FB: X-Romance is the new AOR project that’s an offspring to the 80´s band Romance, founded in 1988 by Anders LA Rönnblom and Thomas Widmark. Old songs has been re-recorded at Reflection Studio, Stockholm with a totally new fresh line-up. Stay tuned........... To be released May 24th through AOR Heaven. X-ROMANCE Andreas Novak (vocals) Anders La Ronnblom (bass) Thomas Widmark (keyboards) Fredrik Tjernfeld (guitar) Mikael Dahlin (guitar) Kenta Karlboom (drums) Tracks: 1. Lonely 2. Bad Connection 3. Over And Over 4. You And I 5. Tota
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