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Battlestar Galactica

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the original series web-site is supporting the new series more and more. I think they realize that if the new series fails then any project of a continuation of the original series will be even harder to get off the ground. It the name grows with the new series and when the time is right for the original story to come back to life it wil be much easier to pull off.


original series site.

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Galactica To See 20 Episodes In Second Season

Author: Michael Hinman

Date: 02-16-2005

Source: LV Rocks


Think 13 episodes of "Battlestar Galactica" just aren't enough? Apparently the people at NBC Universal agree with you.


The second season order of Sci-Fi Channel's hit new series will have 20 episodes, according to a report during the Subject2Discussion online radio show at LV Rocks.


The series got its greenlight from Sci-Fi Channel last week after airing just five episodes of the series on Friday night. The show is pulling in more than 3 million viewers each week, topping the numbers generated by "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate: Atlantis," both of which also are seeing very high numbers. All three shows are performing better than the now-cancelled "Star Trek: Enterprise" on UPN, despite being on a cable channel.

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next week's episode looks very interesting. Galactica goes on the offensive. hope we get a good space battle in this one.

makes you wonder what a cylon fuel depot is doing in the middle of nowhere? we never did know where the cylons went when they left the colonies, maybe the fleet are heading straight into cylon space?

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I got the season 1 DVD set today of the new BSG. over 12 hours of special features, cool. I'll have to dig into it this weekend, maybe.

What good football games are going to be on tv?


This weekend they'll have quite some games on Fox Soccer Channel:



Birmingham vs. Liverpool

Bolton vs. Portsmouth

West Ham vs. Arsenal



Chelsea vs. Aston Villa

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I got the mini on dvd and season 1 on dvd. I guess I'll get the first half of season 2 also I just hate that I will have to buy the second half of season 2 later and have 2 sets for season 2 instead of 1 set like season 1 is.


It is a good show isn't it.



Ummmm yeah its good. Wait, I haven't watched them yet. :blink:


Just heard lots of good things so I'll take a chance.

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