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  1. New album 'Trapped' out June 25 through AOR Heaven. 1. I Will Be Here 2. Trapped in Heart 3. Stephanie 4. Dangerous Tonight 5. Death of Soul 6. Screen Is Your Life 7. Nothing for Free 8. Fair Winds 9. Cold Killing Game 10. Nobody’s Fool 11. Stars Will Lead the Way
  2. The new Alien album out on AOR Heaven April 25th. Could be a good one.
  3. New album 'Hot Endless Summer Nights' out November 26th through AOR Heaven. From AOR Heaven: TONY MITCHELL is best known as being the singer & songwriter of 90s classic rock band KISS OF THE GYPSY which was signed to Atlantic Records USA/Warner Chappell. They toured the UK and the States to showcase their debut album delivering high energy live shows to great acclaim. Songs such as “Whatever It Takes” or “Take This Old Heart” are still melodic rock classics to this day. Mitchell has sung for RICK WAKEMAN on the album “Return To The Centre Of The Earth” and sung and played guitar for ALICE COOPER, JON ANDERSON, ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, TONY HADLEY & IT BITES on the British Rock Symphony South American tour 2000. The artist also has spent years writing and recording for various bands, artists, TV & media, also releasing albums with KINGDOM OF DEADMEN & early solo albums. TONY MITCHELL was also the mainman for Melodic/AOR band DIRTY WHITE BOYZ with their 2016 album release “Down & Dirty”. In 2018, he released his solo album “Beggars Gold” to rave reviews with dynamic tracks such as “Playing With Fire” or “What You Make It”(featuring DANTE FOX’ vocalist Sue Willetts). 2020 saw Mitchell release his most successful album to date via AOR Heaven, “Church of a Restless Soul” that featured the duet with Danny Vaughn, “Mighty Fall”, the uplifting “Living on the run, the heart wrenching “I Believe in Angels” & the ever catchy “Electric” to great acclaim. Nearly two years on, Tony Mitchell releases his third & most ambitious album to date, “Hot Endless Summer Nights” which predominately has an 80’s retrowave flavour. He draws on the experiences he had in the USA in the late 80’s. Mitchell spent several months travelling coast to coast taking in the sights, sounds & overall American culture & always said it was a massive influence on his songwriting. Mitchell comments: “I wanted to create something a little different from the first two albums, pushing myself further to try & connect with a modern 80s feel. I have tried to blend my normal AOR/Melodic Rock style with an 80’s vibe as I love that era not only for the music but for the movies too. The 80s movies had some killer soundtracks & always had a big influence, especially in my earlier days with “FANTAZIA”. As I was writing the songs, I spent a lot of time concentrating on my keyboard playing & sourcing the right sounds for the tracks but keeping the vocals & guitar to the forefront. I wanted to make an uplifting album where you can travel through time, close your eyes & maybe visualize a mini movie for each individual track. As a songwriter, I never want to stand still & with this album, I just wanted to take everyone to a different place after the traumatic years we have all had, to take a trip back in time or a journey into the future? “ TONY MITCHELL – VOCALS, GUITARS & KEYBOARDS MILES - LEAD GUITARS NIGEL BAILEY - BASS & BACKING VOCALS EDDIE ANTONY - DRUMS & PERCUSSION DANIEL SINGS - SAXAPHONE THE ROGUES GALLERY ROCK CHOIR - BACKING VOCALS Track list: 01. Hot Endless Summer Nights 02. Can’t Fight it 03. Blame it on the Rock n Roll 04 Strong Enough 05. Drowning in a Sea of Paradise 06 Caught in the Headlights 07. Neon Sky 08. Leave the World Behind 09. Turn Back Time 10. With You in a Heartbeat 11. Faithless 12. Calling Mother Nature facebook
  4. From FB: Studio weekend, update #3! Another tasty solo from Adam to our upcoming album. This song is called "Borderline". What do you guys think?
  5. From AOR Heaven: SIX SILVER SUNS is a recent addition to the Finnish rock field, but the band's members are all well known musicians. Janne Mannonen on the drums is known from Finnish legendary band, YUP. Vocalist Markku Kuikka has been heard on many of heavy and hard rock albums. Guitarists Toni Bite and Harri Petjakko, bass player Teo Lehto and keyboardist Sammy Tabermann have released dozens of records with several bands. Helena Haaparanta is heard as a background singer. Six Silver Suns has emerged from the desire to wander back to the golden years of rock and pop music: the 70s and the 80s. The band’s inspiration comes from progressive rock, goes towards Blue Öyster Cult, and combines all with the catchy tunes and melodies from AOR and Hard Rock scene. Their first release is entitled "As Archons Fall”. The album includes ten versatile songs which have beautiful harmonies and melodies all the way. "As Archons Fall" is a fantastic journey to the Six Silver Suns Universe, where any song can lead a listener into different kind of cosmic soundscapes. You cannot underline just one song only because "As Archons Fall" is an entire experience for the listener. There is also pleasant cover song, The Mamas and the Papas - "California dreamin`". The album's opening song - "Lord of the Southern Tower" lead you into distant worlds and tune you in to following songs. Until you have reached the song "A Night upon My Shoulders", you will understand the whole. Of course there is some pieces to pick up as a enjoyable moments as you like. "Six Silver Suns has two main composers, and both have a strong vision. On my other band YUP, I felt I did not have much to offer as a composer, while now I feel like I’m more on my own field, musically. When Toni and I started to write music for Six Silver Suns, we soon realized we work really well together, even though our tastes in music are quite different”, explains Janne Mannonen. "Six Silver Suns has given me a chance to sing in a completely new musical environment. Our goal has been to take influence from the 70s and it was surprisingly easy to find that natural groove. We all have been playing in quite different type of bands, but all that experience came together nicely in Six Silver Suns, and - at least to my ears - we sound good! " Vocalist Markku Kuikka says. “This record is an awesome and casual journey into the world of rock music where there are no rules. Imagination and the freedom to compose without frames was a key element of this record for myself. I think this record will be a joy for many people for a long time to come”, explains Toni Bite Line up: Markku Kuikka-vocals Toni Bite-guitar Janne Mannonen-drums Harri Petjakko-guitar Teo Lehto-bass Sammy Taberman-keyboards Track listing: 01 Lord of the Southern Tower 02 To the Unknown 03 Children of the Stars 04 Fading by Light 05 Sweet Promethean 06 Cosmic Bitter Blues 07 The Stranger 08 Vultures of Nevermore 09 Edge of Forever 10 A Night upon My Shoulders 11 California dreamin` (The Mamas and the Papas cover) www.facebook.com/sixsilversuns
  6. From AOR Heaven: Swedish melodic glam metal band OSUKARU are ‘Starbound’ with their 6th full length studio offering, standing high on the success of their last record ”House of Mirrors” (2018). With one foot in melodic rock & roll, the other in classic heavy metal and all eyes aimed towards tomorrow, ”Starbound” offers everything you want from a new OSUKARU album, if not more. Going back 11 years, OSUKARU was just an idea in the mind of guitarist Oz Hawe Petersson (formerly known as Oz Osukaru) and it would take two more years and just as many EPs before they released their debut album ”Salvation” in the spring of 2012. Back then OSUKARU was merely a band formed around Oz as he saw his vision come alive. A few years and line-up changes later, the 3rd full length release suitably titled ”Transition” (2015) came out. That was, according to Oz himself, when OSUKARU truly started to become a band. With roots in classic stadium rock, the first few releases had a more clear and pure AOR flavour to them. With ”Transition” however, you could hear hints of a heavier spark deep within the tracks. Going forward, OSUKARU really started to gain a unique, harder yet melodic sound and with their last album ”House of Mirrors” they landed a rock & roll homerun on which they have built upon to create the brand new comet ride titled ”Starbound”. Produced by the power team Oz Hawe Petersson (guitar, keyboards) and Fredrik Werner (lead vocals, guitar) with Svein Jensen (Sister Sin, Transport League, Outshine) once again handling the mixing duties. The album was mastered by Christoffer Borg (Art Nation, Six Foot Six, Atlas) and features an extraordinaire guest appearance from saxophone player Mark Holden of Boulevard. The cover artwork sees OSUKARU expand their visual concept even further, with loads of details and easter eggs throughout. Starbound” will be available October 22nd where good music is sold. Line-up: Oz Hawe Petersson (Rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals) Fredrik Werner (Lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitar) Olof Gadd (Bass, backing vocals) CD (Drums, percussion) Track listing: 01. Starbound 02. Rise of the Underdog 03. Tainted Heart 04. Somewhere Sometime Somehow 05. Joker (In the House of Cards) 06. Go For the Legends 07. Shut It Out 08. On the Streets Again 09. Within the Depths of Love 10. All Up www.facebook.com/osukarumusic
  7. 'Distant Shores' out November 26th through AOR Heaven. Press release: Featuring on lead vocals former UK AFTER HOURS vocalist John Francis along side Alan Kelly, former drummer of SHY and multi instrumentalist with 7HY. Bringing on board lead guitarist Miguel Angel Lopez they have teamed up once again to bring you yet more exciting new material which will see roots based well and truly in AOR melodic rock. They have released an album previously under the name of EDGE OF THE BLADE entitled ‘The Ghosts Of Humans’ on a British label in 2015 which was produced by Andrew Chick. This saw the band venture into heavier territory with influences from Avenged Sevenfold and Alter Bridge. Although this album was well received with rock fans and critics worldwide the calling back to AOR was very strong. Their second album ‘Feels Like Home’, got released in 2017 on a Danish label, and saw a welcome return to their roots and brought out the best in both John and Alan in a much more melodic genre that both have excelled in previously and saw them soar to new heights with influences from Journey and Foreigner that show their talents off to the fullest extent. Tracklist: 1. Killing Me 2. Feel The Fire 3. Angels Fear To Tread 4. Lonely To 5. Life Is For Living 6. Love Me Again 7. Wait Forever 8. How Long 9. Back To You 10. It’s The Love 11. Every Beat Of My Heart facebook
  8. From FB: Newman are excited to announce the release of their 13th studio album later this year. The new album, entitled "Into The Monsters' Playground" will be released on the 10th September via AOR Heaven. Artwork will be revealed very soon along with the first single in the coming weeks. Watch this space !
  9. 10 years after their last album 'Sane & Insanity', AOR Heaven is about to release the new album September 24th. More info to come... facebook
  10. Press release: After the successful debut ”Little American Dream” in 2018-2019, Peter H. Nilsson once again teamed up with singer Chris Biano from Nashville, Tennessee and bass player Patrik Adiels from Gothenburg to record the new album ”Sign of Myself” on which the 1980’s once again meet with the 2020’s. Even though Nilsson’s main instrument is the guitar, the songs are more important than single and dominant instruments. Just like the previous album, “Sign Of Myself” is a collaboration with musicians from Europe and The United States, with Nilsson as the musical composer and leader. The new drummer Darrell Nutt from Southwest Florida has been a session drummer, producer and mixing engineer for over 25 years and recorded or performed with members of Steely Dan, AC/DC, Goo Goo Dolls, YES, The Moody Blues, Bad Company, John Waite and Parliament Funkadelic. In the 1990s, Nutt has toured internationally with country music artists and appeared on National TV shows. Nilsson also got in touch with the horn session group Blåsemafian ( i.e. Mafia Horns) from Oslo, Norway. Blåsemafian was formed in 2016. Since then, the group has worked as support musicians in several TV productions, and they have collaborated with artists such as Marcus & Martinus, Madcon, Cezinando and Angelina Jordan. During the late 2010s, the trio began working to establish themselves as independent artists. And were one of the finalists in the 2021 Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest. Nilsson and Blåsemafian exchanged ideas and arrangements for the title song “Sign Of Myself”. In early March 2021 the whole horn section was tracked in Oslo. Nilsson also invited his long-time friend Antonio Morales to join him on keyboards on some of the songs. He was the keyboard player for the Spanish group Los Brisk in the 60s and 70s. Nilsson and Morales also wrote the instrumental Higher Ground together at Nilsson’s studio. All songs are written by Peter H Nilsson and Chris Biano except Higher Ground written by Peter H Nilsson and Antonio Morales. Line-up: Peter H Nilsson – Guitars, Keyboards, Chris Biano – Vocals, Patrik Adiels – Bass, Darrel Nutt – Drums facebook
  11. From FB: SIGNING ANNOUNCEMENT! Today we have signed a record deal with major German label AOR Heaven! An album is planned to be released in April 2021. Recording starts mid-November! First single will be released before end of 2020.
  12. From AOR Heaven: FarCry is a melodic rock band from the Northeastern US formed in 2006, with two successful albums under their belt, High Gear (2009), and Optimism (2011). Playing across the US and as far away as the Nottingham, England for Firefest in 2012, FarCry has shared the stage with numerous acts including Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, Dokken, Firehouse, Danger Danger, and many more with a killer live set. Shortly after they completed their 2011 release “Optimism”, vocalist Mark Giovi left the band for personal reasons, and later in 2011 the band began working on new material with a new vocalist, as well as playing several live shows throughout 2012-2013. In 2013 with a number of other business endeavors to deal with, Guitarist Pete Fry dissolved the band indefinitely, with no plans to reform under that name. After a couple of years however, Pete teamed up with new vocalist Bob Malone and started writing material with a vengeance for a new melodic rock project. With the new material coming fast and furious, and overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding bringing back the name FarCry, Pete agreed that maybe the band’s story wasn’t finished being written just yet… Bringing everyone back into the fold wasn’t as easy as they had hoped, so a new rhythm section was brought in with Leo Sabatino on bass and Rich Yaniro on drums. Rounding it out and adding the power, Jon Giesler (guitar) joined the band and completed the picture. With roots firmly planted in the late 80's/early 90's heyday of commercial hard rock, FarCry puts their own unique spin on the sounds of that era without sounding dated. Well suited to smaller club stages opening for national acts, or the biggest festivals among multiple bands, FarCry brings their all and gives everything they've got to every show! FarCry’s latest release “Balance” was recorded throughout 2019-2020, produced by the band, and mixed by Paul Crook (Meatloaf, Anthrax). Mastered by Maor Appelbaum. All songs written by the band with the exception of “I Am Your Man” written by Steve Newman. FarCry is: Bob Malone – vocals, Pete Fry - lead guitars, Jon Giesler – guitars, Leo Sabatino – bass, Rich Yaniro - drums Keyboards on Broken Dreams by Eric Ragno Tracklist: 1. Balance 2. Stay Away 3. I’ll Find a Way 4. I Am Your Man 5. Reaper 6. Broken Dreams 7. Long Distance Love Affair 8. Mr. Destiny 9. Chasing Rainbows 10. Redemption farcryband.net www.facebook.com/FarCryBand
  13. Album #2 called 'A New Dawn' out later this year through AOR Heaven. More details to come...
  14. 'Rise' out June 25 through AOR Heaven. Press release: Devils in Heaven started out as a school covers band in Launceston, Tasmania during the mid-1980’s. After a couple of years of gigging around Tasmania, the boys left their comfy confines in March 1989 and joined the thriving Northern Queensland circuit of touring bands. It was a baptism by fire, but the boys learned to adapt to different type of audiences and built up their stamina and resilience through the constant playing. It was on this circuit that they were discovered by a band manager, who introduced them to the flourishing Sydney music scene. Here in Sydney is where the industry heavyweights became aware of the band, who by now were playing their own original music for about half of their shows. The band began recording demo recordings, but their demos didn’t seem to land on the right music executives’ desks. In 1991, the band accepted an offer to appear on the nationally televised talent show, Star Search. The band went on to appear a total of eight times, eventually winning the band section of the Grand Final. But the band didn’t strike while the iron was hot. Instead, their debut single, Say a Prayer, was released six months later. By then, the hype surrounding their Star Search win had somewhat subsided. At this time in April 1992, the music landscape was starting to change with the likes of Nirvana and the grunge scene taking over the airwaves. After the lack of support for their debut single, the Devils decided on having a last-ditch effort into cracking the big time by recording an E.P. entitled “Liberation” in Hollywood, Los Angeles during March of 1993. Unfortunately, Liberation didn’t even make an indentation on the charts, and the boys decided to part ways in October 1993 as the musical landscape was changing in Australia and it was becoming increasingly difficult to make a living as a live/ touring band. Now that almost thirty years have passed, their music helps keep the band living on.
  15. From AOR Heaven: After decades of silence, renowned Black Country/West Yorkshire AOR/Melodic Rock band ESCAPE are reborn and returning to the fray with a new line up, their third studio album entitled 'Fire in The Sky’ and new on-location video for track ‘Heroes in the Night’. This comeback album is very much in the vein of breathing new life into old classics, combining a wealth of experience and new recording technology. Some of the tracks are over 30 years old and were in desperate need of a resurgence. They have been re-recorded, reimagined and brought to the forefront of a new era and audience in Melodic Rock. All of the tracks on the album are taken from previous Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley, Legion, Arabia) releases but that’s where it ends. The production, sound and energy are all new. With new drums, bass and vocals and any original parts being remixed and remastered - the result is a bigger, fresher sound which, whilst still giving a nod to original, has elevated some already great tracks to a new level. Two tracks on this album are lifted (with permission) from Bob Catley's solo album “Spirit of Man” album released back in 2006. They are “Blinded by a Lie” and “Walk on Water”. Vince wrote these two tracks many moons ago and felt they needed a resurgence and deserved a new lease of life. Other revisited tracks come from a previous Escape album ‘Borderline’ and an O’Regan solo release ‘Temptation’. ‘ Fire In The Sky’ is very much a showcase for the new line-up and a springboard for a brand new album that is already in the writing stages. This album was recorded at each member's respective homes during lock down, then sent for mixing and mastering at Pro2 Studios in Castleford by Paul Twohig and will be released on German Label AOR Heaven in April 2021. TRACK LISTING: 1. Lost And Found 2. Heroes In The Night 3. Temptation 4. Restless Heart 5. Something to Believe In 6. Blinded By A Lie 7. Coming Home 8. Borderline 9. Destiny 10. Walk On Water 11. Fire In The Sky Escape is: Graham Beales – Vocals Vince O'Regan – Guitars and Backing Vocals Irvin Parratt – Keyboards and Backing Vocals Pete Betts – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals Bob Pears - Drums www.escape-band.com www.facebook.com/escape.band.official
  16. From AOR Heaven: In early 2020, former DIO guitarist Tracy G introduced J. Adler and Paul Alfery, knowing they both love melodic hard rock with big choruses and strong hooks. They got busy writing and recording an album that they are both extremely proud of. Both J. and Paul look forward to sharing this music with melodic hard rock fans all over the world. J. Adler has recorded vocals with the following artists amongst others: David Ellefson (Megadeth), Ray Luzier (David Lee Roth), Tracy G. (Dio), Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall), Tim Gaines (Stryper), Larry "Bones" Dennison (Lita Ford, Dio), Ryan Hoyle (Paul Rodgers), Paul Bostaph (Slayer, Testament), Steve Conley (Flotsam & Jetsam), Rex Carroll (Whitecross), & Billy Smiley (Whiteheart) and has fronted 2 "supergroups" over the years. DEAD OF NIGHT featured Grammy-nominated artists Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance) on guitar and Jon Donais (Anthrax, Shadows Fall) on lead guitar, as well as Derek Kerswill (ex-Unearth, Kingdom Of Sorrow) on drums, Jeff Fultz (ex-Seemless) on bass. The other was GOADED with Ray Luzier (Korn), Tracy G. (Dio, WWIII) and Larry Dennison (Dio, Lita Ford). Multi-Instrumentalist Paul Alfery regularly played Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the eighties and early nineties. He has shared the stage with Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Tony Iommi and other notable musicians. Paul has worked with hit songwriters Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Buckcherry, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe) and Stephan Williams (Great White). Paul Alfery wrote, produced, and engineered Guilty Pleasure’s “Busted”. Guilty Pleasure was carried by NEH Records in the US and distributed in Europe by Target Records. Paul appeared on Tracy G’s “Tarantula Ditch” along with Mark Kendall (Great White), Rowan Robertson (DIO), Toshi Hiketa (David Lee Roth),Jimi Bell (House of Lords) and others. He also appeared as a member of Collusion on the 2019 Perris Records release “Hollywood Hairspray 8”. Paul Adler recorded all vocals for WALK THE WALK at his studio in Sedona, AZ while Alfery took care of all instrumental tracks at his studio in Southern California. Produced by Paul Alfery and J. Adler. Mixed by Paul Alfery and mastered by Ty Sims at the Recovery Room in Conway, AR. Track list: 1. Heaven’s On It’s Way Down 2. Running From You 3. Are You there 4. Two Miles To Go 5. Find The Light 6. Fight On Your Feet 7. Get Busy Livin 8. Move On 9. Never Been To California 10. Getaway https://www.facebook.com/walkthewalkband
  17. New album out September 25th through AOR Heaven. More info to come.
  18. Debut album 'X Marks The Spot' out in January through AOR Heaven. From facebook: This is what you get when you combine the melodic music of Anders Rydholm (Grand Illusion, Code, Demon Kakka) with the magic voice of Lars Säfsund (Work of Art, Lionville). Our own tribute to music that focus on great melodies, big catchy hooks and tons of background vocals. Art of Illusion Lars Säfsund - lead and background vocals, keyboards Anders Rydholm - keyboards, bass, rhythm guitars Guest on the album: Per Svensson - background vocals Frank "Frallan" Nilsson - drums Muris Varajic - guitar solos Kristian Larsen - guitar solos Jay Graydon - guitar solo Pelle Holmberg - guitar solo Daniel Rydholm - guitar Tony Paoletta - steel guitar
  19. This will be out January 29th through AOR Heaven. More info to come. facebook Tracks: 1 - No one else but you 2 - Out of control 3 - All you can trust (featuring: Eric Martin) 4 - Man on the moon (featuring: Edu Giardina) 5 - Giselle 6 - Dusty road 7 - Back to my heart 8 - Underdog
  20. New album out March 26th through AOR Heaven. Previous albums are: 'Only One Life' (2013) and 'The World Outside' (2016). Tracks: 01. Breathe In/Breathe Out 02. Ashes To Ashes 03. Crazy Over You 04. Touch Me (With Your Eyes) 05. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind 06. Surrender 07. Some Heart 08. Superhero 09. Half Of Me 10. No Bridge Too Far 11. Game, Changer 12. Valentine’s Day
  21. From FB: Winding Road is an AOR/Melodic Rock band from Malung, Sweden. The band was formed in early 2018 by Jan and Magnus and later Jonas joined the band. They are currently recording their debut album. Jonas Tyskhagen - Lead Vocals Magnus Åkerlund - Guitars, vocals Jan Hedlund - Drums, vocals
  22. New album 'Church Of A Restless Soul' out August 28 through AOR Heaven. 1. Church Of A Restless Soul 2. Living On The Run 3. In & Out Of Love 4. The Mighty Fall 5. Electric 6. I Believe In Angels 7. Killing Me To Love You 8. Never Wanted Love 9. One Good Reason 10. Sacrifice 11. Shattered Dreams 12. Evil Woman 13. Heaven Is Falling
  23. New album 'Fire In The Sky' out in April. Previous releases are 'Unbreakable' (2012) and 'Borderline' (2013). From Escape/facebook: Well we can’t contain our excitement any longer..... We are pleased to announce to you all that our band ESCAPE have received an offer to sign to a Record Label for our forthcoming album 'Fire In The Sky' which we have of course accepted. We are now part of the 'AOR Heaven' family, which as the name suggests, is a perfect fit for our music. 'Fire In The Sky' will consist of 11 tracks and will be set for release across Europe and the UK in April 2021. We are of course, very happy and thrilled for this opportunity, and hope you will all continue to support us on our journey. In the coming months we will be busy having Promotional Photos taken, shooting a video and finalizing album artwork as well as finishing the mixing, mastering and through to final Production. We’d like to thank you all for your continued support. We promise to keep you up to date with all the progress!!
  24. New album 'Angel's Gate' out February 26th through AOR Heaven. 1. Where Angels Cry 2. Aquarius Sky 3. Don’t Say It’s Love 4. A Tear From The Sky 5. Love Is Not An Enemy 6. Dream Of America 7. Straight Between The Eyes 8. Don’t Ever Leave Me 9. A Piece Of Work 10. Only Love Can Save The World 11. Your Words
  25. Press release from AOR Heaven: Tommi 'Tuple' Salmela, born June 3rd, 1969 in Kuopio, Finland, is a Heavy Metal singer and known from bands such as TAROT, LAZY BONEZ and RASKASTA JOULUA (Ragnarok Juletide). His debut solo album “Wooden Box“, an AOR/Hard Rock concept album, telling stories of his life, will be released on June 26, 2020. Tuple came into the limelight after joining Finnish pioneer metal band TAROT. In May 2006, the band reached the number one slot on the Finnish charts for the first time in the history of the band with the single ‘You’. He also participated in the Finnish version of the “Clash of the Choirs“ reality TV show in 2010 with Marco Hietala, the ringleader of TAROT and better known, nowadays, for being in NIGHTWISH. When they performed a version of the TAROT song "I Walk Forever“, this made an huge positive impact on he group's career. TAROT toured in Europe, South America, USA and Japan. They also played big festivals like Prog Power (USA) and Bloodstock (UK). Tuple’s music career is a long one, including singing background vocals for many Finnish bands like Amorphis, Twilightning, Cardiant and so on. He's also one of the singers of Raskasta Joulua, which is a Finnish band recording and performing traditional Christmas carols and hits in a Heavy Metal style. These days, Tuple is also the lead singer of LAZY BONEZ. He performed a duet with Bernie Shaw (URIAH HEEP) on the song 'Devils Dice' from the album 'Alive'. When Tuple turned 50, he came up with the idea to make a solo album, with his old friend and composer Riitis, about his life that has been sort of a roller-coaster ride. You could say that the 'Wooden Box' release is some kind of personal spiritual purification. Tuple’s influences come from bands like Journey, Kansas, FM, Uriah Heep, Boston, Chicago, Strangeways, Black Sabbath, Dio and lots of other AOR bands - the list goes on and on. His motto is 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. Track list: 1. Wooden Box, 2. Demon Alcohol, 3. Together, 4. Fucking Beautiful, 5. Kryptonite, 6. In These Attitudes, 7. Too Far Gone, 8. Miracle, 9. Get With The Program, 10. Rocking Chair, 11. Pretty Much Perfect __________________________________________________________________ Line-up: Tommi ‘Tuple’ Salmela – vocals Tom Rask – drums Riitis – guitars, keyboards & loops Pate Kivinen – Hammond organ Jykä Sirainen - bass www.facebook.com/Tupleofficial
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