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Battlestar Galactica

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AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE ORIGINAL SERIES, the thing I'm going to love about the new series is that it isn't gloss and shine. it is gritty and not happy. the new cylon ships look great and one thing that people want to see will happen. Richard Hatch will have a part on the show, may become a reoccuring roll. it has been suggested Dirk Benidect take on the roll of Commander Cain of the Pegusis, that would be cool.





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I also have to give the "thumbs up" to the new BSG. But- I have a few complaints. The new mechanical cylons suck. Yeah, I get that they want more menace, less camp, and that's cool. But the new robots are just too cheesey. What's with the flip-up arm guns? <_< Looks like a new George Lucas reject. And the Raider ships BLOW! Okay, they wouldn't be so bad if the old ones weren't so much cooler. Ditto for the Vipers- very gay compared to the originals. I like the more realistic physics (er, somewhat more realistic, anyway- the old "turbo boost" was hilarious!), but the look is "wrong" somehow. The Mk II's are better, but still not right. There's a "sea shell" look to the shape, and it's sorta "art deco-y" in a yucky way. :eviltongue:


My brother is indignant (livid is perhaps a better word) that they made "Starbuck" a woman. Well, I agree that wasn't a great move, but I was mostly disturbed that Katee Sackhoff isn't at all hot. And a young woman smoking a fat cigar- maybe that should be hot in a Freudian way, but to me it's just nauseating. :wacko:


Now, the good: I also love the grittier feel of the new BSG. "33" was tense and ominous, very nicely done. "Water" did build some tension, and I like that the little uber-hottie "Boomer" (played by Grace Park) is just starting to realize she's a Cylon. And speaking of Cylons, it was a superb idea to create a new breed that looks human.


The casting is mostly good. I originally thought that Edward James Almos was a bizarre choice as "Adama"- well, I still think so, but it looks like he'll be just fine. I don't recall the name of the guy that plays the XO, but I like him. His alcoholism might be a bit cliched, but I like the fact that the characters have flaws and foibles that make them more complex and real. The casting of Mary McDonnel raised my eyebrows; she's been in a few turkeys, but I still think of her as an Oscar-caliber actress. At first glance she appears to be slummin' it in a series made for SciFi. I don't care much for her character, but she's a class act and I imagine I'll warm up the her "President Laura". Kudos for casting super hot Grace Park & Tricia Helfer. That oughta sex up the show a bit. :drink: And the new "Gias Baltar" looks to be a highlight of the show.


Lastly, I think the effects are super, much better than I'm used to on the Sci Fi channel. Not quite up to the level of Farscape, but excellent, probably the best of anything on right now. They do blatantly rip off Joss Whedan's tragically-overlooked Firefly; the out of focus shots, the zooms, the pans, the "camera hanging in space"- all are blatant ripoffs of the the production values of Ff. Oh, well. At least they're pinching something good.


So far the writing looks up to par, too. Instead of just retelling the old stories, I like that they've got their own feel and style. They're taking pains to create a real character driven story that doesn't simply rely on stock SciFi conventions. That's another similarity with Farscape, and I mean that as a compliment.


I wonder- are there real humans that the 12 Models of Cylons are based on? Is the Boomer back on Caprica a real human or another Cylon? I'm anxious to find out. :wub:

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Good review. Actually by watching the series Lowdown the Boomer on Caprica is a Cylon also. The twelve model's of Cylons all are not "human"(i think). You have the the 4 human one you have seen so far. The #6, Boomer, The guy they found in the ammo station in the mini-series and the guy they stranded in the ammo station in the mini-series. You have the Cylon Raider which is another model. (No pilots in this one). You have the old mechanical Cylons, the "toster" style which were refferenced to in the mini-series as still "being around. they have their uses" you have the new mechanical Cylon's. That is 7 i can think of so far.



Speaking of Firefly, I have wondered about it. Thought about buying the DVD many times but I just didn't know anything about it. Thanks for that tid-bit also.


speaking of Human Cylons, anyone remember that in Galactica 1980 their was "human Cylons" in that show? What a nightmare.

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Firefly was a fantatic show. I didn't see it for the first time til I watched it on DVD. I regret missing it on TV, but it didn't last long enough to find an audience. <_< There is a Firefly movie coming in May called "Serenity," which I'm anxious for.


As cheap as it is, the Firefly DVD set is a no brainer. Lots of humor, Joss Whenan style, with some of the best characters of any TV show I've watched, sci fi or not. Super casting, and extremely high production values. The effects are probably second only Farscape, and it had a very unique visual style. Definately a keeper. With any luck, the movie could be successful enough to resurrect the series in some form.

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another new episode tonight. The first two shows were really good and the ratings were very strong for Sci-Fi. This is after the mini-series and everyone knew what to expect. I think the rating's will stay strong. If they hadn't of liked the mini-series i don't think they would have tuned into the series premier and held on for the whole two hours. Here is hoping that viewer ship continues to grow and a second, third and fouth season comes to pass

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'Galactica' Beats Our Premiere Of Stargate Series


Author: Michael Hinman

Date: 01-24-2005

Source: Sci-Fi Wire


Who is the new powerhouse on the Sci-Fi Channel? Move over "Stargate: Atlantis" because "Battlestar Galactica" is now in the house.


The third episode of the reimagined series, which guest-starred former "Galactica" star Richard Hatch, continued its dominance in ratings on the Sci-Fi Channel, pulling in a 2.3 rating, or 2.9 million viewers. It was just a small slide from the first season premiere, which pulled in a 2.6 rating, or just over 3 million viewers. The dip was just 12 percent for "Battlestar Galactica" which still did better than both of its lead-in shows -- "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate: Atlantis."


The Stargate series were having their half-season premieres Friday night with "SG-1" pulling in a 2.0 rating (2.5 million viewers) and "Atlantis" doing a 2.1 (2.6 million). "Galactica" actually finished 9 percent higher in the ratings than "Atlantis" and more than 10 percent higher than "SG-1."


When it comes to demographical breakdowns, "Galactica" is making a killing. Compared to what Sci-Fi showed in the same timeslot a year ago, "Galactica" has witnessed a 256 percent increase in adults 18-49 -- a key demographic for Sci-Fi.


According to Sci-Fi Channel officials, "Galactica" had 1.4 million male viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, finishing higher than 13 of the 20 programs that aired on broadcast networks that night including "Star Trek: Enterprise" on UPN.


"Galactica" also is the second-highest rated program on cable for the week among people 18-34, another key demographic for advertisers.


What does this mean for a second season of "Galactica"? The jury is still out, but reports have NBC Universal making a decision by the end of the week.


The series stars Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and Katee Sackhoff. It airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Sci-Fi Channel.

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I like the show too, but I do wish they could have tied in the older series just a bit more. It would have been kewl to have this be a series that was 50 years after the original series (ala Star Trek: TNG).


Although it is neat to see Richard Hatch.....wonder if we will see Dirk Benadict......(I had to do a double-take at the first part of the mini-series...I thought the old man might have been Benadict).

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God, I'm glad they didn't simply set it 50 years after the original series. Don't you remember they reached Earth? Surely you remember Wolfman Jack and the Cylon! :blink: NO, IMOHO they did the right thing by "reimagining" it. It's not perfect- having Starbuck be a chick is bad enough, but the actress they got to play her is notably lame. But she's the only real lamo of the group. I wish the Galactica looked a tad more like it did in the original series, and the Vipers & Raiders are pretty dorky looking. But I like the fact that they went for serious and dramatic instead of silly and campy.


And I like that Boomer is now a hottie instead of some dude! :banana:

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